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  1. I am making 86103 Andre Chapelon. Will have to add lead weight though to augment its hauling ability. Not quite enough TE to pull 13 cars up 1 in 50. I think the Hornby 86 is a darn good model, especially for its age, and at a scale 100 certainly holds its own. JF
  2. I plan on doing this for my 2020 building program. The new chassis is about 1 - 2 mm too wide to fit into the old class 86 body shell. I plan on filing the chassis down progressively (checking with Vernier callipers). After that should be ok. JF
  3. From what I have read there was a shortage of passenger-carrying brake/guards vehicles (BSKs, BTKs, etc), and full brakes (BGs) were used instead.
  4. The order of the coaches can in fact be deduced from many photos. The kitchen car has standard roof vents, and in all photos I have seen the kitchen car is third in the consist (behind the engine), behind a brake and one other vehicle. This is the third class end. The first class end consists of three standard vehicles with the pressure roof vents, then a kitchen car. JF
  5. I have been busy checking photos of the Up trains and it seems that in all cases except the record attempt the leading vehicles are the third class. Quite an interesting observation from RobertCWP! Accept his challenge!! JF
  6. Just pre-ordered the whole train from Hatton's! Might as well order the complete set of P4 wheels from Ultrascale now..... JF
  7. Being a business traveller it used to be important to be as close to the arrival area as possible to get a cab. Not quite so important nowadays perhaps, but some stations had very long lines for passengers waiting to get a taxi. My guess is that it was mainly due to the locomotive smoke and noise. My time machine isn't working right now (but my phone is lol) so I cant check, but since the one difference from all other LMS trains is the pressure ventilation, it seems like a good guess.
  8. I am modelling the "Caledonian" in its ~1961 guise, so of course I have just bought (and converted to P4) the ex LMS porthole BFK, and still needed the 50' kitchen car to complete. I ordered the Comet model in December, and it arrived yesterday!! Having read that Hornby, almost unbelievably, have introduced the whole Coronation Scot! Oh well, I am sure I will get the kit built before the CS becomes available!! Now I will have to convert Princess Alice to P4 so it's ready for the coaches when they arrive! JF
  9. All the passenger-carrying cars had the roof fairings, but the kitchen cars retained the standard vents
  10. Yep, and done!! There were a few 2E TSOs on the Hatton's website at about 23 GBP, and 2F TSOs at just over 32 GBP. I had noticed the tint issue in the glazing, and as they will be mixed in with some 2Ds, I decided to splurge for some 2F TSOs. I am consolidating my rakes for my rendering of several WCML trains in the 1970s, so imagine when I realized that the LMR had only 6 Mk 2D TSOs, at least up to 1980 (my cut-off date). Hence, I decided to get some 2Ee or 2F TSOs for the top link Euston Manchester train, whilst the Clansman makes do with the six 2D TSOs (pretty well what happened from what I have read) Thanks JF.
  11. I am looking to acquire some Mk 2E TSOs in OO scale, and I see several for sale. Where there any issues with the level of detail with the railroad range of Mk 2E TSOs? Thanks JF
  12. What grey did you use please? Looks much better than the white it arrived with ! JF
  13. I should have bought a couple in 2017 when they were re-released! Do we know if Heljan is planning a third release? JF.
  14. Hmmm. Not sure I agree with the points you're making. From the top down, I have locomotives going back 20+ years and their running qualities are every bit as good as newer versions, provided care is taken in converting to P4. P4 is definitely not all about getting all parts of a model to a high standard. It is about track and wheels being as close to scale as possible. All wheelsets need to be changed. Whether suspension is necessary depend upon your benchwork quality and track quality. I would definitely suggest chatting with P4 modellers to get their experiences and advice. I have been in P4 for over 40 years and haven't once regretted the choice!
  15. The first re-tooled Co Bo in metal could be named "Greta Thunberg"!!
  16. The problem is more to do with the shallower-than-scale frame extension than the bogie itself.
  17. Are we likely to see an image of one of the engines with a domeless boiler and in BR (light) blue, please?
  18. So, the Fell never made it to large logo BR blue with full yellow ends, then?
  19. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment! My only dislike of the Midland was the small engine policy.
  20. Deviating slightly, I wonder if the term "innovation" can be used in the same sentence as the Midland Railway....
  21. 114 mph behind a class 50 is really hot! The driver would certainly have had nothing on the dial but Smiths!
  22. One thing we can be sure, this topic will not have any divergence.
  23. In the past I have used model aircraft glow-plug fuel to remove paint and decals. No smoking or naked flames nearby of course! (unless the naked flame is of the female type of course...) JF
  24. I make my own track in P4, unfortunately my skill set doesn't extend to Templot, but this thread goes to show how much more there is to track than just the 4' 8 1/2 "gauge!
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