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  1. The 69 is now fully painted (I have also nearly completed the transfers). Completed shell pictures tomorrow. Then I will start to modify the chassis.
  2. The GBRF 50’s head uphill just before Grampound Road heading south. Sounding and looking fantastic.
  3. You can definitely get some second hand. In the box you get an extra set if bufferbeams complete with buffers (every loco comes like this). I would offer some myself but use the buffers on various other projects so have no spare. Hopefully someone may be able to help.
  4. Some better pics of Colas 56090. Looks the business and is fitted with Legomanbiffo Loksound V5 sound file. I have also started painting the class 69! Hopefully have all the colours on by the end of the weekend.
  5. As always a shed loads of work going on. I have finally finished the Colas 56 and EMR purple HST power car as seen below. I will update more later in the week but just letting you know I’m still busy plugging away.
  6. Absolutely agreed on the Bachmann 166. I painted one in GWR and it was a torturous job. Looked good when done though. Keep up the great work Jerry.
  7. Great work Jerry. Question about the transfers for 43102 (Intercity): Where did you get them from? Thanks Andy
  8. I forgot to say, my journey was Truro to Stockport. My family all still live round there. Small world hey, keep the pics coming.
  9. Absolutely cracking job so far. Really good stock to run and plenty of it. I grew up in Cornwall and we always travelled up to Manchester on the train so Exeter was a regular pass through. Looking forward to more progress.
  10. I have some of these (yet to use them but they look great). Andy
  11. Excellent, thank you. I see the Colas one joining my fleet.
  12. I will be interested to see how fast (slow) these fans are going to spin. If they go too quick it will look like a disc (stroboscopic effect) thus making it pointless, not moaning just pointing out a fact. Still no mention of independent lighting functionality which is much more important than rotating fans.
  13. If Accurascale move at medium pace and produce their own 59, you should still beat Dapol to deliver the goods! Only funny because it’s true. I’m looking forward to the CDA’s Fran.
  14. Great announcement and will be following with interest to see what modern liveries appear. Have you anymore info on the lighting setup these will have?
  15. Mini update with more to come. I have sold my Colas 56’s and started to redo a pair to my new higher standards. Settled on 56090 as one of them which brings an interesting exhaust arrangement. 2 of the 4 exhaust ports are longitudinal and the other 2 are laterally positioned. See the picture below. Does anyone know why they are like this on 56090? (there may be others but not looked into it). Obviously I have copied the real loco and I’m super pleased with the look. Anyway painting has started as can be seen in the other picture. Will get the orange on tonight.
  16. Another mini update with a project I started on Friday. When I saw the purple EMR HST Power car 43274 running with Intercity Swallow 43102 I had to model them. I had already bought appropriate coaches for use on my ROG scrap run train so now these will be transferred up with the intercity logos. So far I have 43274 fully painted and varnished with detailed chassis. I need to fit a driver, cant rail stripes and then when decals become available I will complete it. In the meantime I will start on 43102. Before anyone says it, the lights are wrong (4 versus 6 in reality) but this is the best currently available. Can’t wait until the full train is complete. Just a couple of pics for now.
  17. Indeed and it looks very nice. The question is do I wait and see what other liveries appear or do I paint now? I might wait out a bit as I think 69001 is off to the paint shop very soon.
  18. Thanks James. Real 37099 is looking nicely grimy now which looks great on the split head code noses. It’s great to think that for you 60054 in R/F Pet brings back great memories whilst for me it’s current livery and the fact I have seen it recently not far from Didcot suits me. Hope your Didcot layout is progressing, can’t wait to see it with all your amazing stock on show one day.
  19. Another massive gap between updates but anyway progress has been made. I have just finished weathering 60054 with driver fitted along with blinds in his cab. Wire loop fitted at the other end and it is a TTS sound fitted example which I will upgrade the speaker on at some point. Colas 37099 and 66847 have been back on the workbench for the latest Colas diamonds to be fitted and the 66 had a renumber and name added. The 66 I bought second hand an age ago cheap, sadly it was already weathered so not up to my standards but still not too bad. A Network rail JNA has just been finished with some of Steadfast’s transfers applied as then a little more weathering added along with some chopped up old rail added as its load. Also completed the weathering on DRS 37425 (finally), a Bachmann intermodal twin with ECS containers and my remaining 3 grey Revolution JNA wagons. I have also finished GBRF 47739 but just require some multiple working connectors to complete it. Loads more on the go that I will update next time.
  20. @railtec-models Steve do you any intention /can you do transfers (Double pack) for EMR HST’s 43274 (new purple livery) and 43102 (intercity livery “The journey shrinker”)? I wish to model the pair and can’t email via the website currently. Thanks Andy
  21. I’m going to Wade in a little here. I received 2 deliveries of these beautiful JSA open wagons and on both deliveries some parts were loose. I re-glued them back on easy peasy and wouldn’t have contemplated sending them back for such minor issues. 10 mins work and all done. Some will say that by doing that I am not helping Accurascale be slightly better (if that’s even possible) but I am about to throw in my two penneth. I think the glue holding the parts together is just adequate enough. I think the Accurascale packaging is fine at holding the wagons in place. I think the cardboard box (not the sturdiest but adequate) and protective bubble wrapping are ok but, there is not enough bubble wrapping filling all the voids within the cardboard box. This leads to the inner boxes being able to move around and where this happens you end up with the wagon boxes accelerating around within the outer cardboard box during spirited handling. This is what leads to damage, years of eBay has taught me this. My test is to package something and then shake it in my hands, if it doesn’t move in the box then it won’t (don’t quote me) arrive damaged. BTW I always post with Hermes (no doubt roughly handled) and have never had anyone complain about a damaged item (hundreds sent). Accurascale have obviously posted a lot more than me before anyone says so. Both my deliveries when shaken had wiggle room and both had some damage. The above is just my opinion and I won’t be engaging anymore on the subject, I have said my piece. It is intended to help with future packaging for Accurascale and to ensure your continued success with minimal returns. Also I have lots more Accurascale products that will be arriving at my door in the future and the less fixing I have to do the more weathering I can get on with!
  22. I did cut and shuts on my ones using wire to add the strength back in. Works a treat.
  23. 69001 is just about there. Tiny amount of filler in a couple of spots. Will do this when I next have filler out for something. I went out on a cruise all a couple of weeks back and saw 60054 in its new HVO graphics and after purchasing a Hornby DB donor loco it had to be done. This is as far as I have got at the minute. Just needs sealing and then weathering.
  24. Class 69 has progressed to the body being in one piece with the original fixing lugs attached. This means it will still screw to a Hornby 56 chassis as per the original body. I have added roof aerials as per the prototype, metal hand rails and I have made the grill for the new body cutout. It now needs final skimming of filler in a couple of places then final primer coat and await the real item coming out the paint shop so I can copy it. I have also finished 60065 with a driver in each cab. Will put some pics up at some point.
  25. A few stills from a vid I have just taken at Goring today. GBRF 66793 with 47749 heading to Doncaster. Looked stunning.
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