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    It started off as the railways I knew when I was growing up, i.e. BR(SR) EMUs in SE London where we lived, and BR(WR) in the S Wales valleys where we went on holiday to my grandparents' house. The freight side then developed into Coal and Iron Ore, and I got interested in those minerals in the US and Australia, so it all got out of hand. Good thing my layout's in the garden :)

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  1. Yes for bogie stock. I had that problem with Hornby's 2Bil and 2Hal units running up and down the helix on my layout. My solution was to couple them within the units with Kadee 17s with the coupler pin cut off and inserted upside down into the NEM pockets
  2. Coupler heads locking rigidly together are bad news, as that will result in derailments when the track twists, as it will when it curves going uphill or downhill, as in a helix. You shouldn't get buffer-locking if you only have one buffer on each coach end, and a rubbing-plate for the buffer to contact. Oh yes they do, unless you run short trains; that's why they have the word "lock" in their name. I complained about them many times in the past when they caused derailments on my garden railway because they locked the train into a straight line and it wouldn't go round the
  3. How would one go about making close-coupled sets with these coaches? Obviously one would have to remove one buffer from each end (which side?) or would one remove both buffers and replace one with a shorter buffer? Then one would have to find a shorter coupling, making sure the set will go round radius 2 curves with no trouble. Anything else?
  4. I think Hornby ought to issue the clerestories with non-clerestory roofs, as another set of generic coaches.
  5. Before I decided that I didn't believe in all that stuff, the Catholic church called their censers thuribles.
  6. So I think they should issue unpainted versions or purchasers to dress up in their own liveries.
  7. Extrapolating wildly from absolutely no data, but a probably wrong implication I made from that sentence: I wonder how many projects have been started and then put on hold until a competitor comes up with an announcement.
  8. I model the BR era, but ... I live slap-bang in SECR territory: I can see the mid-Kent line out of my back bedroom windows. So in my opinion it is natural for me to want a few SECR rakes pulled by SECR locos to run over my BR layout now and again. After all, it's my model railway and I'll run what I like.
  9. Likewise, I am sticking with Hattons. If any manufacturer is stuck for a model to make in future, I will suggest the Electrostar to them. It seems neither Hornby nor Bachmann is interested in making them, and there are plenty of liveries that can be produced, which should result in a reasonable return for whoever comes up with them. Some 4-car suburban EMUs would also be welcome, such as the post-war all-steel 4Sub.
  10. So you can't get access at stations with low platforms and gas lighting. I am disappointed with this range, which duplicates Hattons' range somewhat. There are plenty of other things that Hornby could have made, see wishlists passim. Someone said that this gives people choice, but for those of us who would like a few Electrostars we have no choice at all as nobody makes them. Same for earlier Southern EMUs such as the 4COR and the 4SUB.
  11. While you are making those decisions, 4-6-2 or 2-8-2? Or how about making both?
  12. I thought the BR standard kocos were built to satisfy R A Riddles's ego. And why was Duke of Gloucester built? That was never standard anything.
  13. So put something in the middle of the road under the bridge to stop vehicles toppling over, then.
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