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  1. Don't you just love it when... The gutters and so on for the cottages arrived from Modelu the other day, so this morning I had a good look. Lovely little bits and pieces - except for the outlets that I forgot to order! I want to get the gutters on before I go near it with paint - my head is still whirling with all the advice - it's a good job I have some wagon kits and lamps to get on with...
  2. I tried out the talc and Phil’s beach sand ideas today. Beach sand won hands down! The talc came out far too white but it might do for the inside of the clay dry though! The sand I have came from a beach in County Donegal nearly 20 years ago (don’t ask!) so it was about time I found a use for it. As a second test I used it with some grey paint for the back path of ‘KMRC Cottages’ . It doesn’t look far off compared to the famous ‘bus photo’. Weirdly it looks finer in real life than it does in the photo. It’s hard to tell but in some photos
  3. I was hoping to find something that I could paint on, maybe paint with talc dusted on... Tamiya do some very fine texture paint I think, although it’s not cheap. Whatever, it needs to be very fine. I’ve wondered about grey aerosol sprayed from a distance so that it’s like a semi-dry dust when it ‘lands’... A bit like the lump of old chipboard I put things on to spray. In the old photos I’ve seen the porches seem to have rendering that is coming off. I’ve made them from Wills sheets, so I need to be able to do that. The lintels are also just visible through the rendering.
  4. Those are my 'weapons of choice' too. Although I would add that I use the grey etch primer on anything metal. Being idle, the grey primer does for BR wagon grey - when it's weathered it's hard to tell any different.
  5. A bit more work on the cottages. Porches. lintels and so on. Not identical to the ones at Burngullow but my version is not a replica of the real place. I’ll leave it for now until the gutters and chimneys arrive from Modelu (they are on ‘back order’). I already have some York Modelmaking slates which I will use. As to replicating the grotty rendering, I’m still scratching my head! Thoughts are stirring about how to make a start on the linhay....
  6. I’m glad you like it John. To see some of the comments elsewhere you’d think it was an awful thing. I will be having one but I can’t make my mind up. They weren’t all that common in Cornwall. BR black would be obvious but I fancy a green one. In my period 6301 was in lined green but ran with an unlined tender - that would be interesting... 6397 was unlined green so I could do that from the GW liveried one with the smokebox number plate and change the tender insignia. There again I might do 6305 in plain black... Confusing myself! Hopefully I’ll make my mind up before they’re all go
  7. A little while back I think I suggested I was going to try a WWS half relief cottage for the terrace on the up side of the line. The other day I happened to be looking at the Petite Properties website and noticed this half relief kit. It looked even more ideal and it duly arrived on the doormat. Although the roof needed modifying from hipped to gable it certainly was an ideal starting point, being almost the exact size I'd guesstimated. It sits on a base to which will be added the front porches and flower (or weed!) beds. Next job is to make said porches which I think is going to t
  8. Thank you. That’s handy! I’m quite accustomed to converting day to day engineering units but this is handy for modelling work. - Being lazy I often guess! I may not use it a lot but I have lots of tools I only use now and again.
  9. Bridget was my second, totally different in character to the first but both rewarding to have in my life. To some people they have a bad reputation but if you put the effort in and give them the support they need, they are wonderful loyal, characterful and friendly dogs. Both of them melted many hearts. I take that as supreme compliment. Thank you.
  10. I'm afraid the modelling mojo went for a burton last week when we had to take our Jack Russell on the awful 'last journey to the vet'. She was almost 16 and I'd had her from a pup. Old age was taking it's toll though and a few days ago she went downhill fast. Possibly a stroke we think. She could be the very devil with other dogs that didn't meet with her approval but at the first sight of a child would roll over on her back for her tummy to be tickled. We still have our scruffy Shih-zhu thank goodness. He's lost his partner in crime of course and is now spoiled like mad. When I h
  11. I believe the Treviscoe plant has been mothballed. Don't know about the railway but I can't see them ripping it just yet. Of course I could be talking rubbish!
  12. That's very interesting. Thank you. I was only young but I remember ordinary containers being unloaded by hand crane at Falmouth station c1962/3. I'm very clear on this because I used to stand there with Dad watching the poor blokes wind the crane up and down! There were Scamell Scarabs with trailers 'at the ready'. I presume that meat containers for ship provisions would have been unloaded in the docks?
  13. Made me shiver watching that! You should have warned us we'd need a coat...
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