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  1. Many thanks for your input and help, I shall check the file and get it done. Steve
  2. Does anyone use 3rd party’s (ie 3D printing companies other than Shapeways) for their 3D printing needs? steve.
  3. I would probably have two in BR blue grey livery, can’t understand why they haven’t been done before in any scale.
  4. The Retford article brought back memories of the clubs annual pilgrimage to see Roy and the progress made upon his Retford layout, once the initial running section was over Roy would let any other EM gauge modeller run their stock. On one such occasion I took along my single motor kitbuilt DJH Garrett, built as an oil burner towards the end of its life, this was put on one of the longest freight trains and it did four laps of the the layout. Roy used to say that some of the visiting kitbuilt locos wouldn't do the distance! the ones I took did and I have a video of the Garrett pulling the train, and another video of my train of fifteen Scalecraft Roadrailers behind Roy's loco as well. The photos show the Garrett at rest on Retford, and the Roadrailers on my old Trafalgar Yard layout, since sold on.
  5. I remember the Super Deltic being offered by Q kits in the late 1970’s or 80’s as part of the range that Mike Cole produced, did anyone ever make one or buy one?
  6. Just a heads up, there is a Lone Star layout in the March 2021 Continental Modeller!
  7. Brilliant job, will it be available to buy through Shapeways for example?
  8. Whilst getting things ready to photograph, I have found the gear that I had put in a safe place, and the chassis now runs!!, sorry to cause you any trouble. Steve.
  9. Is there a chance of a replacement nylon? motor worm for the gear box with the extender gears for the Fell locomotive?
  10. There is /was a cased rig in the N.R.M. Warehouse, where you could operate the model of the Fell gearbox as in the film, but only a rudimentary label of course.
  11. xm607

    Em Gauge layout

    I haven't tried the EM Gauge site yet, I am a member by the way, and as the space is ruffly square I was thinking on a continuous run layout. Steve.
  12. xm607

    Em Gauge layout

    Since moving to the South east I haven't had an EM Gauge layout, so I am looking for a layout that could possibly fit into a 8ft square space or thereabouts. Steve.
  13. xm607


    Yes, delete the telephone No. if your not going to answer it, and reply to emails, I try to within a few days. Steve. By the way I have got around using his etches by fabrication or making resin castings of what I need!
  14. xm607


    He still will not answer his phone, (various times on the three days} I know he is a one man band but this is just plain stupid!! and Warley is not an excuse ether.
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