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  1. Surely the obvious line that shouldn't have had to close is the Lynton & Barnstaple? Classic scenic route and serious tourist potential. Plus, have you ever driven to Lynton or tried parking there? Yes, I know it's started now but it was a lost opportunity. steve
  2. Car magazines are full of comparison reviews - small SUVs one week, executive saloons the next, etc - hi-if mags review speakers, amps and such, camera mags will compare DSLRs. So why don't model railway mags do comparison reviews of models? Yes, they do minor items, like glue or scenic materials, which, although useful, are really small beer. Will any mag do a comparison review of the 3 Class 25 locos that have all appeared on the market, more or less at once? These are all big ticket models and potential purchasers might like to know which is the best one for their mo
  3. This one of the low relief “factory” units. All it needs now is the tank and pipework painting and weathering, prior to fitting. steve
  4. As an adjunct to the Pictures thread, what three exhibitions do you always look forward to/enjoy most? By which I mean regular events, not one particular year or a one-off show like the infamous MRJ exhibition of 1990. In reverse order, my nominations are: 3) Stowmarket - Nice relaxed atmosphere, great layouts and a pleasant town in which to enjoy an overnight stay. 2) York - Best big show of the lot in my book. Always enjoy it, whether as an exhibitor, demo, steward or even just as a punter. Plus it's only 15 miles from home! 1) DEMU Showcase -
  5. You might want to consider this as a reference book: https://wildswanbooks.co.uk/Books/Slough-Estates-Railway.htm Plus, the latest is of Railway Modeller has an Industrial Modelling supplement. steve
  6. Thanks Joseph. I can see what you mean about the railcard resemblance. It would make a 'Rule 1' tram to my way of thinking, so I may well cop for one. steve
  7. Thanks Johann. I wasn't sure if that Bombadier one was legit as it looked very 'squashed'. steve
  8. I found this, and a few others, when looking for tram models. https://www.waterstones.com/product/local-tram///4006874616466?awc=3787_1617781276_982b6170d318fcad21f074fd8ac4200b&utm_source=259955&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=Genie+Shopping Now to me, this looks a decent representation of a modern tram. Has anyone here any experience of them? Are they able to be motorised? I assume they are statics. Any help gratefully received. Thanks steve
  9. Did Longmoor ever do any actual work, or were they too busy starring in films and TV shows? steve
  10. Inspired by the prototype image showing the back of a notice board I saw in our village, first pic, I painted the rear of a sign that will appear on the layout, second pic. steve
  11. Showcase 2019 @Kier Hardy? steve
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