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  1. Layout dismantled, stand, support box, carpet and stool loaded ready. Just the stick and layout itself to add in the morning. steve
  2. What I didn’t understand after watching the Hornby programme was why they issued the model in a Blue box. Blue was for 3 rail and Red was 2 rail. Logically then, they should be using Red boxes, as the models are clearly 2 rail. steve
  3. Work continues apace ahead of the layout’s appearance at Caistorail next weekend, 23 & 24 Oct. The freight shed has been painted and card templates made for the roof panels. Areas of ground cover have improved and other scenery upgrades made or are in progress. The locos have all been tested and the track cleaned. One new item of stock will be in service. This limited edition van has been ‘devalued’ by being weathered and 3 link couplings added. Some work still to do but it will be running at the show. steve
  4. That photo belongs in the "When the real thing looks like model" thread. Even the background looks like printed backscene. steve
  5. Excellent and well filled shop at the Aylsham end of the railwa. Unlike a lot of shops at heritage/tourist railways this one is worth visiting for its own sake. Very keen procing and a prompt mail mail order and online service. http://www.burevalleymodels.com/ steve (happy customer, no link, all the usual disclaimers)
  6. A historic wall in Norwich showing the various ways it’s been repaired. steve
  7. Ben, You won’t find a RTR Shay in 4mm/OO. Bachmann have done them in 3.5mm/HO but not in their current range, as far as I know. Available second hand so that’s your best bet. steve
  8. They are the work of Neil ‘Rippers’ Ripley, as is the paint on the structure. steve
  9. Work is still progressing, albeit slowly, on the layout. Here's a bit of progress on structures and stock. steve
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