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    Railway wise... the west country, Scotland's class 37s, the products of Swindon - steam or diesel, Maybach music. Deltics are cool too. I admire designs that stood the test of time, for instance GW Castles, Gresley Pacifics and HSTs.

    I like some American stuff, especially E and F units...

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  1. Very nice indeed John and some good lateral thinking there to help a bodger like me too! If these ever get re-introduced I'll be trawling my library to see if any lasted into the 1950s.
  2. I shall very much enjoy keeping up with this. A fine model of a characteristic location.
  3. I try not to post too many photos of items that I haven’t had at least some small personal input but I’ve got make an exception for this - even though my input was just to supply a colour photo. Laira’s long time resident, 5175 arrived this morning from Grimey Times and to say I’m pleased is an understatement. I only noticed the various tones around the smokebox when I was taking the photo, they are that subtle. The smokebox is prototypically a slightly different shade compared to the boiler barrel. Oily motion has also been captured, something that many miss. All done at a very modest cost and packaged so well it would have survived an earthquake. The gods being willing there will definitely be more work going Steve’s way from me.
  4. My 51 arrived from Grimey Times today. I have to say I’m thoroughly pleased. Renumbered to 5175 and weathered using a supplied photo at very reasonable cost. A great big thumbs up is due. After 30 minutes or so running in the loco is very smooth and quiet. As far as the coupling issues mentioned, I’m happy that the front socket is tucked well out of the way because it will never be used. My only criticism is the cab doors which seem to be fixed in the half open position which would never be on the real thing. They may be tweakable but I hesitate to prod at the moment!
  5. I agree with the 'leave it aloners' Rob. If anything I'd say randomly remove some of what's there to make it more patchy. ...Spoken by someone who is about to start struggling with this very aspect! Making it look natural is much harder than many think.
  6. Absolutely agree. I’ve ranted about this elsewhere already so I won’t clog up this thread by repeating it here. With similarly hard work I’m now in a ‘reliable situation’ but getting there was frustrating in the extreme.
  7. I’ve been having a fiddle with my scenery head on today. Progress on the up overbridge and thoughts about the adjacent scenic break. I positioned a cardboard barn mock up at the end of the fiddle yard and from most angles the trains satisfyingly appear from behind the barn. The barn is actually over the ends of the sidings and has to be quickly removable to use a cassette but I think this is the way to go. Much better than an overbridge or tunnel in an unlikely place. I also discovered another photo angle... Contortions with the phone on Selfie mode saw Roundhill Grange heading out of the up refuge siding.
  8. Highlight in the history of the ECML has to be Mallard's epic run. In my view the 'lowlight' is the re-adoption of the LNER name in recent times.
  9. I'm with Clive on the AL5.
  10. The trouble with having a layout that works is that trains get run and work on the railway stops! I’ve done a bit more on the sequence this week, a few bits of minor maintenance and introduced a new engine - so lots of ‘testing’ took place. The new loco is Laira’s last Star 4054 Princess Charlotte, seen here on the 7:45pm Kensington milk empties passing 4206 on the 1:30am Tavistock Junction class F which has been put inside for it to pass. The bus must have broken down, it’s been there for months! 4054 was weathered by TMC but when it arrived I dealt with the odd jobs such as coal, lamps, ‘in cab ski jump’, crew etc. plus fitting new smoke box door handles, the originals having been detached by Royal Mail. I’d never actually seen one of these models close up before it arrived. Much is made of the ‘bookcase’ on the cab sides but the first thing I noticed was the size and position of the reverser stand - such that the driver would have sit on the tender. Fortunately I had a spare correctly sized one from a Bachmann Hall so this was swopped in. Seeing the photos, the (Modelu) lamps need weathering. The passing view shows that not only does the fireman have time for a brew, he’s also been able to polish the regulator handle! (Muggins forgot to paint it!) Much head scratching is going on with grass etc, so everything is a work in progress. Just trying to get a feel for materials and colours at the moment. The layout is predictably set in summer but it seems that many products sold as ‘summer’ are far too garish. I like the Woodland Scenics ground foams though - they seem to make a good representation of broad lead weeds and small bushes.
  11. Good luck with the new train room Paul. Our kitchen is fine but we are waiting for a Covid 19 3 piece suite. On order since January, it is promised for Tuesday...
  12. Interesting and confusing Pete. The web page shows the 'straight top link' type (my description, not sure it's the right one) which makes sense for diesel locos. I'm probably missing something as usual!
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