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    BRM February '19

    Hi Stephen, Did you call yesterday? If so, your message is with Carly to call you back. She wasn't in the office yesterday PM. Steve
  2. The BRM Digital Edition is now on-sale. Click here to see what's inside the digital version of BRM and to buy this new issue. The print copy goes on-sale on November 8th. Here's what's inside this month's LAYOUT SPECIAL... On this month's BRM TV * Layout: Uppingham - skilful scenic modelling set in Rutland * Layout Special - 4 more great model railways * 4mm scale 3D-printed footbridge kit of test * Behind the scenes at Gaugemaster's weekend event Inside this month's LAYOUT SPECIAL: 10 inspiration layouts Bournemouth West (OO) Annesley Woodhouse (OO) Portsea (TT) Compass Point (OO9) Uppingham (TT) Six Quarters (OO) TGB Metal Recyclers (O) Thakeham Tiles (0-14) Scratchy Bottom Halt (Gn15) Knot Littlefield (N) News, reviews and more... Inbox - reader layouts and letters to the team Prototype Inspiration - a look at the real Rutland location of Uppingham Selling Old Layouts Interview: Vectis Auctions This month's Product News DCCconcepts Point Rodding Bachmann Conflat 'A' Marklin My World Revolution IZA Cargowaggon Vans New Build Novelty Card Kits TMC Wagon Loads New Books Tail Lamp
  3. SteveCole

    BRM March '18 + FREE DVD

    The Digital Edition goes live this morning (January 26th) and it's absolutely rammed with EXCLUSIVE EXTRA CONTENT and listed below. Click here to download. The Print Edition goes on-sale on Thursday, February 1st EXCLUSIVE TO BRM DIGITAL EDITION THIS MONTH... 20-min video of Buckingham (EM) - lead layout Extra images of Buckingham Extra images of Dave & Shirley Rowe's modelling Extra images of David Jenkinson's modelling 10-min video of Phil Parker looking back at 60-years of TT 30-min video from the Bachmann Trade Show 35-min video interview with Bachmann's Denis Lovett 10-min video when BRM made a visit to TMC 4 extra trackplans Free copy of the new-look Traction Jan/Feb 18 issue ON THIS MONTH’S DVD Don’t miss Part Two of our behind the scenes tour of Pendon We take a trip to TMC… …and make a visit to Hatton’s of Liverpool Here's a 1-minute preview video INSIDE THIS MONTH’S MAGAZINE LAYOUTS Buckingham (EM) – a 70 year-old layout that’s still an example to all modellers. VINTAGE THEME: Dave & Shirley Rowe – A retrospective look at their incredible work VINTAGE THEME – an appreciation of David Jenkinson VINTAGE THEME – Kendal contemporaries VINTAGE THEME – Borchester – a modelling inspiration Tucking Mill (2mmFS) – Jerry Clifford’s fictitious West Country layout that’s steeped in history PRACTICAL How to…make a lineside embankment Build an etched brass milk van with Tony Wright Project layout – adding scenery to Didsbury Green PRODUCTS Bachmann 2018/19 announcements Hornby 2018 announcements TMC Bolster and Plate wagons Minerva GWR Iron Mink Van Brimal Components CP800 Scenic Sound Generator DCC Cobalt Alpha Mimic Ground Signals Absolute Aspects Banner Repeater Signals OTHER STUFF… Inbox – your letters! Cakebox Challenge – a look at some recent entries VINTAGE THEME – Tri-ang and the masters of play value Prototype Inspiration: Holmes J36 0-6-0 Doncaster Show preview VINTAGE THEME – Heirloom Enigma Tail Lamp – Simon George of Heaton Lodge fame
  4. We're feeling rather pleased with ourselves this month. As many of you will know, we've been working hard to further improve the BRM Digital Edition by adding a load of extra content that lends itself to a digital magazine. But, we knew we could make it better... a lot better. BRM May sees the launch of our new-look Digital Edition. You'll find a serious amount of extra content (as listed below), presented in a much clearer and easier-to-use format. We've even got interactive DCC Concepts and Metcalffe models adverts, both with video plus with a click of a button (or touch of a finger for all tablet users) you can buy the Bachmann Baldwin from Rails of Sheffield at the end of the review video. If you've never tried a digital magazine (or BRM) this is the month to take a look. It's on-sale NOW! Click here to buy or subscribe. The print edition goes on-sale on Thursday, April 26th. Here's our Digital Edition cover EXCLUSIVE Digital Edition content this month… - 49 extra layout images - 2 layout videos - 3 product videos - 1 news video - Full DVD footage included - 2 bonus trackplans - 1 extra layout article - Free copy of Engineering in Miniature magazine What's on this month's episode of BRM TV? - 'Stylson Yard' - British Rail 1990s sectorisation era - A tour of the LMS 'Patriot' Project Boiler Shop - Tour of Historical Model Railway Society's archives Inside this month's magazine - Burnden Park (OO) - Devonport Road (OO) - Rise Park (N) - Fullers Wharf (O) - Plant a Potato Field - Create a coal office + free plan inside - Cakebox Challenge dioramas - Make a derelict signal box - How to finish 3D printed models - Make a Decoder Tester - Product news & reviews - Reviewed: Dapol Class 68 - Reviewed: Murphy Models Road Vehicles - N gauge stock spotlight - Interview: Metcalfe Models - Night time freight movements - Prototype Inspiration: Class 68 - Tail Lamp - Lock's Sidings update EXTRA LAYOUT VIDEOS NEW PRODUCT UNBOXING VIDEO EXTRA LAYOUT PICTURES 2 BONUS TRACKPLANS FULL DVD FOOTAGE BONUS LAYOUT ARTICLE FREE COPY OF ENGINEERING IN MINIATURE
  5. SteveCole

    BRM December '18 - LAYOUT SPECIAL

    A 6-month digital subscription continues at £19.99 every six months until you decide to cancel.
  6. SteveCole

    BRM December '18 - LAYOUT SPECIAL

    The Digital Edition of BRM includes a mass of extra video footage and often comes with extra images and bonus articles and/or magazines. It's a bigger product compared to the print version.
  7. SteveCole

    BRM November '18

    Great work Daniel. It's brilliant to see readers' assembled card kits. Good effort too. Steve - BRM
  8. STOP PRESS! We've just had it confirmed that the Missenden Modellers team will be exhibiting Ealing Road at The London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace on March 23 and 24, 2019.
  9. SteveCole

    BRM November '18

    Hi Andy, Hopefully the extras we've picked will do. We've tried to pick extras that we feel have mass market appeal. Take the Metcalfe kit as an example, it's a great project for beginners/newcomers yet, as you'll see from Phil's article in the magazine, it doesn't take a lot to improve it further. It can be used by modellers of all abilities. However, it unfortunately won't appeal to those who model in a scale other than 4mm. We aim for extras that have mass market appeal. Yes, we want to sell as many copies of the magazine as possible but we also want to grow the hobby. The more people who try their hand at modelling and as a consequence enter the hobby, the better it is for everyone. Anyway, ultimately I hope you love the magazine and that the extras are a little bonus. Steve
  10. SteveCole

    BRM November '18

    Hi Andy, The higher price will only apply to those issues with what we deem a substantial extra. Hope this helps. Steve
  11. What I really loved about last night's episode was how it portrayed the hobby as fun and that it doesn't have to take itself so seriously. The winning Basingstoke layout was superb. Some great modelling, quirky features and a brilliant story as the train went around the various scenes. It perfectly combined what I really love about railway modelling. Well done Basingstoke.
  12. SteveCole

    Detailing the Heljan AC Railbus

    Hi all, In his constant pursuit of perfection, Phil Parker details this recent O gauge release from Heljan to bring it to life. Below is a picture of the model after Phil had worked his magic. This step-by-step article can be found in BRM October, which is on-sale now and comes with a FREE DVD. Steve
  13. SteveCole

    BRM November '18

    Hi Huw, The RMweb emails had to stop with GDPR. But, as Andy says make sure your preferences on World-of-Railways are set-up to receive Phil's BRM Express emails. Thanks, Steve
  14. SteveCole

    BRM November '18

    Some really interesting comments here. We are, despite what some think, still very much testing what works in a Digital Edition. The current issue is packed with extras. The next issue is pretty much the normal print magazine in a digital format. We'll see how sales of print and digital vary over the two issues. We also need to take into account the significant amount of time required to add 'extras' to the DE. Another option is that we add a lot of the digital extras onto the DVD too. That way both digital formats get the same. We are listening... PS- sorry for any mistakes. I hate typing on a mobile phone!!
  15. SteveCole

    BRM November '18

    If you go to www.world-of-railways.co.uk and enter the 'readers offer' section you'll find it there.
  16. SteveCole

    BRM November '18

    Hi Stewart, Links should be emailed on Monday. Steve
  17. SteveCole

    BRM November '18

    SPECIAL ISSUE! Metcalfe Cottage Card Kit for Every Reader BRM November is now on-sale and ALL UK NEWSSTAND COPIES come complete with a BRM Exclusive Metcalfe Cottage Card Kit! This OO gauge kit is perfect for railway modellers of ALL abilities. The six-page article in the magazine covers a basic kit build through to advanced techniques that includes adding drainpipes, painting walls and scribing roof tiles. And, if this wasn’t enough of a reason to buy this month’s magazine maybe the following content will persuade you: 3 Inspiring Layouts: Perry Barr Station (00) Tackeroo (EM) Caroline Concrete Works (0-16.5) Perfect Practicals: Model an Occupational Crossing Add flowers to your layout Three ways with a simple card kit Wire a DC loop Reviews Overload: Pullman Observation car Hornby Class 87 Bachmann C1 Atlantic Bachmann Mk2f coach Heljan Prairie + more… We expect demand for this issue to be extremely high, so grab a copy before it’s too late! BRM November is on-sale NOW!
  18. SteveCole

    Traction Digital Archive

    TRACTION DIGITAL ARCHIVE We’ve listened to our readers and reinstated the Traction Digital Archive! For just £4.99 per quarter or £19.99 per year you get access to: 65 issues of Traction going back to Issue 183… …and every issue going forward! 3 ways to become a Digital Archive Member: Online: shop.exacteditions.com/gb/traction Android device: download the Exactly App* Apple device: download the Traction Archive App *Android users need to create an account and make their purchase via the Exact Editions website. They can then log into the Exactly App and view their magazines via all Android devices. **Please note: This is a membership service. Once you stop your payments you lose access to all magazines. Think of it as the Garden Rail Library!
  19. SteveCole

    Traction Digital Archive

    Hi Colin, Yep, that's correct. Steve
  20. GARDEN RAIL DIGITAL ARCHIVE We’ve listened to our readers and reinstated the Garden Rail Digital Archive! For just £8.99 per quarter or £39.99 per year you get access to: 154 issues of Garden Rail going back to January 2006… …and every issue going forward! 3 ways to become a Digital Archive Member: Online: shop.exacteditions.com/gb/garden-rail Android device: download the Exactly App* Apple device: download the Garden Rail Archive App *Android users need to create an account and make their purchase via the Exact Editions website. They can then log into the Exactly App and view their magazines via all Android devices. **Please note: This is a membership service. Once you stop your payments you lose access to all magazines. Think of it as the Garden Rail Library!
  21. SteveCole

    Swapping paper to digital query

    Here's a cracking offer if you're considering going digital: https://pocketmags.com/offer/oct18eshot
  22. Hi all, We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Email Newsletter called 'BRM Express'. Edited by Phil Parker, this monthly E-Newsletter will be sent at midday on the last Friday of every month. Issue 1 will be dispatched TODAY (Feb 23rd). We'll be developing it each month, but Issue 1 includes: Phil's monthly Blog First Look Video: Andy McVittie and Phil Parker take a look at Hatton's new P Class BMRA Awards results How to...model a cliff face Handy Hints: storing paint Howard's Picture of the Month Reader Offers Friday's Funny Video It's a great read for a Friday afternoon! We'd also like to know what else you'd like to see in future editions. BRM Express will be sent to everyone signed up to the World-of-Railways Email List. You can sign-up by clicking here. Enjoy, Steve
  23. SteveCole

    Hornby secure £18 million loan

    If we want to grow the hobby, we need high street model shops. Hornby, Bachmann and many other manufacturers know this, hence they are making a real effort to support shops of all sizes. The new Hornby team are working really hard on this but Rome wasn't built in a day...
  24. Locomotionmodels.com celebrates 60 years of the Deltic The weekend of the 24 and 25 October will see a unique occasion at Locomotion, Shildon when Deltic DP1 will be joined by Deltics ‘Alycidon’, ‘Royal Highland Fusilier’ and the NRM’s operational, ‘Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry' to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Deltic prototype being allocated to Speke Shed which coincidentally was on the 24th October 1955. As part of these celebrations Locomotionmodels.com will be releasing models of both the Deltic DP1 and ‘Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’, aka ‘KOYLI’. Each model will be presented in three variants – Pristine, Weathered and Sound and will only be available through Locomotionmodels.com. Each model will be supplied with an additional sleeve that features the distinctive ‘National Collection in Miniature’ artwork. A small number of both the DP1 and ‘KOYLI’ will also be offered as a twin pack in suitable branded packaging. Although this is not the first time that the Bachmann produced DP1 has been available, the demand for a further production run has coincided opportunistically with the introduction, in model form of the NRMs ‘KOYLI’ which is being produced in the 1979 BR Blue colour scheme featuring the City of York coat of arms which is the full size locomotive’s current livery. As mentioned each model will be made available in Pristine, Weathered and with Sound with a restricted number of each being produced with both models collectively being part of the Diamond Deltic celebrations to be held at NRM Shildon in October. ‘We have been planning these models to coincide with the ‘Diamond Deltic’ weekend for almost a year and it is extremely gratifying to see our plans finally coming to fruition’, commented Brian Greenwood, Chairman of the Joint Locomotion Management Board. Asked how he saw the celebrations, Simon Kohler, Locomotion Models Manager replied, ‘The Deltics were a fitting locomotive to replace the A4’s and A3s on the East Coast Main Line, with their very presence and sound exuding an aura of pent up power and ultimate strength and it is only right that such iconic locomotives should be celebrating their Diamond Jubilee not only at Shildon but also in miniature as depicted in these latest models from Locomotionmodels.com.’ Available models: 32-522NRM Deltic DP1 (Pristine) £130.00 32-522NRMDA Deltic DP1 (Weathered) £140.00 32-522NRMA Deltic DP1 (Sound) £250.00 32-525NRM ‘Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’ (Pristine) £125.00 32-525NRMDA ‘Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’ (W’thered) £135.00 32-525NRMDS ‘Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’ (Sound) £250.00 No.: TBA Twin Pack: Deltic DP1 & ‘KOYLI’ (Pristine) TBA Each model is subject to a limited production run of just 500 which is divided across the variations with 250 Pristine, 100 Weathered and 150 Sound and it is therefore recommended that orders are placed with Locomotionmodels.com so as to avoid disappointment. As advised, there will be a limited number of DP1 and ‘KOYLI’ presented as a twin pack with further details to follow. The models are guaranteed to be available and ready for distribution in September.
  25. SteveCole

    BRM Price Increase

    I love this topic. There are some great points being raised. Thank you. I just wanted to comment on the first part of this post. You're right, whilst there is a demand for print magazines, supermarkets will continue stocking them. The problem is, magazine sales across the board are in decline. There's so much free stuff on the internet that more and more people are ditching magazines in favour of free content, regardless of its quality. All Mr Supermarket cares about is how much money each square metre generates. Will the space dedicated to magazines generate as much money as it would if used for baked beans, for example? A lot of supermarkets see magazines as important in generating footfall, hoping that these people spend money elsewhere. But, as magazine sales decline it's logical that the smaller magazines will be the first to be dropped. BRM benefits from having it's own distribution department within Warners, rather than use a third-party. We can react far quicker and put in place a strategy to grow our monetary value to supermarkets. We are genuinely seeing our sales increase. However, digital magazines and subscriptions are seeing our biggest growth. In an ideal world we want everything to grow: newstrade, digital and subscriptions. The print magazine certainly isn't second best. We simply use the benefits of a digital version to add 'extras' that we can't do with print: extra video, extra images etc. However, print provides benefits that digital can't offer, physical gifts being one. Then, add subscriptions into the mix, these readers have other benefits such as an initial 'welcome' gift, a super low price introductory offer and a lower price each year compared to buying from newsagents, plus free delivery and money off our show tickets. Each form has benefits... BRM has other benefits that guarantee our longevity, this being websites: RMweb and World-of-Railways. We're currently working on some exciting projects for both. Watch this space.

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