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  1. Please see my ad in For Sale section. Layout now reduced to £1000, including Gaugemaster DCC controller.


  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    Built by White Rose baseboards about 3yrs ago, sale due to bereavemant. Code 100 PECO ballasted track and points all electrified. No scenery. Sale to include Gaugemaster DCC controller. If interested, contact me for further information, and pictures Train layout plan.pdf


  3. The avalanche of August 1968 articles and magazines has reminded me to look for a photo which I thought I had in one of my own books but it must be somewhere else. From memory It depicts a short pickup freight (from Carnforth?) hauled by a BR Standard tender loco waiting at a signal on the stretch of line running northwards towards Ulverston on the shore of Morecambe Bay. The young driver and fireman are sitting on the fence on the coast side of the line enjoying a roll up in the sun while they wait for the signal. Does this ring a bell ? i would be grateful if anyone could suggest where I could find the picture.
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