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  1. Well no. Lots of people are appaled that a man who claims responsibility for directing the national strategy broke so many of the rules they put in place, and that the majority of the population have followed obediently is only part of it. Lying about it to cover it up, claiming people who reported it were lying, his wife publishing in the Spectator a piece which makes it look as if they never left London, these are all things we do not want our government to be involved in. Exceptionalist pusilanimity is the reason he should be removed. He cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of the nation, yet he appears to remain at the heart of government.
  2. On another board I was pointed at this list https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WTQYRT74WhpXmGqFLOfK3uFqEHdLkjBBfzLCPSL4cao/edit May not be completely accurate, but it is exhaustive and a good starting point for research if anyone is interested in passenger stuff
  3. Anyone know the prototype road(s) for these Rivarossi HO head end cars sold painted for NYC? The baggage car is 73' (71' body)and the baggage/RPO is 70' (67'6" body) (photos from Anglo-American Model Railways shop where I bought them)
  4. This is a very impressive and inspiring approach. So impressive I have decided I would try something similar myself, but probably a passenger terminal, rather than through, a fictional Chicago, although with trains that did run, just not into the same station, which will have to be called Chicago Grand Central Union Station to cover all the bases. Date range 1937-41.
  5. No need to muck about with badly designed fake steam punk when the real thing actually existed. I'm working towards this one in a different (non pre-grouping) life (warning: colourised picture)
  6. Thanks for all comments. Yes research is ongoing. Principally Pennsy through the PRRHS, but also NYC and IC. The Illinois Central appears to be the least accessible. Their historical siociety has just folded and merged membership with the Monticello Museum, which means that it is more focussed on volunteering there than anything else. When it comes to (ish) factual questions like this I'm trying to avoid buying expensive books from the US, although this is ultimately unavoidable. Regarding cars the Bachmann P70 looks pretty reasonable, and since it will need repainting into early brighter Tuscan I can buy any road that is reasonably priced second hand. Surprisingly the older Roundhouse and Model Power Harrimans seem a pretty reasonable starting point for bashing quite a lot of IC heavyweight stock. Anything newly manufactured is frighteningly expensive.
  7. Thanks guys. Excellent info. I have found consists for the "name" trains that might appear, but was completely at a loss for the locals and commuter stuff. As and when things begin to be constructed I will post here. Looks like there will be lots of kitbashing and scratchbuilding to get accurate consists, which will be interesting as it looks as if most of the specialist suppliers of kits and bits have folded or become deceased.
  8. I'm used to UK practice, where each independent section of a train needed a guard, either in a seperate van, or in a special compartment in a passenger/brake carriage, either at the rear or in the middle of the train, but I'm not clear what US practice in the steam era was (specifically 30s 40s). It is clear that a combine, which looks like a UK passenger/brake, is mostly just a passenger and baggage car, and in lots of cases sits at the head end of a train; and I know that "head end" cars such as express reefers could also be tagged onto the tail end if they needed to be detached en-route. So are there any rules, or general practice, about what types of cars are allowed/required at the tail end of a passenger consist? I'm aware of observation cars, but cleary they weren't carried on every train, and they don't usually have any kind of "guard" function. The usual solution of looking at photos is hampered by the fact that very few photos are of tail ends, unless they feature an observation car.
  9. As the West Norfolk was earlier being confused with a vaguely similarly named US railroad I thought it might be time for the Company to join the big league and streamline one of its' blue ribbon passenger trains. Mainly because I saw this streamlined 2-4-0 being tested on the Chemins de fer del'Etat 1884-5 and thought it ticked all the boxes.
  10. a bit of a sweeping statement there Mr Northroader.
  11. I found a measured diagram of the PRR Fleet of Modernism colour scheme online, but failed to bookmark it. The only image I have is unreadable so useless. Anyone have any idea where this online resource is? Or have the info on the scheme layout measurements they can send me?
  12. I just received a Caledonian tender from SCC. The print is absolutely excellent, on a par with RTR stuff, and it arrived very rapidly after my order was made. I thoroughly recommend Gavin's Proton products. (I havn't bought anything from Shapeways so don't know about them)
  13. Very impressive station. I'm trying to formulate something similar. how deep is your board from front to back?
  14. Wow Fred/sncf231e! What a stunning collection, and an excellent starting point resource. thanks for posting it.
  15. My cut off point is the end of 1940 . All my diesels (well the three I have) are switchers and were painted in black (IC 9007, EJ&E 401 and EJ&E 213). I have Pennsylvania, Illinois Central, and Erie stock, But I was wondering whether any of the lines coming into Chicago had different coloured cars. I don't think I will be scratch building the Green Diamond (!) and the City of Miami is just too late (December 40). The B&O Capitol Limited, and the NYC Mercury are possibles, as is the UP 49er although like everything it is a matter of sourcing the rolling stock (HO)
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