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    Bucolic corners of the dear old S&DJR in 4mm, modelled in a state of distress. { The railway, not me }

    Those quieter, odd corners of the splendid old L&SWR more often than not inhabited by some fine examples of Victorian engineering and eternal optimism.

    I also rather like the idea of an industrial something, somewhere in the West Country where rather charming small engines could scamper about.

    Continuing to explore the possible modelling applications of Swedish furniture.

    The photography of Norman Lockhart and Ivor Peterborough.

    Bath Railway Enthusiasts And Sylvan Travel Society. {B.R.E.A.S.T.S}

    Refining the Horrocksford Shovel.

    Sheep, their involvement in the less well known corners of the S&DJR and L&SWR and their role in all things railway.

    The Memsahib, Memsahib Minor and NHY 581 Jnr.

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  1. Oi! Less of the bleating........ Rob
  2. Steering clear of politics, I have to say that first impressions are very favourable. The article on Ty Dwr is just great, as is anything involving Gordon Gravatt. The LSWR carriage article looks very good but not read yet as does Newton Heath Works. Far from dull. Rob.
  3. Please note. MRJ is a non - political thread. Thank you. Rob.
  4. Only if one gets caught..
  5. One should get down and dirty. R
  6. I am pleased to announce that the Memsahib has played a blinder, attended at W H Smith in Cardiff and has obtained a copy of 275. Top stuff. Rob.
  7. Thanks Keith. Bleat Wharf is built on the larger of the two tables above which form the LACK nest of tables from IKEA. The scenic section as below measures 120cm x 80cm which is roughly 4ft x 16 inches. Cheers, Rob
  8. There was a suggestion that said VW van had a very loud exhaust but it turned out it was simply the occupants having a conversation...
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