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  1. The August edition of Hornby Magazine has a review of the Hornby Large Prairie. steve
  2. There has been some ground cover laid but that’s a bit dull. More interesting is the progress on the tin shed. Sides have been added and a central divider created. It is only temporarily in place in the pic as some tweaking is still needed. But this is major progress anyway. steve
  3. Reminds me of Shipston-on-Stour. https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrss3104.htm Which I've never seen modelled. steve
  4. Thanks for the advice and links but I don't buy anything from Ebay. I was hoping an RMWeb member happened to have one (or two) they didn't want any more. Cheers steve
  5. Ah, Zwicky. From my old home town, Slough. In one of those cases of things linking up, my latest boxfile uses Slough Trading Estate, home of Zwicky Pumps, as inspiration. steve
  6. "British Railways apologies for the late arrival of the the 4.15 from Lower Snodbury" steve
  7. Which kit is it please? steve
  8. Thank you. You have saved me the trouble of going through my set to find it as I too remembered the piece. steve
  9. Made a start on ground cover and sections of low relief factory walls on r/h side. Plus there's this sad and neglected container that may find a home on the layout. Not sure on that yet. steve
  10. I have 2 of these in off white. I had always assumed they were too big for a 4mm layout. Thanks for putting me right! steve
  11. Nice work on the Delicia. That's just the sort of 'ordinary' vehicle we need more of on the RTR market. Supercars and classic sports models are all well and good but don't fit regular street scenes. Endless rallies of such vehicles get a bit boring... We need more pickup trucks and vans that aren't just Transits too. steve
  12. There was the one in Rail magazine by a certain Mr P Sutton about Class 31s being given silly names like The Magic Roundabout in the late 1980s (or was early 1990s?). Anyone else remember that? steve
  13. I have a couple of KleinModellBahn wagons and they are very good. Incidentally, Contikits always have an excellent selection of German stock at very reasonable prices. Usual disclaimer, a lot of my German stock came from them. http://www.contikits.com/ steve
  14. Usually a foam track base straight on to the bottom of the box after a spray of fixative to set. Then ground cover of whatever is required. I have also used a cork tile and then laid track and scenery directly on to it. My present project, Clowder Street, will have all 3 boxes set onto ply base for strength as they are all joined together. steve
  15. Did you happen to notice if the Bachy one was still running? Thanks steve
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