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  1. Sorry to repeat but very well done to Andy and friends-an absolutely superb collection of layouts,together with excellent photographs and "dialog".Impossible to pick the best, they were ALL the Best but have to say,the disembarking of the chaps from a train at "Lime Street"-just incredible! Many thanks indeed Tim
  2. Mornin' all! I was fortunate enough to "win" this model in the recent raffle for NHS charities and can happily confirm that it is quite superb and runs like a dream.Highly recommended! Tim.
  3. Always always prime card with "Knotting Solution" by Colron-it almost takes on the consistency of plywood and you can do almost anything with it! For render, yes, try fine sand, "textured" paint or even white pepper.
  4. Similar urgent appeal received yesterday from The Swanage Railway. Tim
  5. Thanks for the memory Paul, I well remember dear old "Tommy" who worked in the Kings Cross shop and who I next met running a model shop in Blandford! All the best and hope all is well with you. Tim
  6. Andy, Phil and others -here's one who's not moaning,never had a problem with RM Web's speed and I'm on it every day. I may not be a prolific poster but I remain eternally grateful for all the hard work that goes into making RM Web a complete success and one I would have a job to do without! God bless all. Best wishes, Tim.
  7. Will,that is brilliant, an excellent scheme! A very convincing history, not something that you always find on even the finest of layouts.I've been looking for a location which might be suitable to house my Bils,Hals, 33 and 73 and lo and behold here's one! I'll try and make mine a tad different perhaps so it's not too obviously poaching! Nothing wrong with "Eaststoke" at all but possibly "Hayling East" or "East Hayling" is slightly more convincing? Many thanks and best wishes, Tim.
  8. Almost certainly a driver training/inspection saloon and ermmm, I think you'll find that Wareham is in Dorset!! Best wishes,Tim.
  9. Cornish Engine House ordered lunchtime Friday 31st January-delivered 8.30 am Saturday February 1st- outstanding service Kernow, very many thanks (and well done Royal Mail!) Tim.
  10. That sir, is absolutely brilliant! I built a similar vehicle in O 16.5 using a Peco coach body but I had no idea whatsoever what the controls were like-thanks to you now I do!God bless you and a very happy New Year! Tim.
  11. Thanks Giles,fascinating! Any idea how those controls worked-strange looking! Best wishes, Tim
  12. Thank you Adrian, beats Christmas cards hands down! A very happy Christmas to you and yours-Gamages and Hornby Dublo-the very essence of youthful Christmasses! very best wishes,Tim
  13. Very true, but I believe I remember also being served by a very youthful Ian Rice!
  14. I remember seeing Berry Wiggins tanks heading south through Maidstone West station in the 50s,presumably on Hoo Junction-Tonbridge and further freights.
  15. Mornin' all-I've got two large tubes of Evostick on their way via Amazon-no problem!
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