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    It started off as the railways I knew when I was growing up, i.e. BR(SR) EMUs in SE London where we lived, and BR(WR) in the S Wales valleys where we went on holiday to my grandparents' house. The freight side then developed into Coal and Iron Ore, and I got interested in those minerals in the US and Australia, so it all got out of hand. Good thing my layout's in the garden :)

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  1. Surely bringing it to a gradual halt will allow it to hit the bridge. I would have thought an emergency stop would be better.
  2. I was under the impression that sterile things are sealed in airtight packs to keep them sterile. Surely they cannot all have been opened in the crash?
  3. Still no Electrostar. Shame.
  4. Maybe they might think of doing a B8 or C9 in code 75. (Incidentally, they do a B8 in code 83, but that doesn't look right for UK layouts.)
  5. No way. I'm going to do my usual thing of ditching the tension locks and using Kadees.
  6. I've got a better idea. Since the GNR coaches are causing the most upset, why don't they drop them from the proposed range, and replace them with some other railway that hasn't been planned for yet?
  7. If someone produces a new GWR Autocoach, I hope they make one that's different from what's currently avaiable. Something like the A32, A32 or A34 (GWR) or A41 or A42 and A43 or A44 (BR(WR)).
  8. There's a lovely picture of a 64xx with 3 autocoaches arriving at Abercynon with lots of passengers visible in the first autocoach, on page 284 of John Lewis's second volume of autotrailers. It seems to me that we don't need more auto-fitted locos, but more autotrailers.
  9. Well, it is a testing process that I'm going through. Oh no, I've posted it in the wrong place. It shoould be in the Test Area!
  10. This time "following" wasn't turned off. The only difference was that I didn't switch off "Notify me of replies" at the bottom of the message-composition box. What does "notify me of replies" mean? I do not want to be sent a message when a reply is posted, but I want to follow the thread and for new messages to appear when I display my unread messages.
  11. Once again "following" was turned off
  12. The previous reply turned my following status off. It was started by clicking the Quote button in the post that is quoted. This reply was started by typing in the box at the bottom of the page. "Notify me of replies" was turned off.
  13. When I post a new message to a topic that I am following, my following status is turned off. How this happens I don't know. I am using this topic to test it.
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