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  1. Cheers John, was originally intended to be a road, but we decided that the bridge was far too wide unless we wanted a Dual Carriage way going over the line, which wouldnt be in-keeping with the rest of the layout. Thanks to Al for keeping this updated. Its getting there slowly. Years of it being sat not being worked on are now paying off.
  2. I've now updated the Traders list on the first post. Also delighted to announce that Dapol & Heljan will now both be in attendance over the weekend too. Shaping up to be a great weekend for everyone who has an interest in this area of the hobby. I'll keep this thread updated as and when we get more updates.
  3. Modern Image O Gauge (MIOG) 1st Exhibition; Saturday 2nd November 2019 10:00 til 16:30 Sunday 3rd November 2019 10:00 til 16:00 The exhibition will take place at ;- Alder Grange School, Calder Road Rawtenstall Rossendale BB4 8HW The Postcode for sat-navs is - BB4 8HW Parking is available free of charge at the venue, but is limited. Admission Costs- Adults - £6 Children under the age of 14 - £2 Children under the age of 5 - Free Layouts Attending Hyde Lane Apethorne Jnc Wick-end TGB Metals Ripple Lane Russel Street Durham Road Eaton Lane More Layouts will be added in due course Traders Attending - Buzz Models - Buffer-beam - Coastal DCC - DCC Supplies - Easybuild - Greenwood Model Railway Products - Grosmont Books - Made in Manchester - Northumbrian Painting Services - North Eastern Models - PRMRP Models - Peter Clarke Models - SBT Developments - Skytrex - Todmorden Model Supplies - Treemendus - Tower Collection More Traders will be added in due course. Manufacturers Attending - Dapol - Heljan Please note the list of layouts/traders confirmed above is far from the confirmed line up. We are still working hard to add traders to this list, and potentially sign up a couple more layouts. If you are interested in attending then please do not hesitate to contact me via PM or via our website. http://www.modernimageogauge.co.uk. We want this to be your one stop shop for Modern Image O Gauge! So please come along and help support this area of the hobby!
  4. 37156 looks very good if I dare say so myself! Can't wait to see it running on the layout.
  5. This is a great looking layout with plenty of potential, just wondering is it planned to be an exhibition layout? or is at home layout only? Regards, Cameron
  6. Hi guys, Thought I'd best start getting into the habit of updating this thread. I've had a few projects on going for a few people as well as my own stuff. So I've uploaded a selection of photos of what I've been up to. First up I've weathered a cross country voyager, I'm pleased with how this came out and hopefully its new owner is. I've also converted a set of auto Ballesters from the blue rail track ones to the yellow network rail branded ones that are based in bescot for use on the Cambrian, think these will look great when I get the layout up and running again. For my O gauge layout I've also been working one Heljan class 25/0 this is now numbered 25058 and I'm pleased with how well it's come out this included a full removal of the nose doors, dominos, and complete repaint. I've also been doing a couple of DRS bits namely a MK2 and a 57/0 in the newer livery. Finally I've been detailing up some Kyle line mk2's for a friend, finished these off with a nice weathering That's all for now, I'll try and keep this thread updated the more I do. Regards, Cameron
  7. Hi all, Nearly six months since I last posted an update on this thread, that owing to moving house and having no where really to set up the layout, however recently attended a local model railway group which has somewhat ignited the fire again, and I've dug the layout out. That and the added drive of having someone else to keep me going when the enthusiasm isn't there, D6775 off here has joined the party in assisting the layout, hopefully he Can help bring a different view to the layout, we've had various beers and various discussions about what direction to take the layout in, and we've decided on a rough plan for some station buildings and the signal box. I've also been building up the confidence to take a scalpel to my Heljan Class 25/0 and smoothed the doors out and filled them in, also finished this off with a nice heavy weathering and adorned it with some transfers and numbers to finish it off. To say I'm pleased with it would be an understatement. Whilst finishing that off which has been a long time coming, I've also started weathering the track on the layout. I feel that it gives the layout a much more realistic feel, although I've only done one board I'm intending to refresh the scenery on the layout so to speak as well as dull it down with the weathering. With all that going on we've managed to squeeze in a last minute weekend at Leek & Rudyard Railway, this has allowed us to work out what faults we have with the layout and create ourselves a list of jobs so to speak. But other than that we've had two good days running from the layout which I wasn't expecting, we did experience some wiring issues. However these are in hand and I'm hoping they'll be an easy fix. We've also received an invite to go back in September for there steam gala, so I'm hoping then layout will have progressed nicely by the time we go back then. I've attached some photos of this weekends antics below. Hope you enjoy, more updates to follow soon Comments and suggestions always welcome, Regards, Cameron
  8. Hi guys, I've started a new layout in my attic before Christmas, and decided that I'd set up a thread for my workbench. My stock ins mainly DRS, but after buying a Rainbow Railways Class 37403 in Large logo, I thought I'd have ago at converting the 37401 from the 1980's guise to the current DRS guise. However I've come across a bit of a stumbling block before I have even started? Just wondered if anyone can tell me where you'd be able to source out the different deeper set tail lamps that 37401/402/407/424 all have? Is there an alternative nose? Or is it a case of pre-drilling the holes out and filling them in with some red plastic? Thanks in Advance, I'll post some pictures in due course. Regards, Cameron
  9. Charlie, Pre ordered one of the spot-rail ones with sound similar to the one posted above, but still says pending on the website. Presuming there's some sort of delay on the sound fitted ones? And if so do you have any idea of any sort of timeframe? Keep up the great work, and hope you've had a great Christmas. Regards.
  10. Thanks for all the help with the questions, at least I can start ordering some track now! Many Thanks, Cameron
  11. Guys/Gals Really interested in starting a project with these new style track, but I was just wondering if you can use the Bullhead with the Code 75? Or do they not fit together nicely? And has anyone tried it, obviously the new points are massive in comparison to the smaller radius points that you can get in Code 75, and with only having a relatively small space to try and play with, wondered if that would be a feasible option. If not do peco have any plans for the smaller radius turn outs in the not so distant future? As i'm itching to start a 00 project Thanks, Cameron
  12. Hi all, Its been a while since i've posted an update on this topic, mainly as the layout we started best part of 2 years ago has not really had a proper home until now, which hasn't allowed us to work on the layout properly. We've finally managed to re-start work on the layout, and we've been slowly trooping away through the layout doing scenic works, finishing the ballasting etc. We've nearly completed a re-wire of the layout that has improved the running of the layout. It visited the Leek & Rudyard Railway last weekend for there steam gala, and as you can see there is still a lot to do, but it was a good excuse to play trains, and find out some faults on the layout. Granted we probably came away with more than we anticipated, but hopefully you guys will be able to answer some of the questions that i've been left scratching my head over. We've been using the Peco Standard points on the layout, and now we've finished ballasting the layout we seem to be having a lot of trouble with the frogs and dead spots not going live properly. I've fitted and wired Gaugemaster PM-1's which auto switch the frog when the point motor is thrown? But for some reason it doesn't always seem to throw the polarity over. I noticed on a couple of the points that the case was that when the switch was thrown it wasn't touching the metal strip on either side of the motor, that obviously powers the frog? But on the points that it does, it still seems like theres not a continuous power flow going through the frog? Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and if theres any way to over come it? Other than that there were a few tiny niggles which should be easy fix's I've attached a couple of pictures below of the layout in its current state. Thanks, Cameron
  13. Afternoon all, Been a while since we've posted anything on here so I thought its time we posted an update. So sorry to anyone thats broadband will die from the amount of pictures on this post, but pictures show it better than a description of what we've been doing. Since the last post we've started adding the backing boards on (at the moment we've only done 3) but we've fitted them and painted them into a nice pale blue which I think looks great! This is just to give you an idea of the sort of colour we've gone for. Since our last post, we've started work on the Goods shed at the fiddle end yard of the layout, we've put in a hardstanding area around the shed entrance and we achieved this by using filler. I was pleasantly surprised how well it actually worked and how sturdy it has become. My main worry for doing it this way was that the locos wouldn't have the contact with the railhead required, but it seems to look and work fine! After finishing the outside, I painted the inside of the hardstanding black, to give it that dark look, and I've then added a wall that will run along to the next board and then eventually to the bridge. The next thing that we've been working on is the bridge on the entrance to the fiddle yard. As this is such a big update, i'll make another post in a few days. Regards, Cameron
  14. HI all, Been a while since i've posted an update on here. The layout hasn't really progressed much as i've started a new job which now takes up a lot of my time, but the majority of the wiring is now finished, just need to wire the points in, but they will be done when the backing boards are put on. Also started wiring the cassettes up. Although the method we've tried is a bit of a trial, will probably get adapted the more we play. This shows the cassettes and the way in which we've connected the two up, its a bit of a temporary thing as previously mentioned but you get the general idea. Then it was time to try the layout out, and make sure my wiring had worked properly. 47596 sits in the newly painted headshunt awaiting its next duties. Whilst building the layout i've also been working on the Easy Build coach I picked up at the O gauge show in Telford earlier in the year, after mashing my brain over the instructions which just confused me even more, I finally took the plunge and have started to build it. I've only done the underframe but you get the Idea, Eventually will be a Breakdown Train tool van! Comments welcome, and will try my best to upgrade the thread more often Regards, Cameron
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