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  1. Thanks, that's kind of what I was thinking. Better to have more power on tap...
  2. I have a question about the 1A power supply (P9000) that is bundled with the eLink/Railmaster package. I understand this is suitable for up to 3-4 locos? However, for 3 locos and 3 rakes of Hornby Pullman coaches with lights on the layout, would upgrading to the 4A power supply (P9300) supply make more sense? The question is on behalf of someone not on RMweb. This is going to be a small layout based on the Hornby Trackmat fitted to a folding baseboard. I'd imagine the P9000 will be OK for the 3 locos but it's the fact there will be a dozen Pullman cars on the layout that makes me think the P9300 would be better for this. Any comments/input greatly appreciated...
  3. This is very useful information, thank you!
  4. Thanks for the info! So am I right in saying ANY Pullman coaches with the later style crests are from 1961 onwards? Is that when the crest style changed, when the Mk1 Pullmans were introduced? I'm guessing the roofs were changed from white at some point? The newer matchboard-sided cars from Hornby have grey but all the others I have are white roofs! Still confused about Steel-sided/aluminium-sided/flush-sided - are they one and the same? And the difference between these and "All-Steel K-Type"
  5. I'm hoping someone with knowledge of these things can help clear up some confusion I have regarding these (and other) Hornby Pullmans. I bought the initial set of 5 x K-Type 1928 coaches released by Hornby a couple of years ago (R4660-R4664) and have just acquired the complete set of 5 x K-Type coaches released I believe last year (R4693-R4697) The 2015 batch have early crests, white roofs and the more ornate naming surrounds. However, I've noticed the more recent batch has the later crests, grey roofs and the more basic lining around the coach name. What era is this second batch representative of? The 1960s? When exactly did the Pullman crest style change? Also, I've acquired the set of Pullman cars released by Hornby this year (originally slated for release last year) that are matchboard-sided (R4738-R4742) but these have the earlier crest style. What era are these coaches representative of? I'm guessing the 1950s or 1960s? - depending on when the crest style changed. Hence the question above. Aside from the 2017 batch, all of the other Hornby matchboard-sided Pullmans I own (from 2003 onwards) have the earlier crests but with white roofs. Are these representative of 1930s Pullmans? Finally....the one thing that confuses me perhaps more than anything else! I see "Aluminium-sided", "Flush-sided" and "Steel-sided" used interchangeably to describe non-matchboard Hornby Pullmans. Is there a difference between them or are they indeed the same thing? And what's the difference between these and "All-Steel K-Type"? Sorry for all the questions, just cruous and trying to gain some knowledge
  6. Thanks! Having scrolled back through the thread after you mentioned it I was able to find reference to the different diagrams.
  7. I'm somewhat confused. The Mk1 FO has already been done has it not? Fairly recently, by Bachmann. I have one of each in three different liveries (blue/grey, maroon and crimson/cream). Is the Hornby Mk1 FO different to the Bachmann one? In other words, is there more than one type of Mk1 FO?
  8. I was wondering the same thing, what exactly is the purpose of the decoder if the unit has switches for lighting (internal + headcode blinds)?
  9. Great, thank you! Obviously a renumbered unit, as originally, as I understand it, 4CIGs were 73xx and 74xx...
  10. Can anyone tell me what class of EMU (number 1241) is shown in the photo below? The photo must be late 1980s (after the Weymouth line electrification) or very early 1990s.
  11. I think it would have to the trading standards nearest to them, but I will look into it. I can't believe I'm having to resort to this to get a model locomotive and a membership pack.
  12. With all due respect....why should the onus be on me to spend time taking action against them for something they have messed up? Why is their incompetence and inability to process a very simple order now my problem? They had my order, given in good faith, and in the case of membership they already have my money. Yet they have spent the last 4 months failing to fulfill it. It's incompetence at its worst. I will point them in the direction of these posts for sure....but all the emails I've sent them so far chasing them for an ETA on the loco, and the most recent one I sent on Wednesday whereby I politely made it clear I was extremely fed up with this whole saga, have got me nowhere. We are talking about a membership pack and a model loco. One simple order for two items. Card details for the loco purchase given to them twice now. I am baffled as to how something so straightforward can end up being such a complete and utter fiasco. Sorry, but Dapol has absolutely NO excuse to carry on like this.
  13. Don't do facebook so that's not an option...
  14. I paid for the membership via PayPal back in December. 4 months and still nothing. I gave card details over the phone for the loco as there was no option to purchase the collector's club model off the website. I am more concerned about missing out on the loco though. It's a farce! My card details have been given to the person who runs the club twice now. The loco was IN STOCK at Dapol in December when I joined the collector's club but stock is depleting apparently, according to someone I spoke to in the warehouse recently. So some people MUST be getting their collector's club model but why not me? I have a couple of DJModels Class 71's on pre-order paid for upfront so I understand the whole crowd sourcing thing, but this is different. This is a collector's club model that was (and still is) in stock at the time I ordered it. I should not have to keep chasing Dapol for it - despite them telling me numerous times back in January that "it will be with you soon" I got nothing. And emails I have sent since have been ignored. Not a good way to run a business is it?
  15. Paid for membership by PayPal.....can't believe I'm having to go to all this trouble to get something I should have received months ago....the payment for the loco hasn't come out yet.
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