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    I used to model S&DJR and GWR in the 1960s. I have all my father's railway photos, including his Beckerlegge collection of LNER & constituent company photos from around the grouping era, and many of his books. I photograph railways as and when I travel on them. So I am interested in railways, full-sized & models, but I am a fairly light-weight when it comes to technical details.
    I have uploaded photo into albums here. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/profile/14351-phil_sutters/&tab=node_gallery_gallery Dad's and my photos can be seen in full (if I have scanned them!) at http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/album/538609

    1.12.2016 ipernity is likely to close at the end of January 2017. I shall add further albums of Dad's photos here over the next couple of months. As I have them on file and the original prints and/or negatives I don't need to transfer them from ipernity.
    November 2017. ipernity has been rescued by its users and is now operating as a not-for-profit organisation. There are some good railway photos on there, although the rail enthusiasts aren't there in large numbers.
    (N.B. some firewalls don't like ipernity I am told)

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  1. I only just spotted your thread. Dad only has one Ilfracombe photo in his albums and it must be taken from a spot near the one you have. There is also a lot of steam blowing about but just in case it is of interest you can see it at http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26520201
  2. You probably have all the reference photos you need, but in case this one has passed you by, here is one from the collection of 1920s LNER photos my Dad acquired.
  3. In case you have missed some, here are the signs at the entrance to Ramsgate Harbour. I am pleased to see that your site manager has got his or her Portakabin, a reward for good progress!
  4. Because there was interest in the photo above, when I put it on ipernity, the photo-sharing site I use, I looked up the accident and came across this local website, which may be of interest. https://www.severntales.co.uk/severn-bridge-disaster.html
  5. I do like a bit of beer-battered fish!
  6. with a spare Dukedog bogie perhaps - looks similar -ish - if the wheels and other dimensions are within your tolerances.
  7. Thanks for your dates. I am afraid that I have never been that careful about that aspect. I don't even like running trains. I just enjoy making things. I was probably more adventurous fifty years ago, when the bulk of my S&D stock was built, than I am now. My Highbridge Wharf's little brother, Old Brue Quay, is still creeping forward with the Highbridge Anthracite Fuel Works and a mini version of John Bland's vast sawmill and timber yard under construction. Although I haven't a clue what some of the structures on the outside of the solid fuel factory actually did. Thanks for your inte
  8. Wait 50 years and two come along together - but I can't justify the expenditure having got my old friends from 1969
  9. Newhaven now has two aggregate terminals - one at North Quay beside the line to Lewes and a new one at East Quay, served by a line running through the former Marine station. Both have 66-hauled rail services. I have seen but not photographed the East Quay train. Newhaven has a ferry service with roll-on-roll-off lorry traffic. There is no general goods traffic carried by rail. Unfortunately its EMUs are mainly 3-coach 313s, with 4 or 8-coach 377s only used when when the Seagulls have a home match (with spectators!) at Falmer. I know Newhaven is in East Sussex, but it's not far from Kent.
  10. Should you have a problem, help maybe at hand, although as we know testing is only the first step.................
  11. Another exhortation in a similar polite and concise manner, on the rear wall of the Welsh Congregational Chapel in Southwark.
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