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  1. Well, I eventually made my mind up as to what colour to have the carpeting. I was a bit dubious about using more yellow so I used my colour swatch as a first test. It was not long after cutting the pieces to shape that I decided the carpeting had to be yellow - a monochromatic base for the varied colours of the passengers. The passengers need to be glued in so I can be sure they will not fall off their seats at anytime. I do not want to have to keeping taking the bus apart to fit them back in again. I found one (important) little fella, who came off Camel Quay while setting up at an exhibition, upside down in one of the trees but not until we got home!* Summer weather deteriorating now so, with a bit of luck, I will get more modelling done rather than doing other things outdoors. I am not finished yet! Thanks for popping in and your ratings. It certainly helps to keep up momentum. P.S. I have just remembered - it was after buying a replacement but fortunately before I re-painted it! I am thinking about using the replacement on one of the other two dioramas - influenced by this woodland scene and my attempt at drawing with coloured pencils.
  2. Two jobs for the price of one. While making up my mind whether to varnish the seats or not, I started to do some colour swatches for the carpeting around the seats and gave into my feelings that putting some yellow edging on the narrow centre seat should be applied. This was going to be easy - if it all went wrong, the masking tape is easy enough to pull off again but no need. My feelings were right. I say easy - I, thankfully, had some 1mm masking tape which followed the upholstery markings on the seats, as did the 2mm tape. I am not decided on the final colour for the carpeting - suggestions or online examples welcome. I shall have to do a larger strip to cut up for the whole bus and see what it looks like then. I may be surprised. Showing seat mouldings. Amazing really as it is barely noticeable without side lighting, and this is outside the bus! And no, I am not going to 'paint' it in.
  3. Well, that was a few months ago. This afternoon, I suddenly had the idea to get the masking tape out and measure up for some painted yellow stripes but I used the tape to make the stripes instead. Simple, straightforward and no messing! The roof of the bus will remain white as with the bodywork on the Mini Moke. I could put a penyfarthing on top - I have not ruled that one out...yet! You could recognise it from above, then, if looking down from a bridge over the road, for instance! So that the figures do not pull off the tape, I was thinking about coating the seats with varnish. I will have to do a test to make sure the varnish does not cause the tape to come unstuck. I have matt which has various cautions attached to it and a gloss water-based one. I will try them both.
  4. Something funny was going on here this morning. After editing the above post to add some more pics, it all went pear-shaped when it came to saving it and I lost it all. I shall try again but give a more detailed account. Adding the rear number plate. I first got through about a couple of dozen decals before managing to mount the last one, some not surviving the cutting out stage! But horror of horrors - the 'white' (grey) text came out rather dark, so I scraped the decal off and started again. First, I enlarged the image and made the letters transparent using image alpha. Then printed on a white decal sheet rather than clear. In the process, I also allowed more space between images so that I could have strips at either end to hold rather than at just one end as before. This worked much better. Mounting the number plate. At the second attempt, I dry painted the other sides of the black post with white acrylic to make it easier to see what I was doing! Just a dab of varnish to finish off and I will call it a day! It has been a worthwhile effort giving me a bit of know how and some confidence to add some decals to some locos. Hopefully, I will make a better job of it, too! Photos to follow when I add the figures.
  5. Wow, it has been awhile since I last posted but the decals are now on, the ones on the back of the bus just waiting for a coat of varnish to finish off. It has been a long and winding demanding road whereby patience was sometimes tested to the limit but I got there in the end. Not perfect by any means so rivet counters and armchair critics will have a whale of a time! A few things that slowed me down: Printing on both white and clear water-slide decal papers. Waiting for printing ink, various stages of varnishing, and mounted decals to dry before proceeding to the next stage. Reprinting due to size, wrong type of initial coat of varnish causing ink to run, running out of rear number plates when trying to mount. Additional searches for and printing of rear decals which was a later decision. My own incompetencies, lack of experience, and Summer. The photos. The body of the bus is not screwed onto the chassis so it may appear a bit skew whiff. Viewer's side when placed on the Cob. "Be seeing you" on each corner - Left for overtaking others... ...Right for those overtaking the bus. Off side which is not seen from the viewing side of the Cob. I did this side first and decided to make "The Prisoner" decal smaller for the other side (above). As I said, there is plenty here to entertain the rivet counter and plenty of room for improvement on my part. Consolation is that the 1:76 scale model does not look too bad at normal vision. Next - just enough weathering to make the bus look ready for the road, finish off the figures and seat them in the bus.
  6. Disaster! The ink ran on contact with the water! It seems a well known railway modeller's brand of varnish was not suitable! Enter "Clear Glaze" acrylic spray and there you go! It is a bit potent, but I survived! No runs and decal transferred to a piece of a well known cereal packet and cut to test it fits on the bus. Next step, do a reprint of the decals, spray, and transfer them onto the bus. Sounds simple, doesn't it?
  7. So sad. Thoughts and prayers go to Gordon and his family and friends. Polly and Ray (Tender)
  8. Phew! Well, that is how I feel after many adjustments to size and position of decal details, a last minute test print and more adjustments, a print out on a clear transfer sheet after a 'printing options' error(!),* and a final printout on the other end of the sheet. * The red lettering around 'The Prisoner' came out black - I had 'print page backgrounds' OFF! It simply came about because I had several 'grouped' items, so the red lettered 'groups' were deemed as 'page backgrounds' it seems. The 6s were images rather than type, which would explain why they stayed red. Tomorrow's job is to spray varnish the sheet ready for Monday, when I hope to start putting the decals on the bus. Feeling happier, again, but no more confident in what is still to come. Deep breath...
  9. Day two tinkering with the measurements for the magic bus decals. It sure will be magic if I get this sorted! A few things I messed up: The distance between the wheel arches was a couple of millimetres too long. I did not allow enough space above the moulding along the bottom edge. I did not take into account the petrol cap and two door handles on the right hand side. All in all, a slight revamping of the components: The "The Prisoner" logo and the Pennyfarthing have been reduced in size. The right hand side has different slogans: "Vote for number" next to the no. (6) and "free for all" (the title of that episode and part of No.6's dialogue). And not so bad as I had anticipated - the original number plate font for the front of the bus. The number plate is just a paper cut out blutacked on. More to come, then...
  10. Today was spent with ruler tweaking the size and shape of the motifs for the decal sheet. The test printed out to size, so worth the effort. I will cut out the motifs, tomorrow, and lay them on the bus to make sure they do fit! I have two versions of the number plate. One is taken from the mini moke taxi in the Prisoner font type but did not print very well. The other one I best matched with a different font. If the mini moke version is no better on the transfer sheet I will have to substitute my own. There was an expected problem re the rear number plate. I will have to make it larger if it does not print better on the transfer sheet, or forget about it, or just accept it for the size it is. The issue is that the number plate is part of the chassis and slides through the "letterbox" opening in the body to hold the rear end of the bus together. It measures a mere 5mmx1mm. If I make the number plate larger, it will have to be blutacked on so as to be removable should I need to dismantle the body if, for instance, any of the figures keel over and need reseating. (It has happened before on a layout, a figure toppled over inside a building - fortunately out of sight!) A number of years ago, I was part of a group on an art course which, among other groups, was tasked with creating a design for a local organisation's bus. Ours went miserably wrong! I just hope this one turns out better!
  11. This is coming on a treat. The problem with choices! If you are not sure, either way, your building could have been given many coats of paint over the years, thus filling up a lot of the gaps, and giving it an almost smooth surface, disguising any size issues you may have. Compare your man's head v plank to the ticket man's (oops!) lady's head v plank at Silverton depot. I think you may be pleasantly surprised. https://www.durangotrain.com/dsng-museum-silverton/ I look forward to your seeing your results. Polly
  12. And back to the magic bus. After a few hours messing around on the computer I have come up with an image for the decals I could put on the bus. Two designs - "I am not a number": 1) on the slope; 2) on the straight. I have yet to make up my mind. "I am not a number" is sold on official merchandise mainly in the same font style as "The Prisoner." In other uses, many are hand painted letters, so I went for a more graffiti looking style. Dark yellow background indicates the base colour of the bus. Pale yellow indicates the space below the wheel arches. The No.6 is over the front wheel arch, as seen on some racing VW vehicles. (I was tempted to put "I am a free bus" but thought better of it!) The Pennyfarthing is over the rear wheel arch. Overall size 40mm x 12mm. Ideally, I would like to make the lettering smaller but I think I will have trouble enough printing it out as it is and it still being readable. A test I have yet to do.
  13. While I was waiting for the gloss to arrive, I did a test piece for the other modules - a fir forest on the distant mountains using some dried out moss. I also have a different moss which I have pressed between model railway books specifically for the job, so I hope I may get a more life like appearance. We will see when it comes to it. For now, I am happy enough that the idea should work. Clump of tangled up moss First couple of strands cut and stuck on mountains made from a 4"x1"x1/4" cereal card frame and some Polyfilla. Some previously used diluted PVA glue on the base. Super glue on the moss. Further layers added. As I have yet to start either of the other two modules, I have used The Cob to see if it is going to work. The mountain forest is simply placed on top of a box behind the Cob's backdrop so actually outside the 8"x8" limit. Naturally(!), it will fit inside the 8"x8" ruling on either of the other two cakebox modules. The scale of the mountains and forest will need to be adapted when I scenic the other modules. I have some photos to guide me. This test was purely freestyle. Test on site with the 'trees' painted with colour washes to reflect a dull wet misty autumn day. Back to the bus to Portmeirion, next. Thanks for popping in and your ratings. Much appreciated. Polly
  14. Paint job done. Quite a few thin layers of paint brushed on, modifying the colour as I went along to get best match. A few extra layers of paint added after the photo was taken. Am I ever satisfied? Base colour: Windsor & Newton Cadmium yellow medium hue acrylic Toned down with Vallejo Model Colour Dark flesh acrylic Lightened with W&N Titanium white acrylic Pleased with that - for a change. Next job - give the paintwork a coat of gloss varnish.
  15. The sides of the bus are now decluttered. I, now, need to touch up the paintwork before giving it an overall new coat of paint in the same colour, and sort out some No.6 motifs. It turns out we have some transfer paper so that will save a few pennies! Out of interest, the metallic backdrop for the bus photos is the top of my laptop and white mounting board behind. It saves me having to clear a space on the workbench dining table every time I want to take a photo!
  16. Yesterday's test. Some very light sanding and polishing up on the rear end - time consuming but relaxing and, so far, it is looking good. That is my Bank Holiday sorted.
  17. I have decided to have a go at removing the 60s motifs off the sides of the bus and doing a repaint job. I need to order some paint so it may take awhile to finish. In the meantime, have a good Bank Holiday.
  18. There is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the black ink bled into the white 'tax1' lettering on the numberplate. I will have to see if it will print better on some photo paper. The good news... Ta-dah... Stuck on with blutack at the moment.
  19. "Right on!" as they said back in the 60s-70s, or should I say, "Ride on!"? First thing, then, make the Pennyfarthing roundel to fit over the VW, which is a decent size, and a pair of "tax1" numberplates. There were no numberplates attached to the bus when I bought it. Since the colour scheme suits the placement of the Pennyfarthing, I will leave the white and yellow in their original places and just get rid of the scribbles on the sides and see how it goes. I see a day spent on the computer coming up getting these things to a printable image of the right size and printed off!
  20. The badges. These were fairly easy to make - the usual trick of making a round ball and flattening it into a circle. The easy bit - paint them white. The tricky bit came when I wanted to put it on Madam's left lapel but Sir's right arm was in the way. Half circle, but how without pulling it out of shape? Yes, I tried the scissors. A clean cut way beyond expectation. Wonderful! But, in the end, because I lost! the half badge, Madam now has a whole one. Now the really, really tricky bit - put a number on one, a pennyfarthing logo on the other! Font size 4pt, perhaps? Number #1? #7? Might get away with one of those! Lady #2 has finally identified herself as Number 8, Nadia Rolovsky who was played by Nadia Gray in the episode 'The Chimes of Big Ben' (1967). She is noted for her black top, red trousers and red fedora, with cape of black and gold. There she is, sitting at the back of the bus. The bus looks full but the interesting thing is the figures are 1:76 but the bus is 1:64 - it says so underneath! - and I had trouble fitting in a larger 1:76 figure. As long as it looks OK, eh?. Still a few things to do: sunglasses for Top Hat; a Vote for No.6 placard for the back seat; and varnish the figures. I decided not to try and put numbers or pennyfarthing on the badges. They do not show up on photos that small, not many, anyway. If I find some small enough numbered transfers, I may think again. The ones readily to hand are too big. Now, to think about doing a re-livery of the bus. I have some ideas. Just need the confidence and mojo to do it. The simplest (and quickest!) is to put the pennyfarthing logo over the 'VW' and leave the rest as is or, at least, repaint the 60s bling into plain yellow. What I fancy doing is... paint the lower half white, and the top half with yellow and white stripes, with matching stripes on the seats, in keeping with the Mini Moke. Any thoughts on that? Polly
  21. Disappointment. Yesterday, I seated the contenders for the No.6 outing on the bus seats and realised that the Dart Castings BR driver was significantly larger than the Edwardian figures from Langley Models so he is being sent back to his former depot in the Spares Box. In his place is another Edwardian seated fella who has his sleeves rolled up so his lower arms needed covering. Unfortunately, he will not be able to put his hands on the steering wheel although, the steering wheel will fit on top of his hands - something to think about. Not that it matters, because I doubt it will be seen once the body of the bus is on. Lady #2, now, looking more like Paddington, really needs to get her act together. She must have something other than the colour of that coat to wear! Marmalade, perhaps? Don't worry, folks! It will all be covered up with the big stripy cape. Edit Something useful. In making some No.6 badges, I found out that I could cut blutack with a pair of scissors without it stretching out of shape, as happens when trying to pull it apart with the fingers or even knife. Thus I cut the driver's sleeves to shape and size.
  22. Couple #1 almost ready for the bus. Badges arrived from the online shop but still no sign of Sir’s dark glasses. However, Lady #2, looking more like a Christmas fairy at the moment, has been for a cloak fitting. She has decided to knock her 1920s cloche hat into something a bit more PortmeriCon-ish. A red fedora, perhaps. The test cape is tissue paper from a box of RTR stock. On another test piece, CD markers colour the vertical stripes well but I only have red, green and black. Blue would be nice. Other felt markers are in short supply - only a rather old box of large ones. There might be some blue I could use on the edges, if it has not dried up! A railbus driver is queueing up to drive the bus. How he hopes to drive it without a steering wheel, I do not know. Perhaps this might help... ...half a press stud (popper). In the photo, the left hand has been turned through 90 degrees - broken off and superglued back on. The other hand was turned a little, later, but not enough to break it off. So the hands are now in a more realistic position for a steering wheel. Now, whether I can add a steering wheel inside the bus is another thing! Rather, I am thinking the other way round - glue the steering wheel between the hands then add a post of the right length so the bus body will fit over the top. The driver will be dressed as No.6 himself so a little more work to do - white blazer edging, Vote No.6 rosette, hat into boater, and tan coloured trousers; and, hopefully, the left hand will not come off while all that is going on around it. I may be some time.
  23. Couple #1 have been getting themselves kitted out but they have been taking their time about it, presumably, because they are being "shaped to fit"! Sir has a new collar and tie and has smartened up his trousers and shoes. All he needs now is those dark glasses. Madam found a black and white striped blouse in her wardrobe. It is a bit on the baggy side so the stripes are a bit wonky but she says it will do! Who am I to argue? She got the dressmaker in town, in the school uniform shop, to put the white trim on the blazer and a black ribbon* on the hat. She is absolutely delighted! They are still waiting for their badges to arrive from the online shop. Then a bit of touching up with the paint brush and they should be ready to go on the bus. * A strip cut from a bin liner.
  24. That seems a good idea, buying a pack of stirrers. The stirrers should all be roughly the same width, length and thickness, whereas my little lot, collected over many years are anything but! Although , this has had its advantages too - when you do want something wider, longer, or thinner - even the banana shaped ones can come in handy, though I expect you will have some of them, anyway! Hope we see the fruits of you work! Love the conversation on Home.
  25. May I suggest we keep the Cake Box posts together under the one "Cake Box Challenge" section. After all, the focus is on the Challenge to build a Cake Box diorama; the challenge to create, experiment, invent, aim, achieve, do something different, persevere, and enjoy, and so on. Having one ready by a competition entry deadline may be the target, but as pointed out, not always possible - I have passed several Challenge deadlines, myself, in getting The Cob done. The winning is gaining a Cake Box model we would want to put on display, that does each individual proud, whatever life throws at us, however long it takes. As much as I love the contest, a contest only has one (voted for) winner but, really, everyone who completes their Cake Box Challenge, and has met its challenges, is a winner. Despite its small size, building a Cake Box diorama is no easy task, neither is it a quick fix, but the appreciation, support and friendship in this Modelling Zone has been terrific. It would be a shame to split it up. May the Cake Box Challenge live long and prosper! With many thanks to Phil Parker for his perseverance and desire to keeping it going over the last few years. It does him credit. Polly
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