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  1. Ruston, Read and learn. https://www.atgshaving.com/ There are several others but I have found this to be the one best suited to me. steve
  2. I would agree that the Morse setting is a genuine railway enthusiast and modeller's crib rather than a mere set. Studying the layout room, it has the uncoordinated* look of the real thing. steve *A polite way of saying it's a mess...
  3. As Neil rightly points out, it doesn't extract the urine but uses a set of reference points to which non-modellers will be able to relate. On fora for 2 other of my hobbies, hi-fi and wet shaving, anything I post relating to model railways is received positively and with genuine interest. I think that Neil may well be right in that general perception of the hobby is improving. There will, sadly. always be a sneering minority but that applies to any hobby activity that those with narrow minds can't comprehend. steve
  4. I took this pics over 20 years ago at Quainton. Thought they might be useful. steve
  5. It's earlier in the USA thread by me and under Bridge Strikes elsewhere. steve
  6. This is, I believe, the third time this video has been on... steve
  7. Which was a waste of time really as it never ran. There were also occasions when the tender was placed the wrong way round... steve
  8. I have been gradually tinkering with this layout ever since it turned from a lockdown into a redundancy project around about July. There are several elements nearly completed that are off-scene but this is how the main scenic boards stand as at today. steve
  9. Ray & Cida Earl used most of those names for a series of EM layouts in the late 1980s and 1990s. steve
  10. Are you considering one of those Accurascale KUAs for the layout? steve
  11. New type of laser cut fence too. Scale Model Scenery maybe? steve
  12. Platform V2 looks much better than V1. steve
  13. Layout names don't have to be place names. I have built two layouts called Heavy Traffic, one of which was German so became Starker Verkehr. They were both set in industrial parks. The name came from that of a Status Quo album and it was used to describe the amount of railway activity. A layout I have under development at present, is called Rectory Farm Sidings and is just that, Railfreight and PW sidings on the outskirts of an unarmed medium sized town. My US layout is called Duncan's Mine 2 as it is of a mine loading pocket in North Michigan. There are plenty of other
  14. My father was in charge of the ultrasonic testing at Bristol Bath Road from sometime in the 1970s to when he retired in late 1980s. He did other work too so it can't have taken up 100% of his time. steve
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