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  1. Sorry to hear that this project has been shelved. However I feel it was an overly-ambitious choice for a first foray into N gauge locomotives. Too complicated, too big and not enough geographical appeal to ever really be a good seller. There are plenty of run-of-the-mill steam prototypes with wide geographical appeal left to be picked-off that would be good sellers. The LMS or LNER 4-4-0s being a case in point... If complexity and tooling cost are not seen as a barrier to development for Hattons then the 1st generation DMUs are another area that is still ripe for expl
  2. Proxxon have a new heavier-duty Universal milling system head unit ref UF/E due out soon. It takes ER11 collets so has better tool dia capacity than the MF70. Brushless DC motor, 10-30k RPM. Dual 20mm Micromot and 43mm standard European spindle collar. https://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/20200.php UK stock due Jan / Feb 2021, price around £300.00 incl VAT.
  3. All I have seen on here today are various thoughts and points of view, all worthy of consideration and respect. If making comment or expressing a point of view that doesn't tow the party line is frowned upon by the moderators, then what is the point of the forum? Nothing that has appeared on this thread today has been remotely nasty or libelous.
  4. Hopefully by long term agreement you mean legally binding contract, but whatever transpires I wish you well. And I don't hold a PSV license, so the bus won't be driven by me :-)
  5. I'm sure Andy has done what Andy needed to do but It's very difficult to see how Warners are going to make any money from their investment if so little is going to change on RMweb. They will be making all the right noises just now but rest assured things will have to change before too long as commercial realities start to kick in. Much as Warners 'Festival' exhibitions are 'spot the layout amongst all the competing and duplicated trade stands', RMweb will probably become a 'spot the posting amongst all the competing and duplicated trade adverts' web forum, with the choice of paying a subsc
  6. All the trucks/bogies on my locos have loads of vertical travel and so are self adjusting. I have never noticed a height difference 'twixt saddle and stirrup but will check next time I have them out. Edward S
  7. I have a full set if Bachrus saddles and stirrups and have never had a problem with them. You need to gauge them accurately for 9.42mm and then set them at the exact wheelbase for the loco in question. Even my rewheeled Farish steamers with old Ballantine wheel sets (which are somewhat wobbly!) are ok in the saddles and will run-in happily for hours without de-saddling. Edward S
  8. The slightly hazy, washed-out No. 2 version works best for me Pete
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