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  1. No intention of ever building an "ultimate" layout. I'm a serial layout builder with multiple interests when it comes to prototypes. steve
  2. There can be another modest bonus with using 3 links. A rake of wagons fitted with them when buffered up takes up less room than ones with t/locks or other automatic couplings. Therefore you may be able to get more wagons into a given siding or, possibly more important, headshunt. steve.
  3. See here --> http://www.gaugemaster.com/controls.html steve
  4. I think you're right. And you're right about the price too! steve
  5. I am sure I remember seeing mention in a modelling mag (American?) about a tool for cutting 90deg corners. I've done a search but can only find a heavy duty version that would be overkill for modelling purposes. Does anyone know of a modelling version? Thanks steve
  6. Well, I didn't actually finish the boxfile layout as you can see. However, I did enjoy the miniature version of The Model Railway challenge and thanks to Nick for allowing it to take place. I hope the raffle winner enjoys his prize. I won't als like to thank the stewards for their help during the day with coffee supplies ad bin duty! I didn't get much chance to get a close look at the layouts, but from what I saw they were top notch. steve
  7. Boxfile-layout-to-be and associated material loaded up ready. steve
  8. A new use for Pocklington Station http://www.platformfestival.net/ Contains phtos of the station too. steve
  9. It's not difficult to tell you have milmod experience, just by looking at the weathering. Excellent work and I will keep an eye on this one. Maybe you should be doing the boxfile demo at the Midland Small Layout show on Saturday instead of me! steve
  10. I had the same. I suspect the contract has expired and not been renewed. steve
  11. First run out at Bridlington show. Long way to go still but pleased with how it ran at the show. steve
  12. You should worry Mogtrains. I'm building the layout at the show! steve
  13. There's this too https://www.walthers.com/street-track-insert-set-kit steve
  14. I've just got one of these to try out for Rectory Farm Sidings. Plugging it in and switching on to see if it worked and seems to be just right for the job. steve
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