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  1. Hattons must have done some research before starting this project. Cranes are a regular favourite in the RMWeb wishlist so they would have known what profit and demand to expect. It may well be that there was too much uncertainty in projected costs and delivery times to make this viable. However fingers crossed someone else will see the potential and may even produce a model which doesn't have the jibs fixed in place
  2. You can still order them on their website Time to put your money where your mouth is and get them to change their mind with a flurry of orders?
  3. On Gaugemaster website HN-OO-CL128-105(S) Part 105 PCB 21 Pin w/Connectors5056397828340 £1.00 Currently Unavailable Well - at £1 it would be worth buying as a spare. Perhaps they can get one for you on back order?
  4. When you contacted Heljan, did they advise any way in which to trouble shoot the problem? If I was in your position I would immediately suspect the PCB and replace it. See if Gaugemaster have any in stock - surely cheaper than a decoder Coincidentally I am having problems with a Heljan 47 which runs on DC but refuses to run on DCC, so you are not alone...
  5. Lift up the PCB, look underneath. Are the DCC pins insulated, or can they touch the metal of the chassis? Looking at the pin assigments it would be bad news if pin 1 and 22 shorted out, I think pin 1 is a sensor input and my guess is it doesn't take 18V AC On DC 21 and 22 basically go to 19 and 18 and pin 1 should not be connected - so you would be running okay Put some insulation tape if the underside of the PCB is naked - it usually is on Heljan, from my experience. At the same time see if you can spot whether there are any solder bridges between the 21pins - send in a ph
  6. So no one had actually seen it yet and how fine it is? And currently the concern is the height of the pantograph even if it is very finely made? Guess we wait until the first batch arrives for reviews....
  7. I'm sorry of I'm being a bit stupid but what does that mean? This is the old pantograph in the photo?
  8. Considering Heljan have to prove that this retool is a winner - maybe it would have been better not to have shown the latest sample with the older pantograph on top. If they are going to be manufacturing a wide range of variants they will need to get the pantograph spot on to convince modellers to buy more than one. Fingers crossed that they have got this right.
  9. Yes they are good and I have one or two to sell if anyone is interested, the big problem is being HO they will not fir intot the mounting holes for OO
  10. I think I'd agree, lower all the insulators 1mm would be the better compromise so the pantograph has a better profile when it is lowered..and hopefully Heljan rebuilt everything from the base up more to scale. finishing with a note of irony, Heljan previously said the original pantograph was a compromise to make it more robust for handling, however on the original model I found the biggest problems were roof aerial snapping off due to the foam insert in the box as well as undercarriage falling off! I think they will succeed this time around, because I really need a good Class 86 - I
  11. The problem must be all the insulators as the pantograph is in line with them both in the model and in the prototype (taken from the eHattons website) (taken from wikipedia) I know this is dealt with on page 6 of this thread. Seems to be the base being made in plastic which is the problem, it looks about 1.5mm to 2mm thick for strength. I don't see how this would look right without some compromise, the base would have to be very tough metal, thin above the insulators and then attached to pegs which would go down through them to hold t
  12. It does say a completely new pantograph; I think they will get it right this time
  13. If KMS Railtech wanted a 73/9, I would have thought they would have approached Dapol first. Whether they did and whatever happened next, I am not going to speculate, as it appears to be a taboo topic on this forum, aside from causing the Moderator a headache. Perhaps Accurascale just have a very spare manufacturing slot they can fill and Dapol didn't?
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