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  1. Simon,there's two tabs in the air tanks,push cocktail sticks in(white arrows) and spread the frame.
  2. try the tabs at the bottom of cab,think it's all one body
  3. Had word today that Newcastle exhibition 14-15 Nov has been cancelled
  4. option 4,don't build it LOL If i had to build it option 3
  5. Not many photo's out there of single SD45's (happy to be proved wrong), usually multi lash ups, local jobs usually in the hands of geeps (weight restrictions on some lines),but there is this,MOW train
  6. welcome to the darkside,your going to find it a bit tight with the board size you have to fit things in, the kato SD45 recommend min radius is 10",so would go for peco code 80 3rd radius 11" or flexi track ,don't use setrack points use code 80 medium as a minimum,larger the better,i'm speaking from experience, use to model BN in n gauge and SD45 were my mainline locos,lovely runners,they won't like 1st radius curves,hope this is a help and my save you some heart ache further down the line. As to station we would really need to know ,railroad ,time period, to help with station type.
  7. Been adding under layout sound,with an Soundtraxx TSU 1000PNP EMD567 decoder, as my fleet for the layout will be all EMD ie 2x sw1200 1x sw1 and a gp9, still in the process of testing, but i'm happy so far,once you get use to the sound not coming from the loco!!
  8. Been working on backdrop,adding tops of trees and blending the road into the wall!!
  9. Have a look here https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=LIFELIKE+GP20+SOUND+INSTALL&docid=608043098367656073&mid=6FE1A776D63CEE3627A66FE1A776D63CEE3627A6&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  10. Another building well on the way to completion, Jersey bottle supply, plastic pellets in, bottles out via truck and rail.
  11. Lots of dead end terminals had a wye or loop tracks,so the passenger train were reversed in, of coarse there were exceptions some light reading for you! http://nmra2015.sbcrailway.ca/sites/default/files/clinics/Clark_LD handout 2015.pdf
  12. new owners,brush hasn't had time to clean!!! the real Arnold steel,and all there weeds!!!!!
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