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  1. Mine arrived today and I very impressed. Thanks to birdseyecircus for heads up! steve
  2. As for Carrot casting, how about Laurence Fox? He even has red(dish) hair. steve
  3. Bubwith platforms revealed. No idea what is going on but, sadly, unlikely to be a preface to the line reopening. steve
  4. That sounds a mite less ambitious than the original plan... steve
  5. Hope it all went well! steve (MM&D MRC Country member!)
  6. PRA and Turbot ordered yesterday morning for standard delivery. This was handed. to me by the postie today. Now that's what I call service! Well done Kernow and the GPO. steve
  7. That's a cracking phot! As to your enquiry, have a delve in a Walthers Catalogue, steve
  8. I can probably do you 3 or 4 sets from my figures box. Kettle wranglers are no use to me. Would be after Xmas though. If you're interested PM me your address. Maybe other RMWebbers have some spares and could help out too? steve
  9. Have you thought of showing this to the real firm? They might be interested in it for publicity. steve
  10. Great prototype for not getting your fencing straight too... steve
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