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  1. the link is : http://www.louthnewryarchives.ie/online-catalogue/index.shtml but acces to the archive seems to be donw tonight. The Paddy Malon collection is catalogued as PP00206 - so search on this and you get a lot of references / files. The raw material is not online, so you need to go to the archives and just plough through the drawings etc.. I think Paddy Malon was an engineer at the works and collected a lot data. some of the lots are bundled drawings, so lots have smaller number of items in them , so they are better decsribed. A visit is probably best, they reply quite quickly by email, but I've not yet managed a visit Geoff
  2. Two sources I've found are the Louth County Archives which have a vast collection from Paddy Malon. I've not seen them myself, but keep promising when I'm in Ireland to escape from the in-laws for a day. The other source is Manchester Science museum, MOSI.this has a large collection of Beyer Peacock photos and works drawings of GNRi engines. I have got a copy of the works drawing for a GNRi "C"-class 0-6-0 which I have ambitions of modelling as I think it's quite a "pretty" locomotive Geoff
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