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  1. I'm there with Brewery sidings, not on your list Andy, but listed on other websites, with all the faffing about I did with different emails, you'd think they'd up date there website!!
  2. I say Nah and thrice Nah, but I know what you mean, i keep a low profile too!
  3. I used a flight of locks at the end of my canal on Brewery sidings, don't give up on the idea to soon!!
  4. Do you have heating in the garage, if not, the wood will expand with the moisture in the air, and contract when it warms up!!
  5. Happy new year to Dan and David, hope to see you around somewhere.
  6. Modern as in now, you'll need 50'- 60' boxcars, 55'-62'covered hoppers, small 2 bay covered hoppers, large mill gondolas, flat cars, various size tank cars, modern freight cars are large which eat up space, these will give you some idea, as to makes depends on your budget any where from £18-40+
  7. Should this topic not be move over now to the Irish railway group, even though there EMDs!
  8. Modelling overseas railway/railroads can be a thankless task at some exhibition, I've modelled and exhibited American HO for many years, in the early years I had hardly anyone look(other than families) at the layout, just muttering as they went passed JAAL, it use to bother me, but not now. But slowly people started to stop and look and ask questions and would even come back for another look, if your planning to alter you layout so more people will take notice, save your time, the people that wanted to see it, have done, and any alteration won't attract those stereotypes. You've done will to get an invite to Warley, having never been there with either of my USA layouts, just enjoy whatever invites you get and never mind about the public opinion, it's there loss. Ray
  9. I've been looking into the cost of a change over to BR, I've no modern stock etc, VDA's, VGA's Cargo wagons, tanks and loco's and the cost will be eyewatering, so I think it could be a change to sell or scrap!
  10. Had a great weekend exhibiting at my local show Workington, well done to all involved.
  11. Saturday was very busy, nice selection of layouts, food was ok, of up now for a breakfast before the doors open at 10.
  12. It's tomorrow,10-5pm, Sunday 10-4pm, Six quarters is one of the layouts to appear
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