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  1. 5 Litre paint pots - after contents have been used naturally - concrete in a small piece of plastic pipe. Into this mounts a smaller diameter plastic upright. Then lace the red/white plastic tape from pole to pole. So you can construct barriers to whatever length you need. These are fairly quick to put in place, as there is not fastening together required. At Close of Play the tape is collected and disposed of. The uprights removed from their bases and stored in heavy duty plastic sacks. The bases can be easily handled, as they still have their loop straps in place. They are then stacked and stored in a shed until required again. Cheap, effective and no issues with people trying to lean on them. Some layouts do decline a barrier in front, so we have to point out that any damage sustained by the Public s not covered.
  2. I heard this morning, that Colchester MRC have now Cancelled their 2021 Exhibition - which was due to take place on 31st October. So Exhibitions will be few and far between in Essex for the remainder of this year, with Theydon Bois still on the cards at the moment.
  3. Mid Essex MRC has for the second year running postponed their Annual Model Railway Exhibition, due to take place in September. The Venue Owners have requested that any organisation seeking to undertake a Hire had to comply with certain requirements. Fully understandable given the normal Monday to Friday use, and them seeking to ensure that they discharge fully their Duty of Care to Staff and their own user community. So as with many a Club we hope to welcome back Modellers old and new back to our Exhibition in September 2022.
  4. Also did not mention Gateshead Depot, as a Deltic haunt. No mention of the close work with the DPS, whom own 3 - only a passing comment on worked with. As to High Speed running, seems to not understand the speeds obtained on the railway at the time - difficult to compare todays system network with different track combinations and less pointwork etc.
  5. Modern day safety requirement, like the high intensity lamp requirements on steam locomotives - even within a mock handlamp that are very bright.
  6. It could also be the fact that Hornby did pause export outside the UK for awhile after the Brexit date. Coupled with a pandemic which has - and continues to cause - freight headaches. There are loads of empty boxes sitting on docksides around the World. However, exporting from a UK based model shop to Australia (and other Countries) is getting easier and quicker door to door. But as you correctly say you cannot see for yourself the model being tested in front of you. Not sure how the Tier system has been rolled out outside the UK, as in some Countries the items go via an in-Country distributor which may also cause price and delivery differences.
  7. A livery IMHO that 'sat' well on the bodyside. Though not so much a fan of the maroon livery. Still a fair number of identities and liveries to cater for, but which ones would sell. Perhaps it is time for a poll to be undertaken.
  8. Oh, so many EMUs to consider. GFor me it would be the Clacton Units on the GE Mainline as a starting point. But then they could consider the Class 32X series giving rise to OHL and Third Rail operation, not to mention a multitude of liveries. Could be in N and 00. Well we can but hope.
  9. John Dutfield LLP Wards Yard 133 Springfield Park Road Chelmsford Essex CM2 6EE telephone: 01245 494455 email: [email protected] Once the Government allows us to re-open we shall be welcoming shoppers back inside our shop. If the Rules are similar to those previously in place, then we will only be able to allow 3 individuals or 'bubbles' inside. Wearing Face Coverings will still be a requirement. We continue with the PLEASE WAIT red light and the PLEASE COME IN green light - similar to a number of shops. We will continue to offer Collect & Pay and Mail Orders sales, alongside our shop sales.
  10. The only time I had an issue, was on a Tracked Item - had to be taken to a Royal Mail depot rather than the local shop.
  11. If you sign up for Click & Drop the postal charges are lower, all you need is a pc , printer, a set of digital scales and a tape measure. The Royal Mail and Parcel Force web pages are easy to navigate and you can clearly see the options and costs. Even complete a Customs document if need be. The local drop off point will check the details too, just ensure that you use the correct Trade Code. Less time spent being served, and save money.
  12. Being a Modeller, Exhibition Manager, a Trader, and a Visitor the lack of Exhibitions has been difficult the last 12 months. But I think that the Modelling World will be very different for sometime to come. As a Modeller and Visitor I miss the social side and the browsing, but I have still been able to obtain models etc. I have found so much is nw available online, so not the same need for hard copy. I have still been able to engage with other modellers online, we even held our Club AGM via ZOOM. As a Exhibition Manager I have to await the Government Trials and see what any Restrictions are put into place - before seeking a Venue let alone Stands plus advertising. We normally works a couple of years in advance, but can we just move what we planned for 2020 in 2022?. But how many will attend? But for Clubs one major income stream is Catering, which will may well cause logistic headaches. As a Trader I will have to closely look at a number of factors, before I decide whether or not to accept invitations. If I do not attend yes there will be a reduction in income, but put that against the costs and keeping safe - so I think some exhibitions may well be declined. IMHO we will see swapmeets and Boot Sales restart first. As you can more easily organise social distancing, one way systems, and limit access plus with the latter they are outside. Keep Safe.
  13. Yes, unfortunately we had a Family loss in mid-January then Hev and Ken tested Positive for COVID 19. But we now have the All Clear and have re-opened. Thanks to all for their kind messages of support during these times. So agin we have Mail Order Collect & Pay Please as before e-mail requirements to [email protected] we can then check availability and cost. Sorry but no in shop browsing under Tier 4 Rules. Keep Calm, Stay Safe, Model Railways
  14. UPDATE: 11/01/2021 Business Hours Due to the contunued Pandamic Restrictions we will reduce our OPENING HOURS from today. Our new Hours of Business being Monday, Tuesday, Thrusday, Friday & Saturday 0900 until 1600 We will still be CLOSED on Wednesday and Sunday Mail Order and Collect & Pay with operate during these hours. Please email your requirements (please include your Full Postal Details for Mail Order) to [email protected] , so we can check stock availability along with cost and respond to you accordingly.
  15. UPDATE: As Essex has entered CV19 Tier 4, we are unable to allow any in shop browsing, However, as previously we are operating Mail Order Collect & Pay. Please e-mail your requirements to [email protected] we will then check stock availability and cost. For Mail Order we will require the Full Postal Address - must be the same to which the Payment Crd is registered. Thank You for your support over this year, and obviously before. We will try and support modellers as best we can during these challenging times.
  16. It has been reported that whilst letter post has declined parcels traffic has increased massively, which has caused issues for RM. Partly due to how we have RM and ParcelForce operations, which are treated as two different Business Brands - unlike the various other operators. Then you have another issue. Our local Click & Drop location can create anything beyond 10 parcel sacks for collection late afternoon (have an earlier collection too) - but the norm is to send a small van which cannot take the load. Infact some days they are already full when they arrive. The drivers have mentioned this but no one seems to be able to arrange for a larger van to be used, even when it is clear that this location is very very busy - even before CV19 caused an increase in traffic. Tracking parcels can be a nightmare too, during the first lockdown the system would only in many instances only give you Collection then Delivery data nothing in between.
  17. As of Wednesday 2nd December 2020 Essex moves into CV19 Tier Two restrictions. So once again we are able to welcome Customers inside our shop. As previously this will be Limited to maintain safe distancing. The coloured light will be in operation GREEN means COME IN, RED means PLEASE WAIT as we are at capacity inside. Mail Order will be as always, please e-mail your requirements to [email protected] including the full postal address. We can then check stocks and calculate the postal charge. Thank You for your continued support.
  18. So we are now into Lockdown 2, so to support modellers we are OPEN for MAIL ORDER COLLECT & PAY E-mail your modellling requirements to [email protected] we will then check our stocks and get back to you with availability. If you privide your full Postal Address we can also calculate that additional cost - it is what Royal Mail or Parcel Force will charge us. Obviously we cannot allow any browsing, and only ONE CUSTOMER at a time can come into Collect & Pay. Face Coverings must be worn. Stay Safe and Keep On Modelling
  19. Thank You for your Order. The BBAs sold out very fast. We now await another run to arrive.
  20. Many thanks for your kind comments
  21. Delivered today - not touch FREE Entry into the Hornby Museum
  22. Potential Customers can also check on the Hornby website for listed Stockists, same applies to other Manufacturers. So place a location - say Glasgow as an example - and then see the local Hornby Approved Sockist(s).
  23. Due to the ongoing COVID 19 situation, causing the Venue to not be available, Mid Essex MRC has had to CANCEL their Exhibition, which was due to be held on Saturday 19th September 2020. We are now working on our 2021Exhibition, this will be held on Saturday 18th September at Bishops Hill ACL, Rayleigh Road, Hutton, Essex. Please look out for details of attending Layouts and Traders.
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