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  1. Hi, If you wanted to move over to RMweb Gold you'd be best to cancel your Pocketmags subscription and then take-up a Gold membership. Remember, with Gold you get access to BRM Back Issues and all future issues but you never actually own these magazines. It's like a library card. Pocketmags is different in that you own everything you buy. Some people have opted for both: Gold mainly for the archive (and other benefits) and Pocketmags for owning what they buy. And with regards to the show ticket, yes I'd be happy for you to transfer the ticket to someone else. Hope this helps? Let me know if you have any more questions. Steve
  2. No problem. Carly is trying to find out what's happened. We've asked Andy to open your RMweb access privileges (he's out until late PM) and we'll get the Exact Editions access sorted ASAP. I'll ask Carly to keep you updated.
  3. As you know from correspondence with Carly this morning, we're on the case with this and will get all of the 'gold' access activated ASAP.
  4. Hopefully we're now up-to-date with turning on members' extra RMweb access. If anyone has any problems, please email us at [email protected] Thanks, Steve
  5. Hi, We're getting new sign-up data over to Andy this afternoon. He can then activate new accounts. Apologies for the delay. Steve
  6. Just imagine a brand new membership scheme that gives you access to 160+ issues of BRM and ALL issues going forward... ...and a ticket to one of Warners' three leading modelling exhibitions EACH year... ...plus the ability to sell products via the RMweb Classified section and a number of other RMweb 'extras'. Well, imagine no more as RMweb Gold is here! It's our new membership scheme that brings with it a whole host of benefits: All members will benefit from: • Access to the BRM Digital Library – 160+ magazines going back to 2007, plus all future issues. • One free ticket to a Warners exhibition each year. • Free copy of 'How to Build Your First Trainset' bookzine (complete with DVD). • The ability to sell products in the new RMweb.co.uk ‘Classified’ area. • RMweb.co.uk unlimited image size ability per post. • RMweb.co.uk increased PM storage. • RMweb.co.uk Private Personal Image Gallery. • Exclusive RMweb.co.uk Gold Private Forum. You get all of this from just 14p per day! To become a member click here or call 01778 392002 and quote: RMweb Gold Membership Got any questions? We've tried to answer them here: What is RMweb Gold? This is a new ‘Membership Club’ that’s open to everyone. Members enjoy a host of benefits which include access to the BRM Digital Library of 160+ magazines going back to 2007 and ALL issues going forward, a free ticket to one of Warners’ three leading exhibitions and the ability to sell items through the new RMweb Classified Forum. There are other benefits too (listed below) and more will be added throughout the year. How much does it cost? Monthly direct debit: £4.99 (minimum of 1 year) Quarterly direct debit: £12.49 (minimum of 1 year) Annual direct debit: £49.99 Annual one-off: £54.99 How do I become a member? Click here. Or call 01778 392002 and quote: RMweb Gold Membership. How long does it take for my membership to be activated? You’ll receive a Welcome Email within 24-hours which instructs you on how to access the BRM Digital Library and how to claim your show ticket. We aim to get your RMweb privileges live within 48-hours (in most cases it will be sooner). If your RMweb privileges aren’t activated within 72-hours, please contact [email protected] Which exhibitions qualify for a free ticket? Take your pick from: · The National Festival of Railway Modelling, Peterborough · The Festival of British Railway Modelling, Doncaster · The London Festival of Railway Modelling, Alexandra Palace Dates can be found by clicking here. How do I claim my free ticket? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll arrange for a ticket to be emailed to you prior to the event. Tickets are usually emailed in the five days prior to the event. What is the BRM Digital Library? As an RMweb Gold member you get access to a library of BRM. This includes EVERY issue of the magazine going back to January 2007 plus ALL issues going forward. Access to this library stops if you cancel your RMweb Gold membership and you never own these magazines. Can I still use RMweb if I’m not a member? Yes, in terms of using RMweb nothing changes. By not being a member you simply don’t benefit from the extra privileges listed above such as listing items in the new Classified section.
  7. Apologies, I'm chasing for the latest members list. As soon as it arrives in my Inbox we'll get any outstanding accounts activated.
  8. Hi Mark. It's brilliant. You search by article text. Type in 'Bachmann Class 70' and it should bring up every mention.
  9. Hi all, Just to let you all know that our Subscriptions Department is open on Saturdays from 9am - 5pm and is available to take RMweb Gold orders. If you struggle to get through during a weekday, Saturday is a great time to call. You need to call 01778 392002 and quote: RMweb Gold Membership. Steve
  10. Hi all, Can I just reiterate what Andy York has said previously about certain's peoples' thoughts on the future of the site and our so-called long term plan: WE WILL NOT be charging a fee for everyone to use this website. The success of RMweb is down to you, the users. Without you we have no site. Simple. We know that if we started charging everyone who used the site, it would die...quickly. No users = no site. Warners is committed to ensuring RMweb remains an invaluable resource of railway modelling information and that means keeping it free. Steve
  11. Yes, there's an obvious link on the front cover of each magazine. Andy noticed 5 issues whereby it's currently missing and these will be rectified this week.
  12. No plans at the moment but we will constantly be looking at ways of improving the Gold Membership by adding new benefits.
  13. Yes, you're correct. The Gold membership means you only rent the magazines, unlike Pocketmags whereby you own them and these issues include extra images, extra video etc.
  14. It's really somewhere that members can ask questions about their membership, the magazine, the website, shows etc within an area that won't get busy with posts from non-members. The same moderation rules will apply.
  15. Hi. Thanks for becoming a member. At the moment there are no plans to extend past 2007. Older issues aren't stored digitally so we'd need to physically scan every page of every magazine. A huge job and one I wouldn't wish upon anyone. ha ha
  16. You are correct. It's a 'membership' service (like Spotify) whereby you access the BRM Digital Library whilst you are a member, but once your membership expires your 'library' access expires too. We make sure this is really clear in the FAQs.
  17. Trust me, that won't be happening here! Everyone will need to abide by the same rules.
  18. Forgive me if I am wrong, but we've announced the Gold Membership TODAY...April 2nd!
  19. Yes, it sounds very backwards but the ability to become a member via an online service will be up-and-running in the next few weeks.
  20. Hi Stephen, Did you call yesterday? If so, your message is with Carly to call you back. She wasn't in the office yesterday PM. Steve
  21. A 6-month digital subscription continues at £19.99 every six months until you decide to cancel.
  22. The Digital Edition of BRM includes a mass of extra video footage and often comes with extra images and bonus articles and/or magazines. It's a bigger product compared to the print version.
  23. The BRM Digital Edition is now on-sale. Click here to see what's inside the digital version of BRM and to buy this new issue. The print copy goes on-sale on November 8th. Here's what's inside this month's LAYOUT SPECIAL... On this month's BRM TV * Layout: Uppingham - skilful scenic modelling set in Rutland * Layout Special - 4 more great model railways * 4mm scale 3D-printed footbridge kit of test * Behind the scenes at Gaugemaster's weekend event Inside this month's LAYOUT SPECIAL: 10 inspiration layouts Bournemouth West (OO) Annesley Woodhouse (OO) Portsea (TT) Compass Point (OO9) Uppingham (TT) Six Quarters (OO) TGB Metal Recyclers (O) Thakeham Tiles (0-14) Scratchy Bottom Halt (Gn15) Knot Littlefield (N) News, reviews and more... Inbox - reader layouts and letters to the team Prototype Inspiration - a look at the real Rutland location of Uppingham Selling Old Layouts Interview: Vectis Auctions This month's Product News DCCconcepts Point Rodding Bachmann Conflat 'A' Marklin My World Revolution IZA Cargowaggon Vans New Build Novelty Card Kits TMC Wagon Loads New Books Tail Lamp
  24. Great work Daniel. It's brilliant to see readers' assembled card kits. Good effort too. Steve - BRM
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