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  1. Superb - I have one in the 'to do' box so you have provided perfect inspiration!
  2. Best of luck with the launch - pity I'm not closer, would have offered some musical services in return for a signed copy!!
  3. Love this - every photo has a serious 'drool' factor!
  4. This really is a superb project Noel - well done! My own creative mojo has left me for the moment so I might drool at your pics here and hope it comes back!
  5. Looking forward to receiving my brake van! Well done all! And the interior detail is superb!
  6. Definitely the best model of this unit that I have seen, other examples I think are repaints of similar prototypes which I think are wider, so they don't look quite right - but the effort that has gone into the production of this model has produced a much more accurate model. Great job!!
  7. Fantastic - classic case for me of liking the model better than the original!
  8. Totally magnificent - jaw dropping stuff, many congrats!
  9. Love the 80 class in the Suburban livery!
  10. Stunning model and stunning livery - great to see it on 131 too!
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