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    It started off as the railways I knew when I was growing up, i.e. BR(SR) EMUs in SE London where we lived, and BR(WR) in the S Wales valleys where we went on holiday to my grandparents' house. The freight side then developed into Coal and Iron Ore, and I got interested in those minerals in the US and Australia, so it all got out of hand. Good thing my layout's in the garden :)

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  1. I couldn't think of one, but then I saw the picture of the GWR steam railmotor to be released by Kernow, in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future. You could use the power bogie from one of those.
  2. A bit to the north-east of Tonbridge, East Peckham is a bit of a way from Peckham Rye.
  3. Maybe something similar to what was done on Chat Moss?
  4. Question for Hattons: I have pre-ordered a fair number of the SECR coaches, but I would like a reasonable rake of six-wheel thirds in addition, which at the moment with everything else that is being released by all and sundry, and me being a humble pensioner, I can't afford. So, after the first release of these SECR coaches is all sold out, will you be re-issuing them?
  5. No it isn't. As with all new stuff that I have ordered, the question is "will it be delivered before I join the choir celestial?"
  6. How about outside cylinders and Walschaerts valve gear?
  7. What was the MRJ show? As I remember them the shows at the Westminster Central Hall were the MRC (Model Railway Club) show.
  8. Sorry I'm so late replying to this: I've been rather sidetracked recently. I you want just a body, have you thought of buying a loco, and selling the chassis to someone else?
  9. There seem to be too many wheels not on the rails in these pictures.
  10. So maybe some company that has not been working on it should announce that they are going to produce one. I was thinking of suggesting the Electrostar to them. Me too, for DMUs and EMUs.
  11. My copy of this arrived today. It contains a review of KR Models's GT3, which it notes is already fully sold out and rhetorically asks why it is publishing a review of something that ostensibly can no longer be obtained. Amongst the answers it says that "... KR Models has announced plans for a whole raft of other projects, ... and therefore the specification, performance and finish of the sample ... serves to provide a clear indication of what we might expect from these ... future releases." So, by the same token, why don't they have a review of the ex-GWR 16xx 0-6-0PT being made b
  12. I think the Electrostar family is a good idea too.
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