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  1. I’ve learnt something today. I always thought it was nip.
  2. I thought a previous post had mentioned red-brown as the likely colour. That said, it would stand out a lot, and given the lengths the LNER went to to make steel sided coaches look like teak so they blended in, maybe a teak finish would be just as likely. Dat lining tho. It’s a shame the photo of the end view is so compressed, it does make the lining hard to see.
  3. But how serious must it get before he gets the lining pen out?
  4. I did a lot when I first moved to the Canadian Rockies, and did the same as pH. A move to Vancouver Island (not so easy to get to the US) and an interest in British GNR kicked in, and stayed with me.
  5. If anyone's interested, I did find this on formaldehyde: https://apps.sepa.org.uk/spripa/Pages/SubstanceInformation.aspx?pid=57 . Sorry it's a bit off-topic, but could be useful if you do start cutting MDF in the future.
  6. I'm sat next to an Emblaser Core at the moment that is slowly engraving a garden sign into slate. I upgraded from Emblaser 1 at the end of last year, and I must admit it's been one of my better decisions. I can cut through the 3mm mdf from 4D Model shops, and thin ply, thicker ply doesn't seem to work for me. I'm incredibly happy indeed Darkly Lab's support - they replaced a part on the Emblaser 1 for free even though the machine was out of warranty - I had to just pay postage. There are a couple of people on here with CO2 laser cutters that love them, but build quality seems to vary, so it's worth talking to CO2 owners about their machines before making a decision. Good luck! -- and with that, 8 1/2 hours of engraving has just finished.
  7. Blender 3D has allows me to write in dimensions to 6 decimal places. It's free, and is a modelling program, but it's got quite the learning curve.
  8. We looked into this at the GNR Society, and came to the same conclusion. There's also a clause that some photos that were out of copyright can, in some cases, have copyright revived. In our case, the photo collection is viewable by members only, and is *generally* 1923 and earlier, so most of them are out of copyright.
  9. No problem Chris. I'm not on here that often to be fair
  10. Good lord, the Old King Lud - I once went to a leaving do there, I'd no idea who was leaving but they had a great buffet as a send-off. https://www.closedpubs.co.uk/london/ec4_fleetstreet_oldkinglud.html
  11. On a slight tangent to the thread title, one thing that's available is Model Railroader Video Plus. It is full of how-to videos, review videos and multi-video layout builds for $45USD p.a. One contributer, Cody Grivno, has built up a following on the channel. I was a subscriber for a while a few years ago, and it was pretty good. I have no idea how well it's working, if at all, but it's an interesting sideline and a seems to be a way of making money from all the videos they have created.
  12. Living in Canada, British magazine worldwide subscription rates are outside my budget, so going digital made a huge difference to me. When I first started subscribing I really didn’t care for digital magazines for the same reason others have mentioned, but I got used to them fairly quickly, and I wouldn’t read them any other way now. I’m on holiday at the moment, and I have my entire collection of BRMs with me for when the rain really starts bucketing down. I find nowadays that I tend read the magazine for inspiration/ armchair modelling, and the internet for ‘how-tos’. That said, I love books. I bought a digital book the other day and I just can’t get into it at all, so I’m going to get and read the tree-based version.
  13. On the different heights, Wainfleet, Lincs used to have a low platform that necessitated the use of a set of steps. Back in the 70’s, my sister fell between the platform and a 1st gen DMU because she stumbled on the step. The opposite platform was higher as it had been built later when the line was doubled. Both platforms are now The same height, with the original station building now slightly below the new platform level.
  14. oh, it’s very easy, believe me. There are a lot of different parts that have to be defined, and I’d say it would be unusual to get everything right the first go. Here’s how I know. It was not the first iteration of the coach, and I’m designing the brake now, which will be even flakier until I get my first test build done. your model is looking fantastic.
  15. An A-W D1 any day of the week, and you only need one to collect the whole fleet.
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