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  1. In that case it looks like we won't be getting any reruns any time soon
  2. I'm not sure Before launching a product you need to do market research, focus groups etc. eBay sale prices are part of the picture and shows there is pent up demand
  3. Had a look at that Lot and it has sold. Someone else has listed one for £1,100 Surely Locomotion / Rapido should think about a re-run?
  4. Rails seem to have a few in stock, usually going for around the £750 mark. Spare coaches go for £150 to £200. Scary prices and always rising. I think a re run would now cost more than the APT P Hornby are making but it is a better value model considering 2 sound chips - that's £200 right there...
  5. If you have two 4 Ohm speakers in series and the second fails with a short circuit, your sound chip will burn out. Unlikely but is it worth the expense to save £4 on the appropriate speaker?
  6. At $200k for a model you'll need Rod Stewart's PayPal address, may afford to hire Penny Lancaster for less.
  7. Back to the TTS chips does an 86 sound much different from an 87 and have Hornby got a dcc ready 86 at the moment? In which case an 86 with tts would be a good seller?
  8. The numbering font is correct in the efe class 58 Perhaps efe stands for Effective Font Execution
  9. Weathering needs to even up, one or two details but otherwise complete
  10. The TTS decoders seem to be fairly standardised to date but perhaps Hornby's chip suppliers will show that it is now cheaper to upgrade power output to 1amp and then programme those new sounds we want. This can be the only possible reason Hornby is persisting with 8 pin sockets. Hopefully they will unleash the good news next week!
  11. TTS decoders in the following flavours please Hornby Class 58 Class 87 forthcoming APT
  12. Thanks to John Peck of Precision Labels for printing up my designs. Would highly recommend his service. The decals are starting to be applied...
  13. Really sorry for not seeing your reply What I did contacted Bachmann service department and they had an entire wheelset spare I sent along the entire loco and they were able to locate that nut and replace the other option - if you are in London - is to go to Clerkenwell screws. If they don't have what you need - forget about dingin it anywhere else - they have what you need or something close enough 99 times out of 100
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