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  1. Started and finished a Class 20 Loco Society vist to Didcot Power Station in the Prince of Wales in 1984. We met there and a couple of members with cars took us over. Very interesting tour and slideshow, especially the bit about MGR workings. Then it was all back to the PoW for a few ales prior to bashing a 117 DMU back home to Maidenhead. steve
  2. Cleethorpes Light Railway has what it calls The Smallest Pub On The Planet in an ex-signal box that in 4mm is equivalent to the Ratio Ground Frame kit. Good beer too! steve
  3. "Bistro" and "Wine Bar", both very 1980s. steve
  4. I can also personally recommend The Rat Race on Hartlepool station for good beer and novel surroundings. http://www.ratracealehouse.co.uk/ steve
  5. Bridlington has a fine real ale pub / station buffet within the station concourse. Lots of railway memorabilia in it too. steve
  6. When I lived in Maidenhead and worked in the Waterloo area, Crossrail would have given me an alternative commuting route into Padd for the Bakerloo. My chosen bours normally started at 7.30 but I was on flexitime so return could be variable. There was was no way on earth I would have ever even considered driving to my office. It would taken hours and there was nowhere to park anyway. This must surely apply to most folk who work in the commercial part of London. If I was still at my old job, however, I suspect it would have gone over homeworking for some of the time, so less commu
  7. A "tree-mendous" idea perhaps? steve
  8. One thing that has always puzzled me is why so many military modellers seem to concentrate on the (losing) German equipment, as opposed to Allied kit. Is it inherently more interesting technically or something? I did dabble in milmod years ago but kept to softskins, trucks and the like. Mind you, I wasn’t very good... steve
  9. Very rarely have I even considered buying anything from EU member countries. From now on I just won't bother. steve
  10. Apologies to both Pete The E and 0822. I didn't realise you were referring to loco wheels. steve
  11. I ran 2 exhibition layouts in both OO and EM using Ultrascale fitted diesels and didn't have any problems with them at all. I also know I am not alone in this. steve
  12. If you look at my post above yours, it shows the link to the actual replacement wheels on the Peter’s Spares site. steve
  13. Here’s the Peter’s link https://www.petersspares.com/peters-spares-ps34-lima-replacement-115mm-wagon-coach-wheels-x1-pair.ir steve
  14. Colin, You will need to address questions like this to the relevant Govt department to get a definitive answer on that, unless there someone on here who actually works for HMRC. steve
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