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  1. Few locos seen switching the Spur on a busy Monday.
  2. I plan to have a grade crossing on the entrance area to the industrial area, (the lower track goes to the cement silos, the upper track to the 2 Industries). I have used OO gauge vehicles to get an idea of width for the crossing. The question is, what are the rules that determines whether the crossing need just signs, or lights or lights and full barriers?
  3. This shows the curve behind the cement silos. Another view of the corn syrup distributor area. This is 22 inch wide and apart from this industry will be mainly scenic. I'll be adding lighting under the top deck at some point in the near future...
  4. Part of the curve from behind the cement works The corn syrup distributor track is now in place. This idea has been taken from another layout I've seen on YouTube. I'll have 2 spots here with unloading pipes and the building will be a loading facility for further distribution by road
  5. I've finished laying all the industrial area tracks now all the way to the curve that will eventually connect to the yard. I have left the lower end not pinned down sonincan move it into position when I lay the yard tracks
  6. Thank you everyone for the feedback and conversation. It's really good to see people talking about their experiences and thoughts. It has really helped when building the layout and has been the most useful resource I have found to help me. I'm going to try with just an uncoupling stick and see how I get on. If the rear spots are difficult to uncouple due to access with cars in front and the top layout I'll revert to magnets for those spots. This is how the layout sits. I have used the area people would normally use for storage as an extra layout but only
  7. I had been thinking this as it'll only be 1 engine in steam principal. I had been thinking of BBQ skewer if space allows between the levels. I may have to install 1 or 2 magnets
  8. Final one for today. I will add LED lighting once the tracks are wired up and running. Each point is drilled for point motors to be potentially added at a later date.
  9. Cement spur with the actual facility 3ft (in HO!) Away from the switch Back tracks aren't laid yet as I ran out of time before nursery run time
  10. Coming along with the industrial area tracks now. Taking a bit longer than planned as I have to synchronise my banging and drilling between my partner's work meetings. The manufacturing industry from the far side has now been moved to the top corner with 2 spots. All laid apart from the top left road. This will now become the building supplies company with 2 spots. Minus the cut of cars The cars on the Transload road are just to see how many spots it would have.
  11. Track laying in the industrial area began today.... Unfortunately I forgot to grab a picture or two. However I'm hoping to get up into the loft and day some more over the weekend and will grab a picture
  12. I've also put the corn syrup distributor at the top of the old yard (at the beginning of the industrial area).
  13. There is a gap here but that's just cause o haven't got a piece small enough to fill the gap:
  14. I've also laid the track out in the industrial area. The cars represent the number of spots per industry (apart from the cement terminal which will have 4 spots). Again due to picture size it'll be over a few posts
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