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  1. It's a RENFE 7800 (278) class electric https://transpressnz.blogspot.com/2016/03/renfe-class-7800-electric-locomotive.html
  2. It's a AHM/IHC/Mehano GP18, not sure if UP had HH GP18's, think they only had ex MP low nose GP18's
  3. When i retired ,i no longer needed a larger car, so down sized to medium hatchback, neither of the two older exhibition layouts would fit and with the extra cost of van hire, made them a tad expensive to invite for a smallish layout. Any new build's, will be made to fit the new car like Franklin falls.
  4. A more compacted layout that fits in the car, EOTS needed van hire my main decision to scrap it.
  5. No, was sober when the decision was made, but had sleepless nights since the dismantling started
  6. End of the spur is no more, being stripped of usable parts, RIP
  7. Just a heads up my local show Workington, will be going ahead, all details are in the link http://www.solrail.co.uk/exhibition.html
  8. Those windows have come out alright, some time you've got to think "outside the box" to find a solution.
  9. It's 1978, two years into Conrail, the Lakehurst local has a U23B and RS3 as power, there heading there short train to switch Jersey girl brewery.
  10. Another can of worms, every railroad had there own version of box car red/brown Which would you says the right colour!!!!
  11. Look out for these as well, Invicta models had some in stock. https://www.americanlimitedmodels.com/ho-trinity-3281-covered-hopper/
  12. Atlas did a kit https://www.walthers.com/water-tower-kit-3-1-8-x-3-1-4-quot-7-8-x-8-2cm OR https://ia903205.us.archive.org/9/items/water_tower_part_1/water_tower_part_1.pdf
  13. E-bay seller, think this use to be MG Sharp https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/1523042666
  14. Arnold steel has had a make over, extended the spur and made new buildings and added a larger overhead crane.
  15. I'm in the same situation as to getting rid of two layout, don't us them much any more, think i'll still do the exhibitions, but not as many, support my local one's and cherry pick the rest.
  16. Thanks for the offer, of the mag and membership, but no thanks. Surely it's up to the members if they want a meet somewhere up North, not an ex member, many moons ago there was talk of trying to do a meet somewhere in the Carlisle area, so the Northern England and Mid Scotland member could get together, but nothing came of it. Will keep my eye's open to see if it ever happens, but i won't be holding my breath.
  17. I'm a lapse member, mainly to do with my location, West Cumbria, my division was based in Crewe a 350 mile round trip, though there is a group in the North east 220 mile round trip, hence i never got to any meets. Always thought it was a Southern based organisation, i didn't really benefit from being a member, was ask a few time to become a member again (mainly at exhibition) but when i asked the question about the North /South divide, got the same answer, not the NRMA fault just the way it is, i feel sorry for any of the Scottish groups, wanting to go to the convention, it will be 600 mile round trip, if not more. I'll still fly the flag for American modelling and keep my fingers crossed there's a meet/convention a bit further North so i could attend or even display my layouts.
  18. Never had any problems contacting Sophie, by phone or Facebook messenger
  19. Your in luck, there at the NMRA convention next weekend, non members can attend Saturday. image of there Facebook page
  20. Another great weekend at Barrow, thanks to Ian and the gang for putting on a good show, only downside was, they took us to a Brewery on Saturday night, made me drink beer!!!!!
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