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  1. This little Unimog runs on road wheels, with rail guide wheel bogies, and it has a road reg.no.
  2. Whether the makes and models you need have been discussed in it I don't know but this thread has turned up various sources for modern era 1/76th cars.
  3. As the railway stopped using the jetty in around 1905 and the lifeboat stopped using the main track for launches by 1930, rails on it after that would have been an irrelevance. However there were still traces left as late as 1967, as can be seen in Chris Handley's book.
  4. Chris Handley's 'The Maritime Activities of the Somerset & Dorset Railway' has a map of Burnham from 1903. There are two lines running on the pier, that on the south side ran the whole length of the structure, the other was a shorter siding, about a third of the length, leaving the main line at the start of the pier. There is also a photo in 1908 of P&A Campbell's steamer the 'Waverley' calling to pick up a large crowd of passengers, probably for a pleasure cruise across to Barry or Penarth. By that time the pier was not owned by the railway. Their interests in it finished in 1905. The photo shows the junction of the two lines on the pier.
  5. I notice from their advert. in the latest BRM that SR (Shedring) Hobbies are stocking Tiny Hong Kong models. If that is already common knowledge hereabouts I am a bit late to post this!
  6. Tell the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that, if you are speaking terms with them. HM obviously thinks it is still an entity. The division is an administrative one and doubtless a legal one, but do Yorkshiremen say I am a West, East or North Yorkshireman? History and culture run through an area and can last longer than an arbitry division, made to make the area's administration more manageable. I would say that Sussex is the collective term for the two parts. Threads in RMweb so often get hijacked and, if you want to refer to one for information on a specialist subject, you have to wade through all the irrelevant posts as well. I can be as bad as anyone for diverging from the main subject of a thread, so I am not getting heavy about this. There is always the option of starting a thread on steam specials in the South-east. I am pleased how much relevant material has been added to this one.
  7. Nice video - rather speedy exit! Rapidly followed by the pilot boat Pelorus. If like me you didn't know what a Yokohama fender looks like, I have found a piccie of the pair used. The actual berth & linkspan are off to the left
  8. I made some, when I was involved with military modelling, using sprays of leaves from a cheap plastic trailing plant. I expect I got it at a pound shop or somewhere similar - edit - aquarium or pet shops often have plastic plants that might be suitable starting points.. The trunk was covered in Milliput which was scored across to give the typical palm tree look. It depends on how authentic you want them to look and how much you can afford. Scalelink do a range of types, sizes and scales, but they aint cheap. https://www.scalelink.co.uk/acatalog/Palm_Tree_Kits_in_various_scales___Palmiers.html This is my one.
  9. You may have difficulty getting paint and glue to stick on this type of plastic. This was the problem with the Airfix soldier figures. The paint might stick initially but flaked off if you played with them. The plastic flexed but the paints didn't! I expect that somewhere, possibly in the wargames world, there may be techniques for overcoming this and recommendations about which paints grip best.
  10. At this point I would usually upload my photos of Seaford 150 and other steam specials on the East Coastway, but as this thread is Freight in Sussex, I will resist the temptation.
  11. Although you mention where the doors are you don't say how this layout fits within the room. You need to be able to access all parts of the layout.
  12. My first model loco was a pannier tank - 5708. It was a Gaiety diecast body on a Triang chassis that had been converted for Hornby 3-rail track. Eventually I defected to the S&D.
  13. The best way to enjoy modern art galleries is to take a twelve-year-old grand-daughter, with outspoken views on most things. Here we are enjoying one of the few exhibits that was actually good fun. Most of the rest we made fun of. http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/46588476/in/album/1058646 There's plenty of stuff in the album to illustrate the point. I had as much fun out of photographing the architecture and visitors.
  14. At 143m the Newhaven ferries are among the smallest on the cross-Channel routes. They couldn't be any bigger as, when the weather is rough, they have to turn in the harbour, rather than backing out and reversing round the breakwater. You can see what a tight fit it is from this photo. There are only a few metres at either end as the bow-thrusters turn them.
  15. You may well be right. The photo was one among several envelopes of negatives, which Dad obviously hadn't thought worth the expense of having printed. The dates on the envelopes were for a year but clearly some negs had got in the wrong envelopes. I am not as clued up on dates as I could be. There were too many photos involved for me to get into research - hence the 'circa'. Thanks for adding to the information. If I need to use that photo again I can show a more accurate date. If I had the time I could track down the exact date from Dad's spotting logs.
  16. Quad doesn't tell you anything except that it has or is something with four components or entities - as in quadruplets or quadrangle. Both of those are regularly referred to as quads, but would be recognized by the context - 'She is a quad' or 'I went for a walk around the quad.' I suppose 'I am nipping up to the top field on the quad' is probably more likely to be said than ...on the quad-bike. It just depends how obvious the context is. Are these quad bikes? Sorry I have included some railway elements in a non-railway thread!
  17. WD Models of Bangor make highly detailed kits of 1/76th WW1 vehicles, including tiny motorcycles, some of which would have passed into civilian use in the years after the war. http://www.wdmodels.com/
  18. 2 wheels. bike, 3 wheels trike, 4 wheels quike? although that would do for 5 wheels as well. Quadke? The connection to the cycle family would seem to be the use of handlebars to steer with. Although having handlebars did not always classify a vehicle in the cycle family.
  19. I recently saw a method, which I think was for brambles, using dried leaves that had been put in a blender and ground down to small flakes. You would obviously have to find a fine material to put over the basic branch framework, onto which you could glue the leaves. The copper beech I can see from my window is very dark - almost a purple.
  20. Have you tried searching in specific product areas - cars, films, petrol, cereals, white goods, holidays, airlines etc.?
  21. ' chemical tanks for Cellophane' I trust you have found a suitable vape to represent the smell! With the wind in the right/wrong direction you could sometimes smell it in Highbridge, where we lived.
  22. Wargames figure 'scales' are notoriously inconsistent. For quite a while ones that are now marketed as 28mm were being sold as 25mm. Part of the problem used to be - I was painting wargames figures a lot in the 1980s & 90s - that the height could be that of a bare headed infantryman or one with a helmet, kepi or bearskin. Another factor was the sculptural style of the figures. Some were slim and neatly moulded, others were taller and more craggy. The fantasy ranges were even more varied, as who was to say what a fictional creature like an orc was height-wise. Generally one kept to one manufacturer to build your army, although sometimes compromises had to be made to include a particular type of unit. It could be said that there is only a problem when you apply figure 'scales' to the hardware, which is better classified by fractional scales.
  23. There used to be a finescale resin kit manufacturer called Continental Model Supply Company (CMSC) which made modern era ('70s & 80s) British and US AFVs and softskins in 1/76th and 1/87th scales. They are no longer trading but their stuff sometimes crops up on online sales. It is very detailed although the finer fittings can be a bit brittle.
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