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  1. Lovely little railway at Rudyard. We stumbled across it in summer looking for something to do with our little lad. Seem like powerful little locos really for the size....
  2. Well Oliver Springs is no more!! I needed the space under the main boards for storage as most of the stuff was either all over the layouts or the middle of the loft. Truth be told I am kind of happy as I didnt really like the 2 shape curves within 6ft of each other. However all is not lost as I have kept one side, and now have a space of 17ft 6 inch x 18 inch for Oliver Springs 2.0. This will include staging area and scene are (maybe in the region of 5ft staging and the rest scenic), again as an industrial area. If anyone has any ideas. Only things I would like is a cement plant (as I have the walthers medusa kit) and a wood yard/builder merchant (as I have a few centre beams and flats). Oliver Springs 2.0 will start with me finishing the back scenes and painting them up.
  3. Rebuilt my GP38 this morning. Took time to get a picture of the current Oliver springs roster: I've also put the flock covering down for the area in front of the run round. And then spent the rest of my time sculpting polystyrene for the corner behind the cement terminal.
  4. Thank you kindly sir!! Straight upstairs and I did the reset with the reed switch and wand and now it runs.
  5. Final update for today (due to photo size I have to do a few posts). I have started to mark out the main grade crossing on the industrial spur side. It is still rough and needs a bit more shaping but it is coming along. I am hoping to get a fully working set of lights and barriers, hopefully fully operating. Does anyone know of a UK supplier of these, or is it state side only to get one? Also I have this Atlas GP38. It is DCC Sound, it worked fine when I got it home for testing. However now it has sound, it has lights, however it does not move. I have fully stripped the loco down, tested the motor, rebuilt bit by bit and it works fine (as in it moves when you but a 9v battery on the wheels), but once the mainboard is added it wont move. I didn't know if there is a fuse on the mainboard or something that may have blown, does anyone have any ideas?
  6. I decided to start ballasting the main run round area in the industrial area. I looked at a few pictures and saw the mix tones within the ballast so tried to emulate that. managed to get a little help with the ballasting: Next I am going to weather the rails and ties. Then crack on with the building in the top left hand corner. I haven't ballasted any of the spurs as I will do that after the track detail and buildings are in place. Few questions I have: - If I was to have a hopper car spotted outside an industrial building, would they simply empty the hopper into a grate inbetween the rails? - Thinking of the area in front of the run round, I was thinking of it mainly just being a simple grass area, but near the level crossing would I get away with some sort of diner? It would just be to add interest into the front area.
  7. Its been a few months since I last updated. Well this has been mainly due to me doing some work on the upper deck, however that has now stalled. Ive managed to get some 2 bay hoppers, up to 4 at the moment and looking to get some more.
  8. Few locos seen switching the Spur on a busy Monday.
  9. I plan to have a grade crossing on the entrance area to the industrial area, (the lower track goes to the cement silos, the upper track to the 2 Industries). I have used OO gauge vehicles to get an idea of width for the crossing. The question is, what are the rules that determines whether the crossing need just signs, or lights or lights and full barriers?
  10. This shows the curve behind the cement silos. Another view of the corn syrup distributor area. This is 22 inch wide and apart from this industry will be mainly scenic. I'll be adding lighting under the top deck at some point in the near future...
  11. Part of the curve from behind the cement works The corn syrup distributor track is now in place. This idea has been taken from another layout I've seen on YouTube. I'll have 2 spots here with unloading pipes and the building will be a loading facility for further distribution by road
  12. I've finished laying all the industrial area tracks now all the way to the curve that will eventually connect to the yard. I have left the lower end not pinned down sonincan move it into position when I lay the yard tracks
  13. Thank you everyone for the feedback and conversation. It's really good to see people talking about their experiences and thoughts. It has really helped when building the layout and has been the most useful resource I have found to help me. I'm going to try with just an uncoupling stick and see how I get on. If the rear spots are difficult to uncouple due to access with cars in front and the top layout I'll revert to magnets for those spots. This is how the layout sits. I have used the area people would normally use for storage as an extra layout but only on 3 sides: Again due to using my phone I'll have to put a few posts with various pictures of progress....
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