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  1. We all know of the Lickey incline in the UK and several others in Europe Gotthard line etc but after watching many US DVDs like Donner Pass, Cascades etc im intrigued as to what is the steepest adhesion grade on a main line USA railroad?
  2. Just been looking around the well know auction site, and these nice sets 106-079 Amtrak El Capitan 10 car set are unbelievable value in the region of about £95 are they being dumped at this price or is this retail? Bit too old for my proposed layout but a bargain!
  3. Try Amazon.com not co.uk I have sourced a few US books of that site, you may find a seller who will supply you on a regular basis.
  4. Well contikits have my old one but in traffic red as new as I only test ran it for 2 mins for £160
  5. Wasn't there also a skeltal jig of the unit on bogies what was hauled about to test the tilt or was this on OHE APT?
  6. Sounds pretty silent on the move--
  7. Theres not just Bachmann making stuff now dont Haidar make some locos too?
  8. Just had a look too,,,its there and the coaches I sold too them, i also sold them a rare plastic Di6 in red
  9. I used to have the loco but in red, I bought it from a Swedish retailer online, I sold them to Contikits who may still have it for sale.
  10. And the awful triang model with huge flanges,,,,I remember them being dumped with other Canadian Triang stuff in a UK chain of toy shops early 80s selling with F units for £5ea and freight cars for 75p!!
  11. Hi When I first got interested in American trains about 15-16 years ago, trains magazine did some pretty good vhs videos from various "hot spot" locations around the USA, I had about five of the series, BNs Chicago Racetrack and SP in the Cascades also come to mind, these were well produced with excellent footage and naration from Trains magazines Kevin Keefe, I cant find them now as if I could I would transfer them onto DVD, anyone else own these films? I have even sent Kalmbach a mail to see if they can help,,,,no reply
  12. There is one on ebay.com, now for $110 buy it now and the seller isnt in the pay customs upfront ebay con brigade and they ship world wide too,,,,,
  13. Thanks to all who made the show very enjoyable we enjoyed our brief morning rush visit before our trip to the New Forest,got a few freight car bargains but regret not buying the deal on the 2 proto 2000 CSX gp38's oh well next year!!
  14. Is the show pretty quiet in the morning? Doing a hell of a dog leg,,,leaving West Wales 6am up to the show 11ish then back down to the New Forest for our 5 day break,,,im lucky to have such an understanding better half,,
  15. I know Roco offer or used to offer dummys of locos that were often seen in pairs on Alpen routes, they were still expensive at about £80 but about £40 less than the motored model.
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