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    It started off as the railways I knew when I was growing up, i.e. BR(SR) EMUs in SE London where we lived, and BR(WR) in the S Wales valleys where we went on holiday to my grandparents' house. The freight side then developed into Coal and Iron Ore, and I got interested in those minerals in the US and Australia, so it all got out of hand. Good thing my layout's in the garden :)

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  1. I put a Lenz Silver+ chip into my 117. The DMS leads when I run it forwards, which I thought a bit strange but on reflection it doesn't really matter which direction it runs. I timed it running a few times round my layout at top speed, and the average speed works out at 78 scale miles per hour. I'm wondering whether to put a sound chip into it. I also would like a (couple of) class 116(s).
  2. How did they shunt the tail traffic from one end of the DMU to the other?
  3. Don't do that. Perhaps we'll have a good entry for this year's Darwin Award.
  4. Wouldn't that be a thread about Paris Bastille?
  5. Why stop there? If the GER could build a 0-10-0T, they why couldn't the GWR have a 0-10-0PT based on a 1661?
  6. It comes from iacere, meaning to throw, through its frequentative iactare, which became the French jeter, also meaning to throw..
  7. Yes, they have, but it's in N gauge, which I admit we weren't discussing so it's irrelevant.
  8. Has Dapol produced unpowered dummies? Didn't some of them pull tail traffic?
  9. They could be waiting for an appropriate moment to announce one. Have you tried asking them if they're going to do one? There'll probably be many other takers for it.
  10. If you do that aren't you reducing the amount of power available for pulling the skin off that rice pudding?
  11. Is that a fully working model of the Titanic?
  12. Having been through that sort of thing myself a few years ago, I hope everything goes to plan and you are able to get bck to modelling very soon.
  13. Surely bringing it to a gradual halt will allow it to hit the bridge. I would have thought an emergency stop would be better.
  14. I was under the impression that sterile things are sealed in airtight packs to keep them sterile. Surely they cannot all have been opened in the crash?
  15. Still no Electrostar. Shame.
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