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  1. The first re-tooled Co Bo in metal could be named "Greta Thunberg"!!
  2. The problem is more to do with the shallower-than-scale frame extension than the bogie itself.
  3. Are we likely to see an image of one of the engines with a domeless boiler and in BR (light) blue, please?
  4. So, the Fell never made it to large logo BR blue with full yellow ends, then?
  5. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment! My only dislike of the Midland was the small engine policy.
  6. Deviating slightly, I wonder if the term "innovation" can be used in the same sentence as the Midland Railway....
  7. 114 mph behind a class 50 is really hot! The driver would certainly have had nothing on the dial but Smiths!
  8. One thing we can be sure, this topic will not have any divergence.
  9. In the past I have used model aircraft glow-plug fuel to remove paint and decals. No smoking or naked flames nearby of course! (unless the naked flame is of the female type of course...) JF
  10. I make my own track in P4, unfortunately my skill set doesn't extend to Templot, but this thread goes to show how much more there is to track than just the 4' 8 1/2 "gauge!
  11. Thanks for this Martin, evidently I am confusing a set and a joggle!
  12. True, but with bullhead rail I think it is usually necessary, and in fact the GWR even had two joggles on the stock rails for sharp switches, a thread on that exists elsewhere. I don't think I have ever seen a case where a joggle isn't required, it would be nice to see a photo - they must be rare, surely.
  13. I have never found it necessary to file the stock rail when using bullhead rail, a joggle is perfectly adequate. It is however essential and prototypical to grind the rail web when using flat bottom rail. I use the Fast tracks Stockaid jig which holds the rail firm whilst filing the web.
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