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  1. We are looking into this. It's actually been in place since September but appears to have been working fine until recently. Once you either consent or manage options it shouldn't appear again for a long, long time. The problem appears to be with Apple devices.
  2. We're now testing a reduced frequency. It's a test though so you may experience different tests over the coming days.
  3. Hi all, For those who don't know me, I'm the publisher of the railways department at Warners. I thought I'd step-in as it's unfair on Andy to be taking the flack about a commercial decision made from my desk. RMweb is an incredible website but it incurs pretty substantial running costs...without going into too much detail you're talking tens of thousands of pounds. It offers us amazing marketing value for BRM, we're able to host adverts from companies within the trade and now have RMweb Gold. All of these are great revenue streams but it still leaves a pretty big shortf
  4. Print subscribers were sent an email (where we had an email address) with a link to BRM TV online. I'll message you the link.
  5. Sorted, you can now buy online. Sorry for the mix up. We thought we had sold out of the April such is recent demand but we've actually got about 300 kicking about due to the Ally Pally Show being postponed! Did you know that for an extra 25p you could subscribe and get the next two issues as well? After this the subscription goes to a Direct Debit but there is no minimum term. Of course, we hope you love the magazine and continue wanting it, but if you don't you can cancel with ease. Click here to see the offer.
  6. Hi Paul, Let me check why that is. I'll come back to you. Steve
  7. Hi, Yes, Exact Editions has a great search facility. Type in a search term - a layout name for example - and it'll bring up every mention from the archive. And, the current and all future issues are uploaded a week before the print magazine goes on-sale. Hope this helps, Steve
  8. Hi all, Due to the current restrictions on leaving your house and with WHSmiths temporarily closing 60% of its stores, it's not easy getting hold of BRM (and our other titles). But, you can buy it direct from our website with free UK postage: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/Store/Back-Issues/british-railway-modelling We also have many subscriptions offers which are being regularly sent via email. If you're not getting these emails and want to consider a subscription (both print and digital) please message me direct. Stay safe everyone,
  9. We're currently testing a few advert configurations throughout the site.
  10. The ticket will be sent, first class on Monday morning.
  11. Check out these: https://pocketmags.com/british-railway-modelling-magazine/the-brm-guide-to-trackplans-and-layout-design https://pocketmags.com/british-railway-modelling-magazine/the-brm-guide-to-trackplans-and-layout-design-volume-2 https://pocketmags.com/british-railway-modelling-magazine/the-brm-guide-to-trackplans-and-layouts-volume-3
  12. Sorry about this. We're on the case but it might be Monday morning as the two designers are off at the moment. Leave it with us.
  13. Hi Colin, It's on-sale from September 12. Steve
  14. We make this point very clear in the membership description: What is the BRM Digital Library? As an RMweb Gold member you get access to a library of BRM. This includes EVERY issue of the magazine going back to January 2007 plus ALL issues going forward. Access to this library stops if you cancel your RMweb Gold membership and you never own these magazines.
  15. Hi Bryn, It's been confirmed that you can download to read offline. Regards, Steve
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