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  1. Sunday was, track cleaning and running some of my earlier period stuff
  2. Had a look inside the LZV100 yesterday, looks like there's hole already for a battery holder, (wonder why they didn't add one), instead of a battery, it looks like a straight forward job, once you get the battery out, has any body gone down the battery holder replacement, was it as straight forward as it looks.
  3. What's your concern, the unit is on for 6-7 hours at an exhibition and the CR2450 is a non rechargeable battery, there must be something in the circuity of the Lenz lzv100, to stop the battery getting a charge and blowing up, now thinking about the advice given, the 5 hour charge and reset seems a waste of time, if in deed the battery is dead.
  4. more searching came up with this from RS https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/button-batteries/1916772
  5. Sent A & H an email got the same advice, didn't work for me still have error 97, looks like i've two choices, A & H fit new battery or i fit a CR2032 battery holder, will take it to bits, to see how big a job it's going to be and if i'm able to do it.
  6. Need help, getting error code 97, which is internal battery needs replacement, the battery needed seem to be rare as rocking horse droppings. I've tried a reset which hasn't cleared the error code, any suggestion or a fix for my problem.
  7. I've with drawn my statement Hope it's a successful day and plenty turn up, also hope there'll be some photos of the layouts on here. Ray
  8. I'm looking hard at the photo too!! Playing trains today!
  9. think the red/silver livery, was used on shunting locos
  10. Over the festive period, had time to install my 4 track staging yard, wasn't happy with the small yard at lakehurst, the track there now comprises of, a main (centre road) short off spot track and a interchange track.
  11. There was only one 308 working when i was there in the late 90's, mainly 311 doing dock jobs, still plenty of "taxi" liveries knocking about.
  12. Welcome to the Darkside, good to start with something small, to get the feel of US railroads. on your track plan did you try other track configurations, there would be more ops if you had the two spurs facing in different directions, this would also give a reason for the run round, they would hold a couple of cars in each, maybe, as i'm guessing on the size of the boards 60" x10",just a thought.
  13. I like doing things this way, then if i'm not happy i can tweak things, better doing it now than finding out later when things are much further on, there is usually some fine tuning, but never anything major.
  14. Will be starting on buildings in new year. Depending how testing goes over Christmas period, may start on building carcasses, made from either card, 2mm MDF or plasticard or a mix of them all.
  15. Done some card mock ups ,to help with getting the feel of things and also for spot locations, now for the testing.
  16. Been planning buildings and operations, train lengths will be 3 cars + caboose, all trains will propel in with caboose leading, this is set in stone. There are 3 rail served industries. National recycling. Receives ships loaded Empty box cars recycled paper Empty ACF cyl hoppers glass cullet T & G castings Receives ships empty loaded 2 bay c/hopper with moulding sand Wakefern food corp Receives/loaded ships empties 50' Airslides/floor 39' Airslide/ sugar corn syrup tanks they receive 4 different grades of corn syrup, with there only being one unloading point, the corn syrup tanks are held on track H( see plan) and switched when needed. (though tracks J and H may change around after testing) Extensive testing will take place over the Christmas period(with help from a glass or two) then building design will start. Location, as you can see( not set in stone) is CSAO Manufacturer branch Newark NJ, which means i can back date to the 70-80's CNJ,PC, and Conrail. See you in the New year!!
  17. It is now official, 59th and Rust has been retired, decision to be made on it's future in the new year, scrap or sell!!
  18. The track plan worked well, so happy to stay with it, only down side i can see is when switching, the first spur, when pulling all the cars out, the loco will be in the fiddle yard, so i've decided to have an open fiddle yard like on 59th and Rust. The fiddle yards been built, just needed some small strips of 2mm MDF walls to stop stock falling off, remaining track laid and wired up, all tested ,works ok.
  19. Try turning the volume down, sounds like over driving the amp,2 pence worth
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