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  1. I've got my passport stamped, permit to leave the house of SWMBO, just waiting till it's all safe!!!!!!! Ian, hope your keeping well and safe
  2. I was given a MRC 312 sounder, not to impressed with electronic generated sound, i quickly gave it back!!!!
  3. Conrail gp38 spotting an ACF PressureAide full of plastic pellets for Jersey bottle supply
  4. It's 1968, ex NYC RS1 is working the Penn Central Jackson -East Jackson local EJ-I today!
  5. They look ok, it isn't as though anyone's going to come round and measure them!!!!!!
  6. is there a transition between the 5mm foam down to 3mm for all your spurs of the mainline, like the real railroads do!!!
  7. yep should be nearer 4',but didn't fancy cutting pins down, they don't look bad, there picture of 7' tall one on the web, i'll live with them
  8. that what i found at first, think mine are a tad taller at 21mm
  9. This morning little project was to build and install some Blue flag warning signs, there made out of a pin, square of platicard and a resized download from the web, once built and painted, i glued the sign on ,drilled a 2mm hole in the ties and added a 2x2x5mm magnet, works a treat!
  10. https://online.fliphtml5.com/buups/ptid/index.html#p=95
  11. Already been there, had a Roundy-Roundy many moons ago, nothing got done, just set a train off and watched it, non of the industries got switched i got bored very quick and ripped it up, i help a friend with his British Roundy-Roundy at exhibitions, after half an hour i volunteer to go get the teas in, there just not for me.
  12. All major buildings have been built and painted, all tanks have either been built or modified and are in place, just need some fine weather to paint them, next to plan my overhead pipe runs and Airslide unloading, then everything needs weathering.
  13. My late Christmas presents to myself have landed, seeing i've two extension, i'll need more stock!!!!!
  14. https://www.thomasklimoski.com/ A couple of people to look at for ideas, as someone has already said ,maybe less industries (depend on period modelled) and more spots at those industries, i think a shortline would also enhance operations, but at the end of the day it's your layout and only you can decide, as Lance Mindheim said" less is more" his books a worth a read too.
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