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  1. Hi, RMweb Gold isn't included within the free trial: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/information/about-rm-web-access?openPageId=90281a09-f71c-4046-ab5f-ac20eb0d8380 Thanks, Steve
  2. That's correct. RMweb Gold now forms part of the World of Railways Plus digital membership. https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/membership
  3. Using an ad-blocker means the advert is not shown and therefore reduces revenue to RMweb. We hope that once an 'ad-free' membership is launched users will use this as their ad-blocker
  4. We're working on a 'silver' membership that includes a 'no ads' benefit.
  5. If you pay for 'Gold' via a monthly Direct Debit you'll be able to cancel should you want to 'downgrade' once we launch a second membership.
  6. Apologies, a bad choice of words from my end. WoR+ members will continue to see no Google-type ads.
  7. Hi Kris, We're currently testing a few things and looking at how we can cap frequency based on whether the user is a World of Railways Plus member (they currently see no ads), a signed-in member (who will see fewer ads) and a non-member (who will see more ads). We are also looking to launch an 'ad-free' membership. You may not like the ads but we need to test in order to make an informed decision as to whether they say. Steve
  8. Morning all, Quick update... 1. Pop-ups appearing more than once. We have raised this with our ad-proving partner and are waiting on a definitive answer. They have said this shouldn't be happening and, looking at the number of ads being served, this is happening to a very, very small (albeit still too high) number of users. Nick, our ad expert, is in regular contact with them and I hope to have more information next week. 2. A cheaper RMweb Gold-type membership. This is something that Andy has been pushing for for quite sometime and I completely agree that it is needed. The hold-up is purely down to other, major web-based projects currently on-the-go within the company. Whilst it's not a huge job, some of the other projects are incredibly urgent and, in some cases, incredibly time sensitive. My request is just not at the top of the list...yet. I have a meeting planned for early next week to discuss how we can implement this sooner. Thanks for your understanding everyone. I am listening. Steve
  9. Good morning everyone. Apologies for not replying sooner. I was out of the office without access to email or the web. As you will have seen, we are testing some new adverts: the main change being the full screen pop-up that some of you have commented about. I am told that this pop-up is appearing just once a day per device, that's it (if this is incorrect, please message me direct and I'll find out why). All pop-ups should have either a cross in the top right corner or a 'close' button - both will delete the advert. I apologise if you find it intrusive. Like Andy has said, World of Railways Plus members don't see any non-trade adverts. RMweb is incredibly expensive to run. The server space required is huge and therefore incredibly expensive. There are associated staff costs too. RMweb is free to use and we have no plans for it to become otherwise. As always, we will continue to monitor what adverts are effective (both financially and in the best interest of users) and what's not. Kind regards, Steve Publisher
  10. Have you logged into World of Railways Plus here: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/membership ?
  11. No. All 5 magazines are now available to read via the browser within the WoR Plus membership area so one log-in gives you everything.
  12. If you're on a recurring direct debit payment your membership cost remains the same as it is now.
  13. Hi all, Thanks for your comments. Just to reiterate, the digital archive includes the 750+ back issues plus ALL future issues whilst you are a member. Essentially it's a subscription to all five magazines with the added benefit of hundreds of back issues. In terms of trackplans and video, we'll be uploading more each month. Next week will see a new trackplan and new video go live. We have lots of ideas for exclusive WoR+ videos for the coming months. The same goes for competitions, we'll have new comps each month. You only get RMweb Gold access when you pay for a full memberships (i.e. not the free trial). RMweb Gold memberships offers: • The ability to sell products in the RMweb.co.uk ‘Classified’ area. • RMweb.co.uk unlimited image size ability per post. • RMweb.co.uk increased PM storage. • RMweb.co.uk Private Personal Image Gallery. • Exclusive RMweb.co.uk Gold Private Forum. Finally, regardless of how you pay for your memberships - monthly, quarterly or annual - you get access to everything listed. Hopefully this helps answer a few of your questions. Steve
  14. We are looking into this. It's actually been in place since September but appears to have been working fine until recently. Once you either consent or manage options it shouldn't appear again for a long, long time. The problem appears to be with Apple devices.
  15. We're now testing a reduced frequency. It's a test though so you may experience different tests over the coming days.
  16. Hi all, For those who don't know me, I'm the publisher of the railways department at Warners. I thought I'd step-in as it's unfair on Andy to be taking the flack about a commercial decision made from my desk. RMweb is an incredible website but it incurs pretty substantial running costs...without going into too much detail you're talking tens of thousands of pounds. It offers us amazing marketing value for BRM, we're able to host adverts from companies within the trade and now have RMweb Gold. All of these are great revenue streams but it still leaves a pretty big shortfall. I'm going to be really honest, Google advertising generates a decent amount of money that will reduce the loss we currently make on RMweb. Some adverts work well, others don't so we're continually testing to find the right balance. The advert at the bottom of the page is one such 'test' and whilst I appreciate your comments (and we do listen) we need to test a little longer to be able to make a decision on whether to keep it or not. As Andy said, RMweb Gold members don't see any Google adverts and get a load of additional benefits thrown-in, including access to the BRM Digital Edition each month and huge back catalogue. Steve
  17. Print subscribers were sent an email (where we had an email address) with a link to BRM TV online. I'll message you the link.
  18. Sorted, you can now buy online. Sorry for the mix up. We thought we had sold out of the April such is recent demand but we've actually got about 300 kicking about due to the Ally Pally Show being postponed! Did you know that for an extra 25p you could subscribe and get the next two issues as well? After this the subscription goes to a Direct Debit but there is no minimum term. Of course, we hope you love the magazine and continue wanting it, but if you don't you can cancel with ease. Click here to see the offer.
  19. Hi Paul, Let me check why that is. I'll come back to you. Steve
  20. Hi, Yes, Exact Editions has a great search facility. Type in a search term - a layout name for example - and it'll bring up every mention from the archive. And, the current and all future issues are uploaded a week before the print magazine goes on-sale. Hope this helps, Steve
  21. Hi all, Due to the current restrictions on leaving your house and with WHSmiths temporarily closing 60% of its stores, it's not easy getting hold of BRM (and our other titles). But, you can buy it direct from our website with free UK postage: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/Store/Back-Issues/british-railway-modelling We also have many subscriptions offers which are being regularly sent via email. If you're not getting these emails and want to consider a subscription (both print and digital) please message me direct. Stay safe everyone, Steve
  22. We're currently testing a few advert configurations throughout the site.
  23. The ticket will be sent, first class on Monday morning.
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