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  1. I love the wooden platform. May as I ask if it’s a kit or have you scratch built it?
  2. Has anyone successfully fitted 3 link couplings yet?
  3. Hi Clive, I missed that bit as I was rushing to post. It's out of gauge yes. It makes for some interesting modelling. kind regards Jaymes
  4. Hi Clive, I've posted this before but i'll post it again. Comet's did travel on the network. I'm in the process of detailing the old Matchbox kit go on my Warflat Jaymes
  5. Hi Dave, will you announce anymore livery variations in the future? Jaymes
  6. Hi Callum, I'm quite looking forward to seeing you get stuck into this project. Watching your video you mention mk V tanks, a war games company manufactures a whole range of WW1 20mm stuff including mk.V tanks. They are available here if you're interested http://earlywarminiatures.com/product-category/ww1-1914-1918/ May i ask where you purchased the Minitrains set from? Kind regards Jaymes
  7. Alex, will you be getting any of the Oxford Diecast Warwells?
  8. Hi Luke, it's always nice to see layouts built on a tight budget. Baseboards the main issue I know a couple of modellers have looked at storage boxes or toy boxes. I'm currently in the process of Buiding Arley Station on the Severn Valley for under £100, using a Toy box as a baseboard. All I've done is strengthen it with off cuts of 6mm ply. This is what I've used for the board https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161969839530 Jaymes
  9. For those still wanting an elusive Peckett.. The Model Centre has them in stock still.. Jaymes
  10. Good luck with that Armageddon kit. If you want some Royal Navy transfers Dan Taylor has some.. http://www.dantaylormodelworks.com/ Interesting theory about being a chaotic modeller, I think we all suffer from that as I've always got about a dozen projects on the way. I've always fancied having ago at Britannia halt the Americans used it for loading landing craft on the build up to D-day. kind regards Jaymes
  11. Its been pointed out on a few different threads but Milicast do a range of 1/76 AFV's suitable for wargamers and modellers. Perfect for loads. http://www.milicast.com/shop/home.php Jaymes
  12. I think the long way round was due to the loading gauge issue? The Comet's were on the way to Ludgershall, i know there is unloading and loading facilities for amoured vehicles. I wonder what's happened to the Comet you pulled out? I have to agree with the web designing comment.. Jaymes
  13. Stu just for the figures? Give Tom (the owner) a call and explain. That and I'm sure he'll help you out. His customer service is normally fantastic. The speed of your parcel could be down to Royal Snail Mail though.. Jaymes
  14. Spooky... I've just seen the Warwells, I'm surprised that Bachmann haven't cottoned on, although Ramp wagon wouldn't go a miss really...
  15. Just going back to Warflats and loads again... I happen to do a lot of Military modelling and like Colin has brought up Milicast, I build a lot of their resin kits. I've only ever seen Sherman's on Warwells. However I do have an interesting photo of A34 Comet's on an out of gauge load... Jaymes
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