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  1. Hi all Below is a link to my page for my attempt at my first layout. It's an end to end featuring a tmd and on the other end I'm not to sure yet. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706114382817201 Thanks Robert
  2. Hi I'm wondering if anyone has any of the right track dvds they are willing to sell, there is a few in particular I'm after. Thanks Robert
  3. The EMD SD7, UP #776 and EMD SD9, C&NW #1701, now I dont know anything about American Locos so I'm not to sure how good they are but apparently there dcc sound, now I seen the decoder but no speaker so I'm not too sure but they look a lovely model.
  4. Hi I'm after picking up a joblot of 00 stuff, there is two Broadway limited dcc sound Locos in it. I'm just wondering if anyone has any of these or if there a popular loco or what there worth, I've never heard of them myself. Thanks Robert
  5. Guys thanks very much for the info, sorry for hijacking the thread. Lenz it is.
  6. Robbieb

    DCC Controller

    Hi all I'm looking for a dcc controller if there is anyone selling one. Thanks Got sorted thanks. Post can be removed.
  7. Sorry guys I should have said, its the elink and RailMaster software I have, so the Hornby booster would work for more amps but is the system as good as a lenz or gaugemaster controller, can I do the same with the RailMaster as I could with one of those controllers, so to ask so many questions but I'm just not sure when it comes to controllers and all the technology that comes with them.
  8. Hi I was just wondering if many of you on here use the RailMaster software, I have it but am unsure about it as I don't know that much about it appart from running Locos. Is it as good as a normal controller or would I be better off with a controller? Also is it possible to up the amps is it what ever the laptop is able for? Thanks Robert
  9. Hi I'm looking to fit lights to some of my Locos, I can buy kits for some but there is some I can't, well I think I can't. I was wondering if anyone has tried to wire lights into there Locos themselves and if they share some of there knowledge with me. Many thanks Robert
  10. Hi guys I'm looking to repaint two Locos, both to br blue. I was wondering how people choose the right colours when they are doing it. The only paints I have picked up so far is for weathering. Is there a guide to all the paints for all liverys? Or a paint code I can down load for all liverys? Thanks Robert
  11. Guys thank you very much and sorry for all the questions and dragging the thread out so long when I could have put everything in the first thread. Your help is much appreciated
  12. Ok silly question, but, what do people look for in a controller when there buying one, I thought something with high amps but unsure of what else if I'm honest.
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