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  1. Sorry to hear that. I had the same problem after installing into Heljan 47. It seems that model draws more current than the chip can sustain. (500mA) Bachmann and Vitrains 47 have been fine
  2. Further to my last post - I returned to my Class 56 after putting down a new circuit - the noise was still terrible. Squealing sound. Having read through this post I decided to look at the square axle mounts either side of the worm gear (on top of the bogie tower) After taking apart I found the culprit - metal dust, from lack of lubrication at the factory I guess, followed by friction of the steel axle on the brass nuts. Quick clean and lubrication and it runs perfectly silently. Now the problem are those lighting contacts. Good luck with yours
  3. What transfers are available for the HST Prototype model - for the double arrows and running numbers?
  4. Thanks for uploading this video. Reminds me of stories about ladies assembling fiddly vacuum tubes by hand - the UK was a world leader until the semi-conductor industry undercut the industry in speed and cost. I imagine something similar will happen with 3D printing in the near future?
  5. Isn't all about creating existing railways to allow greater freight movements by rail?
  6. Having watched the A40 widening in Acton, over the course of 20 years, many, many houses were compulsorily purchased (with public money) and demolished in order (I assume) to widen the road where it bottlenecks from 3 to 2 then back to 3 lanes. In the end that section was not widened. The land (I assume) was sold off to property developers and now has garish flats being built. What I don't understand is whether the public money spent was recouped from the land sale or has been 'lost' Similarily I am sure the land liberated from the initial HS2 demolition works will not be left idle in the event of the project being cancelled.
  7. photos now up on Hattons website
  8. Has anyone purchased the Network Rail yellow version? I'm not sure about the colours of the photos on Olivias Trains website, when they are compared to the Hattons website - which 'looks right' to me.
  9. Why is there a bullseye on my back for my post when two posts above this one somebody is risking libel? Perhaps lock this thread until the liquidators have submitted their conclusions in writing
  10. You should be able to get money back from Paypal due to item not received if within the deadline?
  11. Hello Mr Hornby thanks for releasing some Network Rail livery coaches at very reasonable prices - prices on a certain auction site were getting ridiculous oh - by the way have you seen the price for a pair of HST cars in Network Rail livery recently....?
  12. No bogie issues with my RF 90. Curious that so many contributors on this site have all had the same fault (with quality control)? Hopefully this will convince Bachmann to have another go as quickly as possible and this time with RES and EWS liveries on the side
  13. one part of me thinks this is very funny, the other part of me thinks there is something about this in very poor taste and the other part of me thinks this is quite funny
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