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  1. With 59th and rust and End of the spur coming to the end of there exhibition invites, it's time to build a new one that will fit in my new car. It's going to be based on the end of a truncated branch line (ex NYC), train lengths will be four cars+cab max, but the run round only take two (lots of running around me thinks) more to follow. Here where I am so far (some of you may have seen more on FB)
  2. hope everything's ok, I know that feeling well, i'm now on my local hospitals Christmas card list!!
  3. yep, lovely runner, if not a 100% British looking.
  4. Another new addition to the fleet, needs name or numbers or both and a little weathering.
  5. My American layouts are 52", I've taken photos of the layouts and put them on a CD, to give to any wheelchair visitors . my micro layout Brewery sidings have 19" legs, this sits on the tables provided at exhibition. Ray
  6. looks like he's use Correx sheet, what they use to make signs with and Peco industrial doors https://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/corrugatedplastic.asp
  7. No, the only limit is your imagination!
  8. Your so right, can delete photo or leave as is? 68001-005 Sellafield-Crewe coal yard just north of Workington
  9. 88007-003 on Sellafield-Crewe coal yard,9th July passing through Workington
  10. Not on the Southern. but there use to be a UKF train out of Scotland, 40155 seen here passing through Carlisle early 80's
  11. All depend where you class north, is that the North above Watford or the North near the Scottish border!! http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/events/y2019/m11
  12. where you've got the plug (above) is DCC mode, as Prof said, try loco number, even better do factory reset
  13. some great photo's on this FB group American street running https://www.facebook.com/groups/742351272532703/
  14. another idea https://lancemindheim.com/2012/09/a-one-turnout-layout/ Ray
  15. Another good show, thanks to Nick and everybody for making it possible. Looks like i'd better start building something, just in case there's one next year! Ray
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