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    Railways (New South Wales & British Railways(Southern), layout construction and scenery, Slot cars (1/32 Scale), Motorsport (Historic-Tasman era, the 60's - mid 70's, current-V8 Supercars, F1), getting my boys away from the tv and into a hobby, driving holidays and photography of railway related history.

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  1. Just found this thread as I haven't been on here for a while. Great layout, excellent details, nice locos and rolling stock. Cheers, Gary.
  2. Nice update on the layout, it has been a while since I looked in last and the scenery changes are great. Cheers, Gary.
  3. I'll be looking forward to see how you get on with this one ! Cheers, Gary.
  4. Take a look at the Callington Branch in Cornwall. The individual stations along the line and the industries (mines etc and the quay at Calstock) could be a good starting point. The line at one stage was going to run through to Saltash, but the roads/buses took that away from the PD&SWJR and/or the LSWR. Bere Alston is where the branch departs the main line and you could model the layout returning to Bere Alston on your roundy roundy. Selecting a few of the stations on the line, ie Gunnislake, Calstock and Callington (Kelly Bray) would be a good starting point for a Southern based layout running small two coach trains, and four wheel stock. Utilising a few sidings to replicate Kit Hill incline/sidings or Pearson's Quarry sidings could generate traffic for the railway as well. Cheers, Gary.
  5. Draw your track plan up on Anyrail. For a layout this size, use the free download that allows you to play with 50 pieces of track. I drew (and built) this small layout although 48" x 12" using the free download. You'll find it here : https://www.anyrail.com/en/download Cheers, Gary.
  6. One good thing about an inglenook is that it isn't too big of a layout and if you want a change of pace, simply just change the scenery and rolling stock. After all, it won't cost an arm and a leg to play around with scenery, buildings etc. I have built two inglenooks, one British (Linden Ford : 53" x 22") and one New South Wales - Australian (Tomlins Creek : 72" x 15 3/4"). Both are fun to play with and both have been exhibited in the past and they garner interest every time. Cheers, Gary.
  7. Nice work Martin ! Cheers, Gary.
  8. This is a stunning piece of work. I love all the detail you have added and as you say, it is great for photography. Well done. Cheers, Gary.
  9. You could always make your own clumps of grass using a static grass applicator, some PVA and a sheet of baking paper... Cheers, Gary.
  10. Very nice weathering on the C36 Class. The GWR 4575 came up nice with the repaint. Cheers, Gary.
  11. I use toggles I picked up in Jaycar (Australia) that have the correct throw for a Peco O gauge point. Hopefully the details in the link will help you locate the switches. https://www.jaycar.com.au/miniature-dpdt-panel-mount-switch/p/SS0821 Cheers, Gary.
  12. Thank you Griff. Looking forward to you joining us at Platform1MRC. We are still sorting a few teething troubles, something that migrating a forum to a new host throws up. We are currently working on sorting any issues that our members bring to our attention. Cheers, Gary.
  13. Good to read that you have successfully been granted access Barnaby. I myself was in the same boat until moments before I had posted this. Migrating forums is a big ask, especially if you wish to retain all the members posts from the previous years, as what we have done. Other forums that have migrated have actually shut down or closed off the existing content. This is what we did not want to do. If anyone else is having trouble signing in, please bear with us. I know it may be frustrating for some (including myself) but it will be all worth while. Cheers, Gary.
  14. Hello Barnaby, We currently have been running updates on our facebook page and also via our News Letter, the Footbridge. The migration of the forum is bigger than what was first anticipated. Hopefully we will be up and running soon as I have been asked today, to log in (as a Mod) to see if the passwords have been carried through correctly. Once the Admin/Mods team can access the site without any hiccups, we will then open it to our members. I apologise for any inconvenience caused, but we are taking these steps (although slow) to future proof the forum. Regards, Gary.
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