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  1. The brass bearings oin the pickup side look suspiciously like the sort of thing that you would have if this was actually supposed to be live to the chassis. You can check if the pickup is on the wrong side quite easily. - Bend the pickups so they don't touch the wheels (if this is actually the live side the wheels should be able to draw power from the track) - Put the chassis on the track - Put a croc clip on the track on the side of the chassis that doesn't have the (now bent out of the way) pickups. - touch the wire from the croc clip to the motor where the pickup wi
  2. by the look of it this has a live chassis, with pickups on one insulated side. The contact point for the other side must be the axle bearings. They look pretty grimy to me. Maybe a clean up of the axles and bearings on the live side would improve the situation?
  3. Very nice engine and good comparison with the Terrier. A bit of work with a couple of files would take the door space up to the roof line, which would be a pretty exact match for the Terrier height wise, and then there would be no crew size issue
  4. Doesn't the GWR painting bible tell us that this was only really recorded on a post grouping instruction to a film company?
  5. I think the biggest impact (mentally and physically) is the speed and volume at which information is transmitted, which has increased exponentially in the last decade or so. All this impacts on us mentally in ways we never evolved to handle. As for the speed of transmission in the physical world: it took five years for the Black Death to reach Scotland from its origin in central Asia. Flight time from Wuhan to Edinburgh is apparently 11 hours and 20 minutes. This also impacts us mentally in ways we never evolved to handle. Apparently everyone on Elizabeth Is Privvy Council had killed at least
  6. Latest News! Port Arthur Surrenders to Japanese! A thousand peaceful petitioners massacred by army in St Petersburg! Russian sailors mutiny on Battleship Potemkin! Motor Car fanatics form "Automobile Association"! Matisse exhibits Fauvist daubs in Paris! Police hold back crowds in run on the New York State Bank! Kangra earthquaqe kills 20,000 in India!
  7. Branchlines split axles are available in a standard two part, but also a three part axle, where the gearbox can be mounted on the center portion.
  8. I'm sure they have been mentioned before, but Mech Models of Burton on Trent provide an excellent service for US outline stuff. I have bought (by phone), and also ordered, paints, parts, transfers and rolling stock from them at various times and the service has always been excellent.
  9. The LNWR marshalling instructions show quite a few through coaches going to Welsh destinations from Manchester and Liverpool, but apart from its own line to Swansea and destinations via the Cambrian there isn't a lot going to South Wales. In fact mostly the through coaches listed on these routes seem to be GW.. In 1910 9.25am from Mcr LNW break van with a GW break composite to Cardiff GW; 10.40am from Lpool joined at Crewe to two 45ft break compos to Pembroke Dock from Mcr; There appear to be several break vans from Lpool and Mcr goiung through to Cardiff RR and P
  10. I have a couple of locos already fitted with DCC and I'm thinking of adding sound. they are a Proto 2000 ATSF E3 (powered A unit, unpowered B unit) and a Bachmann PRR K4. I would like the A and B units to start and shut down in sequence: would this require two decoders, or is there a decoder scheme that will simulate the two locos? Any recommendations to avoid or go for?
  11. Something to be aware of is that early refereces to "chocolate" as a colour are clearly linked to "purple". Earlier still statues of emperors in Rome were made in a stone called "porphyry" (meaning purple) because purple was the colour associated with the emperor, but if you look at them (the statrue of the tetrarchs looted from Constantinople and now in St Mark's Venice is a good example) you would have to say that many are a decidely "brown" shade, rather than a bluish shade, of red. The other issue is that lake is not a soluble pigment, but is a powder held in suspension in a m
  12. It may even be worse. Perhaps they have become speculative currency.
  13. I'm finding this discussion of reddish brown fascinating, not because I intend modelling the SER or SECR (my LNWR stuff is getting PP Lake and it will have to like it), but because I am foolishly about to start making some coaches for another railway in a difficult to achieve scheme and want to be happy with the colour I end up with. The relevance to this discussion is that the scheme ran in (just about) living memory, and was illustrated in photography and art, and the main colour was variously described as "redder than it was later". The colour is used by Pennsylvania Railroad and official
  14. The tank engine appears also to be interesting for the fact of it being what you might call a "half cab", except that instead of the half being front to back it is side to side, with consequently only one window on the spectacle plate.
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