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  1. Anyone planning a large or complex layout may want to purchase a software program like anyrail which lets you plan and design a layout on the screen and makes you aware of whats possible and whats not. The software has all the main tack manufactures and scales to work with and i found it invaluable. Once the track plan was finalized it was exported to another program called trainplayer from which you can add and run train formations to your track plan. This really did show where i had accident black spots and where some form of semi automation was required via a planned signal system.
  2. Nice weathering the fuel tanks look good. How did you apply the cant rail.
  3. Have just finished detailing 2 Hornby class 47 to top and tail my fm blue pullman here is the link if your interested. https://youtu.be/D82ohlATTcE
  4. Thanks for the reply did check the factory fitted frog wire it looked ok will check that again as i know it is fragile. Checked all 4 parts of the frog area with a bulb no power.
  5. Hi can anyone give me some advice with a problem with a electrofrog point have converted approx 40 peco code 75 points operated via cobalt analogue point motors and everything was running fine. Just recently one started playing up it was ok when set to diverge but loco would stall when set straight. Originally thought it was a bad solder connection to the dropper re-soldered and found locos now stall when set to diverge also. Checked power to points and found the frog area has no power, so i suspected the polarity switch on the cobalt was faulty changed the cobalt motor re-checked all connections and have still no power in the frog area.
  6. I have always had more luck selling by setting the price as low as possible to attract more buyers , well that's my theory anyway. From my observations many people who set a buy it now price quite often fail to get any buyers as most people are looking for a bargain even if that means bidding in auction.
  7. Yes I think you could use copper tape but my personal view would be it may be a bit fragile. Could you not drill holes in the wood posts for the dropper.
  8. Dcc concepts do working table lamps suitable for pullman coaches.
  9. Thanks for your help on this much appreciated.
  10. Sol that sounds good can you give me a bit more detail thanks.
  11. Do you know if there is a different wiring configuration when wiring points back to back as opposed to stand alone as the stand alone operates without fault.
  12. Hi all have just started installing some cobalt point motors all the points have been modified for dcc electrofrog running and have insulated fish plates fitted, the first left hand point ran perfect when tested, unfortunately the same cant be said for my attempt at a back to back left hand to left hand point. They have been wired for operation via a single switch for tandem movement that works ok the issue is when a loco approaches it shorts out as soon as it is in contact with the point. My concern is i have not wired correctly with regard to the droppers and cobalt i have connected the droppers from both points to the bus and tapped into the droppers and connected to terminals 2 and 3 on the cobalt motor. image 1 with the large choc blocks are the droppers to the points if you look close the smaller red and black wires from the blocks runs to terminals 2 and 3 on the cobalt. Image 2 is where the loco shorts out. Any advice would be appreciated as im starting to scratch my head.
  13. Sorry i know this is an old post, only i was doing a bit of research on a corrupt dcc signal and this post sent the alarm bells ringing , with regard to a rake of lit coaches. My problem is i a have a fairly large DCC layout, power is supplied via a NCE DB5 and SB5 supplying 5 amps each to 2 power districts , i have 2 rakes of hst fitted with coach lighting and one of the rakes has been a bit erratic on certain sections of track including jerky and unresponsive to some commands like horns but when the power car is tested on a rolling road on the program track it runs perfect . Would be interested to hear what your thoughts on this .
  14. Richard thanks for the reply . All contacts between PCB look ok i assume it must be just one of the contacts as i can get the red to illuminate.
  15. Hi all recently noticed one of my Hornby hst directional lighting was not working so removed body shell for closer inspection it's the one with the spring contacts under the cab. On closer inspection all wiring connections look ok . Placing the spring connections on the 3 connections I can get the red rear lights to come on but not the front white so before I do a factory reset on the ESU V4 decoder has anyone got any ideas of a posible fix.
  16. zedcell

    ESU power pack

    Will check that asap but from memory when the power car was lifted from the track the sound continued but not the motor . Sounds like we have totally different results how strange, I'm sure stay alive or the power pack should briefly maintain sound and power.
  17. zedcell

    ESU power pack

    Yes may have to desolder and try again but they have been soldered all the same just seems a coincidence it's both dummy cars not working.
  18. zedcell

    ESU power pack

    Not trying to adjust anything just trying to get the power packs to work in the dummy cars like they do in the power cars by mirrorIng the cv with power cars.
  19. zedcell

    ESU power pack

    Thanks for the reply it's x4 sound decoders the esu power pack is working in both the power cars ,as when removed from the track the sound continues approx 2 seconds but when i remove the dummy cars the sound stops instantly. Also when running I'm getting intermittent breaks in sound from both the dummy cars. You say disconnect the power pack when reading c.v but the power cars can read all cv with the same connections to the decoder.
  20. zedcell

    ESU power pack

    Hi all ,have recently fitted sound into 2 sets of HSTs with matching pairs of ESU locksound v4.0 decoders and also esu power packs to power and dummy cars. Both power cars work how they should ,unfortunately the power packs are not working in either of the dummy cars. All programing has taken place on a dedicated programe track using a NCE powercab cvs set to mirror power cab cv 113 = 240 Aux 6 disabled cv 315 = 0 Have noticed apart from address cv can't be read on dummy car. Checked pick ups and cleaned wheels . Have started to scratch my head with this . So if anyone has any ideas on this please let me know.
  21. Hi all im in the process of wiring a dcc layout approx 11 mtr x 3 mtr and have decided to supply power to both halves of the circuit via a NCE SB5 and DB5 both supplying 5 amps to each half of the circuit. Have isolated both halves using plastic fish plates, unfortunately i have found my locos with pick ups on both axles shorting out when passing from one isolated section to the next, i know i should have realised this, apart from adding a loner isolated section does anyone have an ideas ?
  22. What was the procedure for doing this was it just a case of sourcing an extra power car and adjusting the cv to run in tandem any tips would be appreciated.
  23. This one i was planning on a pristine finish as it was kept very clean most of the time
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