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  1. Where are you getting those £10 - that is a bargain? (I thought they have been embargoed)
  2. Fantastic! Can anyone confirm that the lighting on these sets will be damaged on DCC if you don't have a decoder installed?
  3. I would be happy if the rotating axles were optional or removed on future runs - my eyes aren't good enough to see them anyway
  4. One to add to my list in that case. Thanks!
  5. I can see plastic rod can work well if it can fit into the central hook - I'm wondering what diameter you are using and what other uses you are having for it?
  6. Here is an update on my repairs - in case anyone else is interested in these wagons - they are really nice representations but they have some weaknesses. 1/ Underweight - this is easily solved with additional weights 2/ Badly designed couplings - and here is the reason why. Apart from the problem of the spring (more about that below) the danger area is in when you want to swop over NEM couplings. BE REALLY CAREFUL WHEN YOU SWOP COUPLINGS. The process will always require some force to pull couplings out or to push them in, this will cause leverage on the coupling assembly causing them to fail internally -and for the wire spring to fall out. If you can REMOVE the BOGIE easily without damaging the plastic clip, then do so and always support the coupling assembly when doing the exchange. If the bogie feels like it cannot be removed without damaging the flanged clip, then support the coupling socket with pointed tip pliers. The coupling assembly with the spring wire is covered by a plastic lid. I have removed the lid and shown the outline in red. This lid can be pushed off from the force of pushing in new couplings into the NEM socket. That means the spring falls out The lid itself becomes a problem with repairs as it does need to be glued to hold it in place but not so hard that you have to break plastic for the next time you will need to repair it. In my photo you can see I am experimenting with 0.2mm copper wire - working well so far; however I would recommend 0.2mm springy steel wire which I bought from here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/huanshop2015?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 It is a perfect replacement - perhaps slightly better than the Heljan springs which can become bent like this: This is another reason why they fall out A final word of advice - as you can see the spring protrudes either side of the housing for the coupling assembly - this is necessary because it is the sides of the body which hold into place. If the spring is too short, then it will have enough lateral play that it simply falls out of the retaining assembly altogher, if it it too long you won't get the shell back on to the chassis. Because of all of the things that I mentioned above which have to WORK TOGETHER, there are too many ways for somthing to fail - and so they do I hope the advice will help along other modellers, as there is nothng more frustrating than hunting down a wagon like this, quite rare at the moment, then find it repeatedly derails and ruins your fun. I don't expect the new batch from Heljan to address this problem at the current pricepoint - which is why I am taking a lot of interest in the very accomplished looking Kernow IZA Cargowaggons.... Ade
  7. The coupling guide V arrangement is found on so many types of coaches and wagons and seems to work well - but not with the Heljan Cargowaggon. I would concur that lack of weight is the problem, there has to be some amount of rolling resistance for these couplings to work in the curves without pulling the whole of the overly light wagon off the rails. I have had some success adding 2p pieces as weights but in the end the problem is still the unsophisticated spring. When making repairs finding springy steel wire of the same gauge and stiffness is the issue - I have a LOT of wire I have experimented with and they all failed. Like I said - this is the devil's work. Some 0.2mm springy steel wire arrived from China the other day and I will report back on the effectiveness of the repair. The bottom line problem is the springs are just a straight piece of wire and there is nothing to stop them falling out - they then are lost and the wagons derail, I sometimes find the wire weeks later and it takes me a while to figure out where the wire came from! I had the same problem when I was running the Jouef HO Cargowaggon - which is designed in the exact same way. I appreciate Heljan are unlikely to make an improvement to the wagon (we shall see when the new versions come out) but it would be inexpensive to supply these springs as spares.
  8. Okay. So not in time for Christmas then...
  9. Does anyone know if Hornby are going to release a TTS decoder for the Class 87?
  10. Don't know if this would accompany any of the Bachmann Cranes recently released but this seems a good price for a limited edition breakdown coach? https://footplate.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=103&products_id=3932
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