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  1. More scenic work today and the light helped the photography a bit too!!
  2. Ha ha thanks Colm! Apparently Worsley Works do the corridor coach sides but as for the loco......em......if it wasn’t for the valve gear I’d have a go ok!! Loving your Ballycrochan Line btw!
  3. Yip well spotted - the platform and track are too far apart, could be fixed by major surgery to the platform edge so am contemplating that.....
  4. I had a go today at making the station name board using Slaters 3mm letters - with the over 40's eyesight working against me, the result isn't overly pleasing, so I may have to admit defeat and print this from the computer.
  5. Three levels - am imagining a bird at the top of a tree looking down at the bus which is overlooking the station....
  6. Nothing quite like close-up photographs to show you when you've messed up....!!
  7. More work on the fencing today. And I can't resist filters!
  8. Ok here's another one - with the Reverend Mother waiting on the train back to Ballycastle.
  9. Thanks Pat, they are birch trees from the Faller range, one large and three small. I have seafoam trees ready to assemble too because that end of the diorama needs to be quite heavily wooded as there was a plantation above the tunnel. Thanks for the nice comments Pat, appreciated.
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