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  1. 2 steps forward,1 step back After months of testing, i've decided to replace the servos operating my turnouts, they worked ok 99% of the time ,but i had that "what if" moment in the back of my mind, so back to the tried and test bike spoke, which has never fail me (famous last words) in the past. Also got the last of the stock 2 more Guilford box cars, just a couple of small jobs to do and were ready for when the exhibitions start up again.
  2. Highball graphics ship to UK, at reasonable prices https://highballgraphics.com/
  3. just tried my Peckett which i think has a R8249 in, on Programme track ,f8, DIR,ADR PUT #8720 in, worked, but when i came to change it back to #4,error 02, only way i could change number was a factory reset, try a reset then add your number
  4. think your going to have to do cv29,then cv17,18,if that's how i read the instruction, cv1 only excepts #1-127,try putting a 2 digit number ie 87,if it works you'll have to go down the cv29 route file:///C:/Users/Ray/Downloads/R8249-Locomotive-Decoder-Leaflet%20(2).pdf
  5. I'm taking it, by all the question you don't have a manual for the lenz 100. use page mode same as cv mode page 55 https://www.dccconcepts.com/manual/lenz-owners-manual-lh100-throttle-handset/
  6. one here now https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bachmann-00-GAUGE-MR-102-USA-CLASS-0-6-0T-68-SOUTHERN-BLACK-DCC-FITTED/333934774927?hash=item4dc0104a8f:g:ZM8AAOSwD89gXcRE
  7. one on ebay now https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bachmann-00-GAUGE-MR-102-USA-CLASS-0-6-0T-68-SOUTHERN-BLACK-DCC-FITTED/333934774927?hash=item4dc0104a8f:g:ZM8AAOSwD89gXcRE
  8. Dehumidifier probably won't work as you have already added vents, it will suck moisture in from the out side, you could try one of these https://www.screwfix.com/p/mega-moisture-trap-2ltr/7832h
  9. Timber also absorbs moisture, it will take quiet a while to dry out and as the shed is made of wood we could be talking months, maybe years!!!!!!!!!!
  10. What's your backup, if one of those point motors fail at 11am on a Saturday morning of the exhibition. That's always at the back of my mind when planning/building a exhibition layout, which is why i always use manual point control, bike spoke, WIT ETC, which isn't a 100% reliable, but i've only had one failure, in all the years of exhibiting and it was a 5 min fix, KISS. Just asking!!!!
  11. You would have thought with these being O gauge, the stirrup steps on the freight cars would have been finer metal ones!!!
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