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  1. Worth pointing out that there is a much broader and better quality 2nd hand market available. Just mentioning it as by coincidence I paid 2nd hand £100 for a super detailed A4 with a brand new TTS chip. I also still think the Airfix Mk2d has been an amazing model - still commands high prices and often see it resprayed into NR livery.
  2. The problem with sound locos is that you are probably going to run 4 of them at a maximum but you may have to chip twenty of them In an ideal world if you had 10 class 37's you would be able play sound on the two that you are playing with at any one time, without having to remove and reinsert the chips between them- or the terribly expensive alternative of 10 sound chips. This is where the market place would be crying for an innovative solution -
  3. Yes I have been making trees, platforms, wagons had a go at casting resin parts when the spares weren't available, 3D printing etc and I guess other readers will have to do this with a full time job and a family in the mix as well as invading the loft space, flooring and lining it. For myself I do about 95% modelling and 5% actual playing. After all of that Well for example - I would build a Genesis FNA Barrier wagon because there is no other option and it is easy to get a good result. On the other hand for example the Genesis kit FNA nuclear wagon retailed about £20 - £25 and the Bachmann goes for about £30, has better detail, better wheels and will have better paint work. I may want to sell my boxed Bachmann FNA in the future and it will hold it's value well. When you actually compare and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of kits against the RTR - well it is no wonder Bachmann are able to sell their steam crane for over £200 It's not rocket science!
  4. I think the reluctance of Hornby to move away from 8 pins suggests a major rollout of TTS chips across the range Fingers crossed the APT and 87 for example are released this year.
  5. Tin plate models were replaced by plastic injection moulding, since when the only developments in the body work has been finer detailing in the moulds and addition of separate details such as glazing and handrails. 3d printing will become the dominant method of production. It is inevitable because it provides excellent detail, avoids manufacture, quality control and storage of large, expensive and time limited moulds. It will require a new manufacturer to break through with the technology as the big boys are heavily tied up with the methods and expertise they have already invested in. This is why we see reluctance to move on from 40 year old mouldings. This all assumes the demand does not decline in future years. What it does mean is we could see manufacturing in the Uk again send at affordable prices
  6. I'm only quoting what I have paid for myself - but I agree that you may expect to pay more. As it is I am going to Ally Pally where I will ask Dapol if we will be seeing any Blue and yellow Class 73's in a 3rd run - fingers crossed
  7. Well done. I have used those decoders - you will probably need to fine tune CV2 and CV3 to stop it shooting off like a whippet!
  8. Just been shopping for some cast figures and details from Langley Models and noticed 10% off use code febdeal Langley Models will be at Ally Pally -- if you want to save on postage. Mae sure you ask them to bring the items along - they always sell out of some items such as cement mixers! No connections with the business - just a satisfied customer.
  9. Unfortunately this model has suffered a few gremlins in the first production run. The 2nd run many (not quite all) the problems solved, a really good improvement over the Limby model Same as yourself I was very disappointed with the BR Blue livery error and was surprised there wasn't a revision in the second tranche of models. Unfortunately no suggestion of a third production run yet with a BR Blue in it. I was considering my own respray but there is a lot of fine detail that needs removing and then a strip down in brake fluid. You could contact DCC supplies for spare body shells and opt for a different livery (about £35) they may also do the spare sand box. Respray can a lot be more expensive and often long waiting times but as it is an easy livery you may get away with just £50. I have locos from Lees Locos and Bens Resprays which were excellent work - there are others out there as well Lastly read through the Class 73 thread about the modifications to electrial pick ups - these are pretty vital to get smooth running - as well as the PCB modification.
  10. Are these not delayed to end of Q2 to beginning of Q3? https://www.hattons.co.uk/153958/dapol_4d_005_000_class_59_0_59002_alan_j_day_in_foster_yeoman_livery/stockdetail.aspx
  11. With this model I remove one of the drive shafts and it runs perfect Two drive shafts - there appears to be too much friction in both gear trains - although after prolonged running in this does improve While doing all of these experiments I notice that running with both drive shafts is okay with the body shell off - it appears that everyting is a bit tight inside the chassis and the designers didn't factor in much slack. In fact so tight that nothing will turn at all when you close it all up again I don't remember but I think the drivshafts are single, solid piece of plastic and so no give. Compare that to say a Hornby Class 60 which has a split drive shaft with variable length. I would recommend body shell off remove a drive shaft try on DC and then DCC Good luck
  12. Thanks - if not hopefully you will have a livery sample in your display case. See you there - hope you have a great show.
  13. Still enjoying my Hattons tea mug...will it be possible to buy a ONE livery 66 at Ally Pally?
  14. My printer is an Ultimaker clone and for PLA printing onto a raft I ghet good results when I warm the bed to 85'C I have left some advice on your (other) viaduct thread
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