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  1. Very true, but I believe I remember also being served by a very youthful Ian Rice!
  2. I remember seeing Berry Wiggins tanks heading south through Maidstone West station in the 50s,presumably on Hoo Junction-Tonbridge and further freights.
  3. Mornin' all-I've got two large tubes of Evostick on their way via Amazon-no problem!
  4. Arternoon all-I've recently tried to sign on to NGRM online as one does and have been firmly warned off by my McAfee web security man as being an risky move.Has anyone else had a problem? Best wishes and thanks, Tim.
  5. Fascinating! (and very sad).Many thanks Tim
  6. According to the flyers and other publicity,the show opens at 10.30am not 10.00! Still looking forward to it!
  7. Sorry if this has received notice before - was very surprised to hear on a recent visit to the Peco shop that they have ceased production of their Foam Underlay.I'm sure that there will be those on this site that give three hearty cheers,but not me-I've used it for many years with no deterioration at all and whilst it's perhaps not as realistic looking as the proper stuff,it's quicker and cleaner and don't look too bad! Shame.
  8. Thanks very much for the courtesy of your prompt reply, Phil-sackcloth and ashes time I think! Best wishes, Tim.
  9. Regarding the new editor, what is his background? Would be nice to know something about him?
  10. All the very best of luck, mate, I know you'll wonder how you ever found time for work! Couldn't happen to a nicer chap!
  11. Did mine eyes deceive me or did I espy the worthy Clive Groome lurking on the footplate of the Bluebelle's "Q" in last night's episode?
  12. Thanks chaps for an excellent edition- although not a DCC person, I particularly enjoyed Richard Johnson's article, especially his thoughts on trackwork - I have been frustrated for years when cleaning track to find that however clean it is, the cleaning cloth always turns black. Now I know! Cheers Richard!
  13. Nice one Dale, it does look like you have studied the prototype and come up with a very convincing track plan.Look forward to the continuing saga! Perhaps you might ponder on finding a more definite location rather than "somewhere.in ......."-if a realistic timetable and traffic patterns are to be achieved, then "location" is vital IMHO.
  14. Good to see "Saltmarshe Road" back again Pete, always found the original posts fascinating and inspirational (not to mention that superb photo of Dungeness!). Look forward to much more. Best wishes, Tim.
  15. I have built many buildings from varying types of card and always use "Colron Knotting Solution" on the card before starting. My wee railway room does not suffer from damp but I find the card is greatly improved by the treatment. Just of late, I have been using much thinner card than before and laminating 2/3 layers together. After the "knotting" it becomes much "crisper" and easier to cut cleanly and can develop an affinity to thin plywood! (Mind you, the stuff ain't cheap - £9.98 from B & Q.)
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