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  1. Interesting choice of prototype. Looking at those prototype photos it's very noticable that no two hoods are the same. Can the model be done with each side different perhaps so that they don't all look identical? A rake would look fairly unrealistically if they were all exactly the same. Looking at the EP the bend in the hood at the side doesn't match where the impression of the tarp bar is which looks really odd to me. Justin
  2. I can't find anything illustrative of the dates with a quick look online but if anyone's got David Larkin's Wagons of the Early British Railways Era on page 25 there's a great picture of a nearly new Shocopen and you can clearly see the two dates on the solebar. Both read 28-9-51. That would make sense. In context of the Shocopen mentioned above that would probably have been when the wheels were put in for the first time. The wagon was new that year and doesn't look like it's carried a lot of freight. Justin
  3. I've seen markings with dates on the solebars of wagons in photos taken in the fifties. Not sure about I've seen any prefixed PE but definately prefixed P, usually accompanied by another date prefixed by an L. P for pads makes sense. Anyone have any idea what the L stood for? Justin
  4. Or look through Paul Barlett's woderful website for odd axleboxes or 1960s BR platefront axleboxes or any pre-Nationalisation wagon with a BR era box. How long before it might happen though? Obviously that going to depend on the wagon but it would be interesting to get an idea, say for 12T vans or minerals rather than specials such as Lowmacs. Justin
  5. Hi Pete. Did any of this maintainance require the boxes to be removed from the wagon? That's obviously the time when axleboxes could be changed to a different type or another set of boxes of the same type fitted. I had imagined that boxes got removed for inspection/work at whatever point it was necessary and another set got fitted simply because they were ready to go. A bit like steam loco boilers. Unless it was an oddball you didn't wait around until the one it came into the works with with got repaired. You got another one and sent it back out. That is of course in my head, hence
  6. Thanks for the responses, interesting stuff. Justin
  7. Just wondering if anyone knew how long a wagon axlebox might be expected to last before the journals needed attention? Specifically I was thinking about 1930s/40s/50 oil axleboxes rather than grease axleboxes or roller bearings. I'm curious as to how long a wagon might stay with the axleboxes it was built with. Justin
  8. Thought these might make a reappearance. They should be out around the same time as my kit for the LMS/BR version. Might be make an interesting comparison. Justin
  9. Ahh, yes it is 2. My eyes playing tricks on me. Found the vans in Larkin's Non-Pool Freight stock Volume 2. They're quite fun. The loaction in the first post on this thread is definately Pembridge not Kington. The captions on Archive Images are also incorrect. Thanks for the info on Ferry wagons. I thought there might be arrangements in place to prevent them being 'borrowed' but it's nice to get a sense of how they oporated. Justin
  10. This picture is on the archive images website. They suggest 25th April 1964 which sounds a bit better. Maybe a little late going by the trees but it looks like the hedges might be coming back to life so maybe not far out. There are also a couple of other images on the site of this train. Same picture as above just from a different angle. This one suggests that there may have been 4 of the wagons. Quite a consignment. The wagons are interesting. Could they be horse boxes or cattle wagons? They seem to have doors at towards each end with drop down flaps reminiscent of our hor
  11. The caption on the photo says September, that’s not right either. Look at the trees. The photo looks to be taken some point between December and April which ties in with when 1458 was at Hereford. Given the time of year the photo was actually taken I’d suggest inwards goods rather than local produce unless it was stored cider apples. Was there that much in the way of hops grown in that part of Herefordshire, feels a bit too far west? I don’t recall seeing any hop fields when I lived in the area, though that was well after the sixties. Further east definitely but none west of Leominst
  12. I like independent braked one 6th from front. Looks like a completely different grey on the centre third of it! Justin
  13. I didn’t know you were a legal person. You’re not working for Trump are you? The manufacturers will no doubt be relieved that with the benefit of your wisdom and others on here the job of dealing with the Chinese will be a whole lot easier...
  14. Well they shouldn't. Accurascale seem to have a good team in place and my impression is that there isn't a huge amount wrong with the artwork they produce. I don't need feedback from RMweb in order to get the stuff I produce right. Admittedly I don't have the Chinese factor to contend with. I don't have to work with a team on the other side of the planet who speak a different language and have very little familiarity with the prototype in order to produce models. I suspect that has as much as anything to do with major errors being present on RTR models. That and the cost of correcting things.
  15. I think 12 is the magic number. If an RTR manufacturer can't be reasonably sure of getting a product to the market within 12 months then they shouldn't announce it. Any longer than that and it can start to get silly, especially if delays creep in which they frequently seem to do and perhaps can only be expected in these odd times? Certain maufacturers have suffered, at least in the eyes of those who populate RMweb, because of lead times that keep slipping and have run into several years and counting. Others will as well if they can't deliver on their announcements. It is, after all, not about
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