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  1. Has anyone yet got their hands in the little red Dewar's version? It was reviewed in BRM at the same time as the green one but I haven't yet heard anything from Rails about my preorder.
  2. I haven't got my paper subs copy yet. What's the number to ring to chase it?
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. You've raised a few things I hadn't thought of before.
  4. I've bought some 1:100 street lamps from an ebay supplier in China. They don't look too bad and they were very cheap. The listing says they need a 5v supply and that they are LEDs, however they are quite clearly filament lamps. I've tested them with a couple of 1.5v AA batteries, and get a dim light whichever polarity I connect it up with. For reasons of space and practicality I'd prefer to power them from my DCC track supply if possible. I did a quick test and as expected a direct connection to the track lights up the lamps far too brightly - I wouldn't expect them to last very long at all with 16V passing! The obvious solution to me seems to be to connect a resistor in series with the lamps to reduce current. I duly got some 1k resistors, but now find that the lamps don't light at all with them in a test circuit on the dcc supply. I know the lamps without resistors are still OK as I can test with my dim AAs. What have I done wrong? Are the resistors too high value? I choose 1k as that seems to be what people use with 5v LEDs on DCC. Have I misunderstood something about the dcc supply being AC like? Thanks in advance. Ian
  5. I've not heard of a more central one before. Would love to know more. Nice! https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ormesby-hall/features/all-aboard-for-our-model-railway-show-weekend
  6. Thanks again for your replies, both negative ones and helpful ones. I think it's worth saying that only some model shops are closing. Those that are well run, adapting to the times and providing good service seem to be doing OK.
  7. Thanks again for the examples, and the healthy dose of realism. My number crunching show that rent, rates and wages are indeed the major challenges. I'll continue with my research for now - I'm certainly not going to rush into anything right now. Are there any model shop owners who are willing to share turnover and average spend figures?
  8. Thanks for the info so far. I'd not come across the Bourton one before. Any others spring to mind? I'm based in York, which does have some railway linked tourism already... I agree that it's a risky business and there's a high chance of losing everything. The difficulty seems to be making the correct predictions of footfall. A crystal ball seems to be the most reliable method available. I think a model shop, also with gift type stuff, would need to be a part of the experience. It's almost expected to have a shop in every museum or similar nowadays. I wonder what sort of profit these type of mini shops actually make?
  9. I'm a long time lurker here, rarely posting. Over the Christmas break I've been pondering whether there's much future in my current IT career, and considering whether I could be my own boss for a while in a different field. The plan that's starting to take shape in my head is to open a 'visitor attraction' based around some good quality, entertaining, model railways. Some years ago I visited "the wonderful world of trains and planes" in Birmingham which is close to what I'd like to replicate. Unfortunately it seems they had cash flow and premises issues which meant they had to close. Another example is at Fort Victoria on the Isle of Wight. I'm aware of Pendon but have not yet managed a visit. Also aware of the plans for Ashford in Kent. I'm wondering if anyone can help me with some research and recommend any other model railway visitor attractions that I could look at. For the moment I'm just pondering and probably don't have enough capital to take it much further, but if anyone has other advice to new business start ups (particularly the retail side of things) then feel free to PM me! Thanks Ian M
  10. Just seen this. I've made my little lad a simple 5ft loop layout. It's not finished scenically but generic enough that it could be used as US outline if you wanted to. We live in York too.
  11. My family are regular visitors to York NRM. We like the miniature railway, the regularly changing exhibition galleries, the workshop viewing gallery, the play areas. Sometimes there are films playing in the upstairs theatre - they should do that more. I also like the cafe where a 'friends of NRM' card gets a whopping great discount.
  12. Hi, On the DVD in the intro to the Rowntree's sidings item, I've spotted a strange thing. It looks like a shunting loco in NSE colours that appears to rotate around a central vertical pivot. What is it? Thanks. I
  13. Nice layouts, but as I put on my feedback form last year, this needs to be held in a venue twice the size. I couldn't get near the second hand stand, as there were too many people and the 'cafe' tables were in the way. I was ready to spend money but didn't. I couldn't get a coffee and a bun, as the tables were all full and being crowded by people staffing/looking at the second hand stall. I was ready to be spend money but couldn't. As I was leaving I was ready to buy a tombola ticket, but the guy staffing that table was completely baffled by me offering him money. Apparently I was supposed to buy on my way in, but wasn't told that at the time. I was ready to spend money but didn't. The PA used for announcements was also a joke. I was standing right next to it and couldn't make out a word that was said. This little exhibition has so much potential, but the way that it's organised really lets it down in my opinion.
  14. Advice is one thing, I just can't stand his style. If I recall correctly, the only practical thing he did was solder together two bits of scrap brass.
  15. I've just got around to watching the DVD, and wondered what other people thought of this. I thought Tony's bits were fairly awful - not practical at all.
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