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    It started off as the railways I knew when I was growing up, i.e. BR(SR) EMUs in SE London where we lived, and BR(WR) in the S Wales valleys where we went on holiday to my grandparents' house. The freight side then developed into Coal and Iron Ore, and I got interested in those minerals in the US and Australia, so it all got out of hand. Good thing my layout's in the garden :)

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  1. Except ... those Hornby Western suburban coaches are London and Birmingham district sets, not Cardiff.
  2. I'd prefer to preface that with 'Nationalisation never happened'. It might be interesting to see how the other two of the big four did it. (I am assuming that the LMS would have gone on to use some of what became the BR standards, and the SR electrified everything.)
  3. I have two Heljan 33/1s which will both haul 8TC around my helix, which runs at 1 in 70. The problem with 2Bil sets is the couplings between the coaches. I removed them and replaced them with upside-down Kadee 17s after removing the trip-pins. The coaches are a bit further apart, but there is no more trouble with the bogies.
  4. Budgie

    DJM, the end.

    Why don't you unfollow it, then? That way you won't have to worry about it any more.
  5. Budgie

    DJM, the end.

    If that parrot is anything like my budgies, it will definitely not get tired and [email protected] out after a long squawk
  6. I signed up a few days back, and I've got access to the digital magazine, but I don't have access to selling products in the RMweb ‘Classified’ forum, I don't have the Gold badge on my posts, and I can't find the exclusive Gold forum. Am I expecting things to have happened too soon?
  7. Budgie


    Testing, testing, one two.
  8. How does this differ from the experiences of the clean-up crew who cleaned up after the woman who jumped onto the track at Wimbledon station to recover her mobile phone? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mum-23-killed-by-train-after-157935
  9. Isn't it time the government changed the law so that people who are trespassing on the railway can't sue if they get hurt?
  10. That video needs a warning about the appalling cinematography. Even with dark glasses on, the way the camera is very quickly rotated was very painful on my eyes.
  11. But you and I are "enthusiasts", so aren't the general public as far as this is concerned.
  12. Ask your bank for a foreign exchange forward contract, and you won't have any exchange rate fluctuations.
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