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  1. Bachmann couplings are not operated by magnets: they are of the tension lock variety as used by most ready-to-run manufacturers. Uncoupling works by physically pushing the part of the coupling that hangs down upwards to disengage the hooks. Hornby produce one - https://www.hattons.co.uk/6950/hornby_r617_uncoupling_ramp/stockdetail.aspx, but you can also make your own arrangement either by the installation of flexible clear Plasticard strips or make a tool yourself - https://www.railwaymodellers.com/uncoupler-tool-for-tension-lock-couplings/
  2. There are two locations on that plan, where you appear to have used flexitrack that results in you inadvertently reducing the spacing of the tracks below standard track centres. That therefore means if you attempt to run two trains in opposite directions trains, they will hit each other. I've marked the problem areas on the figure below.
  3. I think you need to consider more than just your gradients. In the above section, your inner curve (ST-12) is shown as being out in the open, yet the next track (ST-15) is in tunnel. This won't work, as there is not enough space between the two lines to build a rock face or retaining wall without either restricting the end through of a locomotive on the inner track, or the central overhang of a coach on the outer track. Either all three tracks need to be in tunnel, or you need a greater distance between adjacent tracks if you want to have the arrangement you've shown (ie one track in cuttin
  4. Personally, I'd avoid the gradient and sink the canal into the baseboard - ie lower the canal rather than raise the track.
  5. You'll need to be more specific about the type of uncoupler that you plan to use. If it's Kadee, then they have a standard between the sleeper uncoupler that may be ideal for a fiddle yard - https://www.hattons.co.uk/78977/kadee_321kadee_permanent_magnet_delayed_uncoupler_code_100_/stockdetail.aspx However, if you don't want them to be seen, then you can mount them under the track but they aren't so easy as a retrofit - https://www.hattons.co.uk/78975/kadee_308kadee_under_the_track_uncoupler/stockdetail.aspx Alternatively, there is an electromagnet. Again, not so eas
  6. The Cambrian kits will always be a cheaper option, but I've never been able to build a wagon that size that's square. Ultimately, I've wanted someone to make these ready-to-run for quite some time, so although I agree that I'd have preferred them to be priced closer to £40, I'll still be purchasing some once the more modern bogie variant becomes available. I just hope that the price doesn't rise too much further in the interim.
  7. How much do you want to pay? The Hattons FEA Track panel carrier is £50, which is a wagon with similar proportions - https://www.hattons.co.uk/469461/hattons_originals_h4_feae_005a_fea_e_intermodal_wagon_641025_in_freightliner_green_with_track_panel_carriers/stockdetail.aspx A Bachmann BDA (which is a bit shorter) now has a recommended retail price of £44.99 - https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/product/br-bda-bogie-bolster-br-bauxite-(tops)-[w]/38-154 I agree that it seems a lot of money compared to a decade ago, but that seems to be the going rate these days.
  8. Great day (my birthday) - but surely we can't be expecting them in 1996!!
  9. It could be, but the website specifically says Accurascale and refers to them as 00. They don't seem to stock the Revolution N gauge ones or anything by Revolution for that matter. https://www.oliviastrains.com/trains/mt/accurascale-wagons-oo-gauge/accurascale-nuclear-flask/acc2400-kua-nuclear-flask-carrier-twin-pack/
  10. I got an e-mail today to say they are in stock.
  11. I think you have the feed locations sorted. I think my concern would be the track layout, as the space between the bottom left point and the edge of the board only looks to be big enough for a small locomotive (ie a tank locomotive or diesel shunter) on its own. It's certainly not large enough to allow for the transfer for stock between the run round loop and the sidings. Regarding the sidings, I think I'd prefer longer sidings and a shorter head-shunt to make the transfer of wagons between the sidings a bit more challenging.
  12. I think they all have retention toilets now, but I understand that they didn't when they were first built. An article from the Herald dated October 2015 indicates that a programme to fit retention toilets to the Scotrail fleet had just commenced in 2015 and that all units would have Control Emission Toilets by 2017. I'm assuming that target was achieved. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13872133.no-dumping-first-of-scotrail-trains-refurbished-with-non-discharging-toilets-will-rejoin-the-fleet-this-weekend/ I guess if you're worried about the smell, you j
  13. Will that help with 'weathering' the track!!!!
  14. I'm not sure that the price has dropped, but it appears that the prices being quoted on the first page are exclusive of VAT. I think when this is added on, the prices are the same as before.
  15. It looks like the answer is no, they don't. https://www.Hornby.com/media/pdf/Track-Geometry-PDF.pdf is the latest version of the image that @ejstubbs posted above. While it adds fourth radius, it appears that second radius is still the only instance of an 11.25 degree curve. It also looks like there must be a bit of 'artistic licence' in the Hornby drawings. At the bottom end of the curved crossover (ie the bottom of the plan), the first, second and third radius curves look like they are at standard track centres as stated, but they don't actually look like they are
  16. Could one of the R606 (second radius curves) be replaced by an R608 (third radius curve)? That would push it out a bit. Alternatively, could it be replaced by a R643 (half second radius) and whatever the equivalent half third radius curve is?
  17. I think I read somewhere that the red livery was first applied in 2005, but I can't recall where I read that. For my era, circa 2007, I concluded that grey would still have been the most common livery, but that I could justify having one that had been repainted into red. For the 2002/03 era, I think they would all be grey, but I'm happy to be proved wrong.
  18. At the top of the results it states that 'the left hand column shows the total number of votes' and under the heading 'Number of voters', the left hand figure is 492, so I think it's clear to most of us that the total number of voters this year was 492, which is one down on last year. That's probably because I didn't vote this year, as in all honesty, I wouldn't buy any of the quirky suggestions this year, but may have bought a couple of last years suggestions.
  19. The Projects page on the Revolution website doesn't give an order deadline for the IPA, but there is an order deadline of tomorrow for the IWA. http://www.revolutiontrains.com/projects/
  20. I don't agree. It's true that you can't mix DC and DCC track power (ie connect both a DC controller and a DCC Command Station at the same time) so you choose one or the other, but as has been said above, there is nothing to stop the layout being wired for dual use - ie wire it as per DC and then set all the switches to 'on' when a DCC Command Station is plugged in instead of a DC controller. Most DCC fitted locomotives will operate satisfactorily on a DC layout (unless DC running has been disabled in the decoder), so it's possible to fit decoders in some stock before buying a Command Station
  21. But you can do the same on a DCC layout if you use circuit breakers and divide the layout into power districts. If you design the layout so that there is a separate accessory bus that connects directly to the command station and the track is fed through a circuit breaker then you'll always be able to reset the points (assuming the circuit breaker is set up to trip faster than the command station). The problem you're describing is where the power to the points has been taken from the track bus. That wouldn't be 'best practise' for a large layout, but may be considered acceptable for a small
  22. Which Strathclyde livery is up for consideration: orange and black or the later carmine and cream? If it's the latter, I'm interested, if it's the former, then I'll pass.
  23. I've just checked again this morning and I can access the Railtec website using both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer from the laptop that I am currently using and also from an Android Tablet running Google Chrome, so it appears that the website is functioning correctly and probably has been for the past few weeks. If you have a different device or a different browser, it may be worthwhile trying that. Alternatively, I'd suggest you clear out the cache on your browser or deleting a cookie from a previous visit. Is Railtec the only website that you're getting this issue with?
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