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    Outwool. The Sheep goes East. It's all Toby's fault.

    Bleat Wharf. A bucolic corner of the dear old S&DJR in 4mm, modelled in a state of distress. { The railway, not me }

    Mutton, an odd corner of the splendid old L&SWR inhabited by some fine examples of Victorian engineering and blessed with unflincing eternal optimism.

    Sheep Dip, an small industrial something, somewhere or thereabouts, where rather charming little green engines can scamper about.

    Throughout all of this, I continue to explore the possible modelling applications of Swedish furniture.

    The photography of Norman Lockhart and Ivor Peterborough documents the molluscesque progress of all matters.

    Bath Railway Enthusiasts And Sylvan Travel Society. {B.R.E.A.S.T.S}

    Refining the Horrocksford Shovel to the point of no return......

    Sheep and their involvement in the less well known corners of the S&DJR, the L&SWR and their role in all things railwaylike.

    Zen and the art of railway modelling.

    And if course we must not forget The Memsahib, Memsahib Minor and NHY 581 Jnr.

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  1. That vidjoe is very pleasant. Thoroughly enjoyable. Rob
  2. The big boys made me do it , Guv.
  3. On seeing this image, I feel compelled to drink something warming and alcoholic........
  4. Small Cardiff Show 2020. Everyone comes over all unnecessary upon realising that someone ( You know who you are) has snuck an ex- L&NER loco onto Bleat Wharf........ John F cannot bear to look..... Rob.
  5. Rmweb members day, Taunton. April 2018, I believe.. If the devil could cast his net........with the obvious exception of Mrs M. Rob.
  6. My favoured superglue is the Gorilla gel. Not cheap but does grab well but gives a little time to move things around a bit if needed. Rob.
  7. Now thats interesting. I've often pondered how to do this in the absence of any suitable kits. Suitably Inspired. Rob.
  8. Hi Mick, Short answer, no. Ordinarily I would pop all the windows out and weather the frames separately to the building. I would then refit after the building is weathered. I didn't on this occasion as there is no access to the bay window from behind so I left all in situ. Therefore, the windows are as factory fitted. To be honest, in my experience, Bachmann RTP buildings are generally better finished that the Hornby equivalents. Of the other buildings on Outwool, two of the three are Hornby and the windows will be re
  9. Morning Alex. I thought about DAS but in the end, used Milliput. I spent a pleasant morning yesterday filling and sanding the additions. I'm quite pleased with the result and I'm on the painting and weathering stage this morning. Even better is the fact that this building has gone from sitting in its box for the last couple of years to use on the next layout. There's still a couple of rough edges but I can live with those and its turned out to be a nice little project. Rob.
  10. Top stuff, Mark. You've managed to convince me that I 'need ' one of these little chaps at some point........ Want one... Rob.
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