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    I used to model S&DJR and GWR in the 1960s. I have all my father's railway photos, including his Beckerlegge collection of LNER & constituent company photos from around the grouping era, and many of his books. I photograph railways as and when I travel on them. So I am interested in railways, full-sized & models, but I am a fairly light-weight when it comes to technical details.
    I have uploaded photo into albums here. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/profile/14351-phil_sutters/&tab=node_gallery_gallery Dad's and my photos can be seen in full (if I have scanned them!) at http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/album/538609

    1.12.2016 ipernity is likely to close at the end of January 2017. I shall add further albums of Dad's photos here over the next couple of months. As I have them on file and the original prints and/or negatives I don't need to transfer them from ipernity.
    November 2017. ipernity has been rescued by its users and is now operating as a not-for-profit organisation. There are some good railway photos on there, although the rail enthusiasts aren't there in large numbers.
    (N.B. some firewalls don't like ipernity I am told)

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  1. A major undertaking. Even in its current reduced layout it would be a challenge to most. If it is of any help, I have a fair number of photos of the station buildings as they now are, usually taken while waiting for something to come through, a steam special or one of the Newhaven aggregates trains. Since 2009 we have lived down the line at Seaford, so, Covid regs permitting, I could easily take a trip there to snap any bits you need further details of.
  2. Hobbies website furniture section is at https://www.hobbies.co.uk/dolls-houses
  3. I don't know what dolls house furniture retailers you have there. There are two that have been around in the UK for decades with similar names - Hobbies and Hobby's. While I am no suggesting that they have anything you could use in 4mm scale their catalogues might give you ideas. Our dining table was a circular mahogany one about 4'6" across with a central pedestal. The chairs were an assortment of dark wood types with upholstered seats. My mum had recovered them all in the same green fabric, so they looked OK together. We had a large mahogany sideboard - two cupboard pedestals with a three dr
  4. Yes, but where did the electricity come from at that time - coal-fueled power stations in the main, although hydro-electric was increasing.
  5. As a former inhabitant of two Vicarages, Coleford, Nr. Bath & Highbridge, where my Dad was Vicar, I thought I ought to offer some assistance with furnishing ideas. We lived in those two vicarages in the '50s - '70s. You mention 1928 so things were a bit earlier in style, though not much more. Vicars were not well paid and most of our furniture was large second-hand dark wood stuff. Vicarages tended to be quite large and hard to heat. Coleford was freezing in winter, sometimes literally so. We had solid fuel fires in some rooms and parafin stoves in others. The bathroom had a single bar ele
  6. There is a lot of info in the S&D Group forums - for example https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/46069-coaching-stock-on-the-sd/ There are a few of my Dad's photos in this album, although the type of coaches may not be that obvious.
  7. You are welcome. Don't forget that they produce stuff in numerous different scales. So if the 00 beams are too big for your canopies, maybe a smaller scale version is available. I haven't checked whether the ones you need have different scale versions, but if you need to it would be worth having a look. Sometimes searches don't turn up what you want because you are using the wrong term - I had been looking for girder, when these are described as beams, a term I would use for timber.
  8. The girders are already available - found while looking for something completely different! https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx161-castellated-i-beam-10mm-pack-of-6-1789-p.asp
  9. The only girders I have seen that come ready made and are anything similar are these https://www.ema-models.co.uk/index.php/scale-representation/trusses-beams.html They come in different sizes. It might be worth seeing if any of the laser cut building suppliers would be able and interested to make these. The other potential source would be the 3D printing brigade. It is the sort of fairly modern component that would add variety to the range of materials available. I have a feeling that some overhead power structures use something similar. Edit . I have just found this photo which confirm
  10. Hastings Castle can be seen from the station car park.
  11. If you consider a fort a castle, then Newhaven Fort can be seen from Newhaven Harbour Station and the now disappeared Newhaven Marine was right opposite it. The fact that the fort is sunken into the crest of Castle Hill makes it somewhat less than visible. We now rely on coils of razor wire to keep them furrinners out. The first view was taken a few months back; the one from on top of the fort was taken back in 2009, when the catamaran ferry was still berthed there, although I think it went out of service a year or two earlier.
  12. Arundel and Bodiam Castles can both be seen in the distance from their respective stations or at least the station approach at Arundel.
  13. In the middle of this collection of photos from Combe Down there is a steam lorry for Fuller's Earth deliveries at Tucking Mill. It is one of those chance discoveries, while looking for something else. https://www.combedown.org/combe-down-development-timeline/combe-down-monkton-combe-prior-park-photos/entertainments-and-events/
  14. Anyone worried about getting their Slater's lettering spaced and lined up correctly can be reassured by this sign. It was, I imagine, cast on a sand tray mould. Slater's letters would be too uniform unless minutely distressed!
  15. Although I am sure you have as many photos of No.5 as you need, here are two more, with best wishes for your build.
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