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  1. Thanks - I'll change the database accordingly.
  2. I've updated details for the early 2MT's - 1205 was new to Derby shed week ending 21/12/1946. There is a discrepancy on the database - not sure if it went to Derby (17A) or Bank Hall (27A) w/e 31/12/1960. Any ideas?
  3. However, if you check those locos individually, you can see they were based at Kittybrewster from new - check the SLS allocations: http://brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=locodata&id=80021&type=S&loco=80021 These discrepancies will, one day, make their way into the main allocation history where they belong.
  4. One thing I need to put to bed once and for all: on my site, www.brdatabase.info, two GWR 0-6-0PT's, nos 9700 & 9701 are listed as having been allocated to Stratford (ER/LNER) in the 1940's. This is a parsing error. Both of these engines, at the time of allocation, had an GER/LNER equivalent, and it is these engines that should be listed as allocated to Stratford. It's the kind of mistake anyone can make after having consumed an eclectic array of real ales! As others have surmised, 9700 and 9701 refer to N7's. A Collett Goods 0-6-0 No 2238 is also listed in 1946 - this should have been Startford-Upon-Avon. Incidentally, a Hawksworth 0-6-0PT No 9401 *was* loaned to Stratford in 10/1/1957 - 2/6/1957. The fixes for the three mistakes are not as simple as you would expect so I will fix this perhaps over Easter. Ian
  5. Thanks Andy, I'll look these up. Is there any more detailed info for these renumberings anyone?
  6. I do have pre-1948 allocations for some locos, mostly LNER (I have all GWR allocations going back to 1903 but haven't had time to enter them - direct from documents held at the National Archive). I will enter data for the Black 5's at some point from the source you cite, but illness and work take precedence I'm afraid. While I'm here, does anybody have renumbering data for LMS locos - I'm looking for detailed info on locos numbered by the LMS - including duplicates - I really need dates. Once I have that I can populate further allocations (the allocations match to loco numbers - obviously - but if I don't know what number any one loco had at any one time, the process is nigh on impossible). Ian www.brdatabase.info
  7. I dropped the .com as not many people accessed the site that way - .info it is
  8. The service is now up and running again. My apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  9. Wahay! I haven't got time to test it thoroughly, but I think it is up and running again. Please let me know if you have any problems.
  10. The BRDatabase website has had connection issues recently and this is a quick headsup. The hosting company, who have been less than helpful, have denied access to parts of the database because of high cpu and high RAM hits. I fixed some errors recently and this has meant a refresh of the cache files which is putting a heavy load on the server. I am in the process of removing some of the worst queries and replacing them with 'data warehouse' tables which essentially means that the server will be under a smaller load. I am looking to move away from the hosting company - they recently increased their basic plan cost by 500% and removed interactive chat support. So I am looking elsewhere, but the cost of running the website has increased considerably since I started. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. As for the data, I have completely refreshed everything (offline) from 1946 to 1968 with the exception of a handful of months in 1965/6 which I will add in the next week or so. Then I will check the quality of the data and once that is done, BRDatabase should be much more accurate and reliable. Also, the facelift is imminent ... In the meantime, I apologise for the problems everyone is facing and I hope to get them resolved as soon as possible. That might mean a bit of downtime for maintenance, so please bear with me. Ian
  11. Hi all, I have had a few enquiries about the state of BRDatabase recently. I haven't updated the site for several years and there are known problems with it. My enthusiasm for the project has been low in recent times - this has been primarily due to my youngest daughter being seriously ill throughout 2015, and I have been unwell myself this year. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had done lots of work behind the scenes, including better quality data - since then I have spent a lot of time at the National Archives in Kew, obtaining accurate information from their records. The data is comprehensive but also there is tons of it. Therefore, putting it into the website is a massive task for one person. As far as I am concerned, the website is just in the doldrums and sooner or later I will get the enthusiasm back to add more data and iron out the various bugs (like Scottish Granges!). In the meantime, I am happy to field any questions that may come my way and I thank you for your continued support. Ian
  12. Just to throw a spanner in the works (no pun intended), there used to be a parcels train (usually six vehicles) that ran to Bristol (I think) about 3:30 at Wantage Road - so 3:45ish Swindon, that was rostered for an ER (usually Stratford) 31 or 37. It used to return about 9:30pm. Saw some good uns on that, not least the fabled 37283 that filled a massive line in my spotters book, surrounded as it was by regular and familiar WR engines.
  13. I want to include all depots at some point - sheds and subsheds (with or without allocations) from pre-grouping days until 1997 - but it is a lot of work and I have other things to do. However, please keep the critiques coming in so I can get them right. One or two points: 1875 is just a default start date and is presented until I know the correct date - perhaps I should omit those. Ashford & Ashford Chart Leacon always confused me - I'll sort them out Shed codes pre-1923 (except for Midland & some LNWR) are guesses - my database expects a shed code (in this iteration) so I needed something. The next iteration won't need codes so I'll be able to be more accurate on that issue. Shed locations changed over the years, and there is too much detail (see Griffiths & Smith) to manage so at the moment it will be a best effort. Thanks for your continued support.
  14. I have used data from brdatabase.info to produce an interactive google map of most of the sheds (pre-1997) in the UK - it is a work in progress and I will update it in the future (rather than in the past which is, unfortunately, rather tricky!). Each flag links to the shed info on brdatabase which, of course, is also a WIP. Let me know what you think. Map
  15. I photographed 43002 'Top of the Pops' at Didcot on it's record breaking run - see link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/d863/15620977947/in/set-72157646993348704/
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