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  1. RHTT on the Cumbrian coast last week, 66421and 66126
  2. good progress over the last couple of days, boards built, track down and wired, point control in, lights added and just painted the track today.
  3. It is a Walthers kit bash, of the REA building 933-3095 and the Engineering offices 933-2967
  4. Well, in these interesting times i've had time to think what's going to happen to the layout, had a couple of offer's to buy, one from the states!, but have finally decided to keep it. The plan is, it will move up into my loft and stand on 30" legs (though still be available for exhibitions, if we get back to the norm) then i'm going to build a small holding yard, and a offstage fiddle yard(interchange), plans are at an advanced stage, timber bought, going to use what's left of my code 75 points and track, so on with my winter project. Will update when there's something done.
  5. Thanks Mike, didn't know the mag was out, all i was told was November issue, chuffed to be on front cover, a first for me.
  6. Decide which railroad you fancy, and look at Contikits website http://www.contikits.com/US HO.htm or ring Sophie at Anoraks anoymous https://www.facebook.com/sophieatanoraks/,they both have quiet a bit of stock in, and both helpful. Was looking at Ellis clark the other day, some top heavy prices IMO.
  7. give Geoff a ring at contikits, he some times has un boxed BB stuff that's not on website
  8. there's these if in stock https://www.miniaturesbyeric.com/products/t3-sw-flexicoil-trucks
  9. 063 at Motherwell, hope this helps with weathering ideas
  10. got any info,photos,i'll need 5 switch stands
  11. no still in Michigan! https://amishamerica.com/michigan-amish/
  12. Been playing with the C425, i'd forgot i had a problem with the chip and sent it back,it came back with update chip with drive hold of f9, it works a treat,just need to move the function to f6, f9 is bit of a fiddle on lenz,
  13. Haysi railroad had a b unit to move coal hoppers
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