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    Bucolic corners of the dear old S&DJR in 4mm, modelled in a state of distress. { The railway, not me }

    Those quieter, odd corners of the splendid old L&SWR more often than not inhabited by some fine examples of Victorian engineering and optimism.

    Increasing interest in the ex-Midland lines around Bristol. {Might well lead to an actual Midland Railway layout.....}

    Continuing to explore the possible modelling applications of Swedish furniture.

    The photography of Norman Lockhart and Ivor Peterborough.

    Bath Railway Enthusiasts And Sylvan Travel Society. {B.R.E.A.S.T.S}

    Refining the Horrocksford Shovel.

    Sheep and their involvement in the less well known corners of the S&DJR and L&SWR.

    The Memsahib, Memsahib Minor and NHY 581 Jnr.

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  1. It depends on your perspective. All my modelling is 'foreign stuff' as I model railways in a different country to my own......... Rob
  2. Morning Martyn. No. There won't be a separate thread. I will post updates on here. Regard it as Chapter IV of the Sheep Chronicles.......
  3. Oh and by the way this rambling waffle has staggered onto 250 pages....................... What's next?................well............ummm............I am tinkering with something...........perhaps not quite what one would have expected..............but..............
  4. All looking very splendid, CK. I must say those buildings are just sublime. I take we are looking from the ' viewing side' ? Normally, when I am at this point, a considerable amount of time is spent playing trains............ Rob
  5. Great stuff, Chuffers! Just remember, the only one you need to worry about is yourself. As long as you are happy with the results.......... Rob.
  6. Evening CK. I have checked and I don't seem to have much in the way of 'work in progress' images.....so.......... Tool wise, I use an old kitchen knife to cut off pieces of DAS, generally going 'across ' the block and cutting 1 cm thick slices. These are then rolled out using an old small, tubular rolling pin courtesy of No1 daughter. I generally roll to about sleeper thickness. I roll on a cutting mat which I cover in plastic sheet which makes it easier to lift the DAS off. Once rolled, I cut the DAS to size/shape of the space in which it is to go. I then coat the area where the DAS is to be laid in PVA, spread thinly. Wait until it is slightly tacky then lay the DAS down. At this point you can roll it a bit more to fit the available space if needed. Trim off any excess. Carry on until you've laid it all then leave to properly harden off. Job done. Rob.
  7. Top stuff Tom. I almost feel obliged to.......... Dig out my copies of various small books. Run my lads Toby the tram engine.... Looking forward to this...........a lot. Rob.
  8. Top drawer CK. Not easy but worth the effort in the long run. Rob.
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