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  1. Rumney Models is on the move. This seems to be an almost biennial event but hopefully the following address will remain current for a good while. From now on please direct all mailed correspondence to: Rumney Models Bryanstone Glewstone Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6AW Given that we are moving there may be a slight delay in mail order services, particularly around this weekend (13th-16th). This also applies to any emails. Normal service will be resumed as quickly as possible. I’d also like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year. Rumney Models has lots of exciting plans for 2020 so watch this space, as they say. Justin
  2. The following list should give you what you need. http://website.rumneymodels.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Downloads-Milk-Tank-Diagrams.pdf It needs updating as I've subsequently filled in some of the gaps and the prototype information at the beginning isn't quite right but the information for the O.51s is correct. Justin
  3. According to the Wikipedia page for the EE type 3s the order for the first Western Region batch was placed in July 1962 (EE works order CCP 1304, 100 locos, D6819-D6918). I imagine the main reason for the over provision of locos was simply down to loss of the work for which they were intended. The Beeching Report was of course a reaction to that loss of traffic on the railways. The Railways at the time always seemed to be a step behind what was needed in a fast changing world. The Swindon type 1s were a classic case. When they were envisioned there was a need for that kind of loco but that need had all but gone by the time they (finally) appeared. justin
  4. It’s not Worsley Works. I had a set of their 52xx etched once and they looked nothing like the ones you have. They were much more basic. They definitely have a Malcom Mitchell style to them. I believe he did a set of 7mm etches and some 4mm reductions were done, or perhaps it was the other way around. The writing looks to have been added after the tool had been created, it’s all a bit wonky. The initials on the fret may not be a reliable indicator of who drew it. Justin
  5. Given that D6742 and D6743 arrived at Canton for crew training purposes in September 62 ahead of delivery of the Western Region's own batch (which started in March 63), I think that the decision on EE Type 3s v Hymeks had been made well before then and possibly not long after the creation of the BRB. Justin
  6. In time for Christmas might be pushing it but I did have a good look at the artwork again in light of the news. I might get a test etch done in the new year. Justin
  7. Interesting development. I particularly like the area around the tanks, often a weak point on diesels. They actually look like they're suspended underneath the loco by brackets rather than being a plastic lump protruding from the body... The cutouts and pipework look good as well. I spent ages doing all this to a Bachmann example. Nothing for me in the first batch but as and when green South Wales machines appear (perhaps even including an RSH example) then I'll be buying a few. Justin
  8. Cow & Gate milk tanks: GWR O.52 built 1942 Lot 1672 Numbers 2964-2966 Lot 1676 Numbers 2969-2974 Lot 1677 Numbers 2995-3000 GWR O.55 built 1946 Lot 1697 Numbers 1978-83 GWR O.58 built 1947 (1st batch) twin tank originally built for Dried Milk Products Co. Ltd (Lostwithiel) but taken over by Cow & Gate Lot 1717 Numbers 3023-8 Lot 1742 Numbers 3120-3 GWR O.63 built 1950 Lot 1757 Numbers 3159-65 LMS D.1994 Jenkinson says built 1932 but seems quite early compared to the GWR ones. Lot 668 Numbers 44250-2 Lots and numbers taken from various sources including the diagrams at the NRM. Possibly not a complete list but giives a good idea. Cow and Gate became the gate part of Unigate in 1959. I've never seen a Nestle Anglo Swiss tank in pre war livery. Has anyone come across one? Justin
  9. Yours are already packed up and will go in the post on Monday. :-) J
  10. After a mammoth packing session all the items that I announced earlier this month are now in stock. Prices are as follows: E.07 Gresley 8’6” light bogie subframe - £13 per pair E.101 BR coach bogie kit (single and light double bolster for Mk1 stock) - £26 per pair X.07 GER Y14 / LNER J15 loco chassis - £38 X.08 GER S23 tender underframe - £13 X.09 GER Z.14 tender underframe - £14 X.10 GWR / BR(W) P22 ‘Herring’ ballast hopper - £34 As usual with Rumney Models products any springing wire is included. The BR coach bogies (E.101) and P22 hopper (X.10) also include all castings. All these are included in the latest price list (September 2019) which can now be found on my website via the ordering page. The S23 and Z14 tender etches will be available in brass as standard but I have a limited number both frets in nickel silver which will be available for a surcharge. You will need to add £1.20 for the S.23 tender and £1.60 for the Z14 tender to the above prices. I also have 1 set of P22 hopper etches in nickel silver which are available for an additional £4.20. Nickel silver seems to be about 40% more expensive at the moment. They are available while stocks last. If you wish to order any of the above nickel silver frets by post please email first to check availability. Finally a reminder that the following Miscellany Models products will be available from the Rumney Models stand at Scaleforum: Highland Railway/LMS/BR diagram 51 full brake - £48 Fully sprung Fox coach bogies - £16 MR/LMS/BR Diagram 530 passenger brake - £36 NER/LNER/BR Diagram P7 hopper wagon detailing - £13.50 I’ll look forward to seeing some of you at Scaleforum next weekend. Justin
  11. Don Rowland does say that they were originally Carflat P. Persumably the change in code was down to someone realising that they were actually Conflats not Carflats? There is indeed no wooden floor on wagons to diagram 1/096 but to me none of the images show a wooden floor on the wagons anyway. There definately isn't one on the wagon in the image in Michael Welch's book. The angle the image is taken at clearly shows that. Looking at the top image there might be a wooden floor on the container though? It does looks like the area on the top of the wagon between the pallets has been plated over and perhaps also at the ends but his wouldn't necessarily make a difference to the diagram. Justin
  12. The wagon in question is a Conflat BP. I happen to stumble across a picture of half of one of them this morning on page 17 of Steam Across the Northern Fells by Michael S. Welch. The wagon is clearly the one in the first post of this thread with the same open pallets and Gresley bogies. It's labelled in freshly applied white paint CONFLAT-BP. Larkin and Rowland tell us that these were one batch of these built under lot 3370 to diagram 1/096 at Cowlairs between 10/60 and 12/62. Rowland suggests 30 were built but 33 numbers issued B748428-B748460. Larkin suggests 40 numbers B748428-B748467. Justin
  13. Autumn is fast approaching and this one will bring a bumper crop of new releases from Rumney Models. Instead of leaving everything to the last minute as usually seems to happen I thought I’d let everyone know what will be coming their way in a few weeks a little more in advance this time. Further details and prices will be announced a little closer to the time when the next catalogue is issued but the following will be available at Scaleforum. All are 4mm scale and are only suitable for EM/P4 unless stated otherwise. GWR/BR(W) P22 ‘Herring’ ballast hopper kit A full kit for this diminutive ballast hopper which could be found all over the Western region as well as further afield. The kit features a one piece hopper body some built in jigging to help you build it and a full set of castings. The chassis is to the usual Rumney Models spec and includes full brakegear and guitar wire ‘leaf’ spring suspension. It can be built in OO as well as EM and P4. LNER Gresley 8’6” Standard Duty Coach Bogie Subframe These are something that has been a work in progress for a good while; a fully sprung subframe for the distinctive Gresley bogie. The kit specifically covers the 8’6” standard duty bogies. 8’ and 8’6” heavy duty bogies are options for future releases depending on sales. A neat solution for the visible cosmetic wheel leaf springs is included. Can be used currently with RTR plastic sideframes or MJT castings. BR Coach Bogies (for Mk1 stock) A complete kit for the standard duty 1950s BR Mk1 coach bogie. The kit has options that cover single bolster bogies and double bolster bogies, either in their original design or with the revised and strengthened bolster arrangement. Riveted and welded construction is also covered and there are options for welded and riveted spring stops. The only ones you can’t model are the heavy duty ones variety and the few built with compensated brakegear. They are of course fully sprung with guitar wire primary and secondary springing. Castings are included for the 6 leaf springs/BR1 axleboxes and the bolster springs and hangers. Not for those who want rakes and rakes of the things but an option for some who only needs a few but wants a bogie that the right kind of width and looks a bit special. GER Y14/LNER J15 Underframe A modern, fold up, CSB’d underframe designed for use with the Alan Gibson J15 kit. The kit includes complete dummy inside motion and full brake gear. A number of options are covered including square and bevel bottom fireboxes as well as those converted from the former to the later, different length brake shoe brackets, steam and Westinghouse air brakegear, Sharp Stewart brakes for the first batch built and fluted or plain coupling rods. GER S23 Tender Underframe To compliment the above a CSB underframe kit for use with the Alan Gibson S23 tender kit. The kit includes a fold up subframe with full brakegear and options for both steam as well as Westinghouse air brakes. Also included are replacement sideframes with options for round or straight top sideframe cut outs. GER Z14 Tender Underframe As per the S23 tender kit in concept and again designed for use with the Alan Gibson S23 kit to create an earlier GER tender. The kit includes replacement sideframes with options for deep and shallow sideframe cut outs as well as numerous brakegear arrangements covering steam and Westinghouse fitted tenders. If any of the above is of interest look out for a further update with prices a week or two before Scaleforum. Justin
  14. And what the OO afficinadoesneed is a perfectly to scale Gronk... Give me a break. I'm going to give up now as this is all becoming a bit pointless. Justin Justin
  15. Or perhaps compromise - the inevitable result of using manufacturing techniques where exact scaling of the prototype can't be done. I assume you don't have any Bachmann or Hornby 08s as there is room in there for EM/P4 wheels so they must be compromised elesewhere? The springs on the Bachmann one obviously are. Perhaps there's sufficient room in those for EM/P4 wheels as a result of needing the things to go round R1 and R2 curves in OO? Another compromise... It's true that there isn't a suitable wheel currently available but it also possible that if the conversion is achievable and people put their hands up someone like Alan Gibson will produce something. If EM/P4 wheels don't fit then there definately won't be any proper wheels. Justin
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