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    Most things that are loud and fast and that includes our Jack Russell...

    Railway wise... the west country, Scotland's class 37s, the products of Swindon - steam or diesel, Maybach music. Deltics are cool too. I admire designs that stood the test of time, for instance GW Castles, Gresley Pacifics and HSTs.

    I like some American stuff, especially E and F units...

    Other things. Motorsport - especially rallying, animals, beer, photography, cars, live music, travel. Too much really!

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  1. Very nice John. I’m tempted to do a ‘copycat’! Most of my P numbers are just a convenient number like yours. I’ve done a similar thing to a Powsides ‘West of England China Clay’ wagon - bit out of period but it makes for a little variety. Sorry no photo as I’m away from home. I produced a few numbers by applying a Bxxxxxx and then carefully painting over the bottom part of the B so it becomes a P. I’m not sure how I managed to achieve this (!) but it looks fine under weathering and uses up transfers I’ve no use for.
  2. In creating a part of Cornwall as accurately as I am able I’ve researched the prototype, built baseboards, laid and wired track (DCC ) , constructed wagons, created scenery, buildings and bridges. I’m taking the first steps of filling in the carriage fleet with built or modified items. As yet though I haven’t had the need to build locomotives - although none of my fleet are ‘straight out of the box’. I hope that qualities me as a modeller. However, in relation to the quoted statement I fear that a growing portion of society is incapable of doing anything for itself - including think!
  3. A similar view here. Any damage problems - very few - have been down to my own stupidity. I've even managed to lift and relay pointwork with no damage. The pointwork involved was secured with Copydex.
  4. Thank you once again Brian and I’m glad you are ‘ex works’. I don’t think I’m asking too much for the following! Surely any of them - possibly excepting the Toad - would be a good bet for any manufacturer? The W12 and O13 are begging for the Accurascale treatment. So… 2 Vac braked Toad. Any 4 wheel diagram. 4 Cattle wagon W12. 8 17’ 6” open wagon. 12 12ton China clay O13 and/or 1/051 - I need another 10 or so and I’m getting bored with building kits!
  5. I've had a copy of 'Days of the Holiday Express' for some time time Brian. An outstanding book as you say. It's in my bookcase next to 'Summer Saturdays in the West'. As much as of railway interest they are also a social history lesson. My personal time machine. Incidentally, although it was diesel days by then, I can remember standing in a queue with my parents outside Paignton station waiting to be allowed on to the platform. Once on the station it was similar to the photo above (Torre?).
  6. 2 and 3 Brian please for the general choice. 3 for the focussed. I'd probably buy a couple of either of these but the others are either outside my sphere of interest or too similar to items already in, or planned, production,
  7. Just a 'heads up' that the tea rooms at Carrog station are now open Friday to Sunday.
  8. Whilst I've used the Peco product on my layout - and I'm quite happy - if I'd built my own s & c the overall look would be much better. As it is, the main line has to be on a straight over the pointwork wheres it would look much better if everything had been constructed on a curve. I did build my own for a layout I built in my 20s, ply and rivet construction. It's not that difficult but patience, eyesight and time aren't what they were! Have a go Jesse, if you can build brass wagon kits you can build track, I'm sure you'll be glad you did!
  9. Just a note to flag up great service from Railtec. Great personal service with a discussion on exact colour plus quick turn round at a very reasonable price.
  10. For any manufacturer a decent milk tank is an empty football stadium, let alone an open goal! The type with the trailer load would be interesting - and I would buy one - but I think a tank wagon has greater 'manufacturer appeal'. They would likely be over £30 a pop but over a period of time I would buy several. Similarly an 'ordinary' cattle wagon would be another wallet emptying item. So... Definitely multiple purchases: 8 Milk Tank Wagon – 6-wheel, twin tank Diag.O41/ Diag. O50 9 Milk Tank Wagon – 6-wheel, ladders/filler at one end Diags. O57 & O60 Choice 13 - W12 Cattle wagon I would have one or two of: 10 Milk Tank Truck – 6-wheel with Dyson Milk Road Trailer Load. I'd buy a Mica or an Insixfish but only because they were there, so I'd rather focus my votes on the above. Finally, I hope someone from Accurascale is reading this!
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