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    Woolley. A Sheep, The Works Forecat and George, the mischievous apprentice in a bucolic East Anglian backwater.

    Sheep Dip, an small industrial something, somewhere or thereabouts, where rather charming little green engines can scamper about.

    Bleat Wharf. A bucolic corner of the dear old S&DJR in 4mm, modelled in a state of distress. { The railway, not me }

    Mutton, an odd corner of the splendid old L&SWR inhabited by some fine examples of Victorian engineering and blessed with unflincing eternal optimism.

    Sheep Lane, a small Ex-S&DJR goods yard on a shelf layout. My first layout, completed, exhibited and published. The start of it all.

    Throughout all of this, I continue to explore the possible modelling applications of Swedish furniture.

    The photography of Norman Lockhart and Ivor Peterborough documents the molluscesque progress of all matters.

    Bath Railway Enthusiasts And Sylvan Travel Society. {B.R.E.A.S.T.S}

    Refining the Horrocksford Shovel to the point of no return......

    Sheep and their involvement in the less well known corners of the S&DJR, the L&SWR and their role in all things railwaylike.

    Zen and the art of railway modelling.

    And if course we must not forget The Memsahib, Memsahib Minor and NHY 581 Jnr.

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  1. Evening all. Another Bachmann 08 has joined the expanding diseasal collection. Bought from that auction site for a reasonable price it came with an advisory of a detached window. It was also noisy on running but a strip of the gears and a thorough clean to remove a copious amout of what looked like automotive grease, has produced a much quieter loco. Very smooth with good slow running. It is, incidentally, the Mk2 with pick ups bearing on the backs of the wheels. The cab was removed, glazing reattached and then all was reassembled. And there we have it. Pleased Sheep.
  2. Ahem. Looking at my own interests, 1950s /60s S&DJR. Line closed in 1966....just after I was born. Happy with that but my ideal period would be pre-1930 when the lovely blue livery was lost under a coat of LM&SR Black. Would love to do a pre-grouping layout, ideally L&SWR or Midland Railway. Note the companies. An interest in both arose as they both had much involvement in the S&D. WW1 would appeal. My initial interest as a young modeller was in the GWR but despite my location, in the midst of GWR land, it didn't gel. Then I discovered the S&D............Midland locos pulling Southern stock...........What? Southern streamlined pacifics pulling LM&S/ L&NER and Southern coaches, sometimes double headed by Midland locos........wow..... Then I discovered the Southern......particulary the South Western in the West Country...yum. Adams and Drummond locos....getting better.. From this, an interest in bucolic branch lines in general emerged. Victorian locos and stock in particular. ........not to mention Col. Stephens. Now that would be nice, 1920s/1930s...... I am now tinkering with green diesels so we have moved to the mid to late 60s with the ability to drop back to 1950s steam. But this is a nice diversion. Where the next layout will be set, well, we shall see. Rob.
  3. Here's a view of the pickups as fitted to my 'Bembridge' for comparison. Rob.
  4. Thanks Griff. I am as pleased for you as you are seemingly pleased for me. Most kind. You make a valid point but it's interesting that you're only interested in the adverts most aren't, me included. But we are all different with needs and interests. For my 4.99 a month I get my monthly BRM along with an appropriate access to the forum for the use I put it to. All good. Rob.
  5. Have you tried Lendons in Cardiff for spares? No connection other than satisfied customer but they certainly hold a sizeable amount of Terrier pick-ups..........and their pricing is very reasonable, cheapest by far. They will know if this is available yet. Rob.
  6. I think that's an impossible ask. There's no way everyone will be happy about that. Yes, there have been issues recently but let's not lose sight of what a wonderful resource this site is. That does not change, gold membership or not. It depends how you use the site really. Looking at the additional benefits as described, from my own perspective. "What are the benefits of becoming a 'Gold Member'? " All members will benefit from: • Access to the BRM Digital Library – 150+ magazines going back to 2007, plus all future issues. Moved on all paper copies. Memsahib happy as another pile of dusty magazines gone. • One free ticket to a Warners exhibition each year. Not used yet but there if needed. • The ability to sell products in the new RMweb ‘Classified’ area. That works for me • RMweb unlimited image size ability per post. I post a lot of photos and some of my images are large. • RMweb increased PM storage. I use this a lot to keep in touch with chums. Very simple and straightforward. • RMweb Private Personal Image Gallery. Just exploring this • Exclusive RMweb Gold Private Forum. Probably the least used bit but it's there if I feel the need. I'm happy to pay out but if it doesn't work for you then don't do it. You're not compelled to. Carry on using the site for free. Rob.
  7. Whilst I don't want to go off topic, my recent purchase of the 08 was disappointing. Clearly not as described, i.e 'Mint' and 'very little use' does not mean noisy, poor running and clearly visible repair to steps. All now rectified but why can't sellers be straight. I'm sure you can resolve this, Al.
  8. Later Terriers have different pick ups which are more substantial. They can be retro fitted to the earlier examples. Rob.
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