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  1. Thought I'd post a reminder about this series - starts on Monday evening at 7:30. Unable to post a link to the programme page - however it's easy to find if you search on the BBC NI page - there's also a short clip available to whet your appetite. Murray
  2. GNR(I) V Class 4-4-0 No 85 at the RPSI base in Whitehead today.
  3. Super pics - good to have you back Murray
  4. There's a couple of UK outlets listed on their site - GREAT LITTLE TRAINS 19 AMHERST ROAD KENILWORTH WARWICKSHIRE CV8 1AG INGLATERRA Tel/Fax +44 1926 511 405 and Windmilljunction 60 Windmill Avenue Kettering Northants NN16 ORB Tel 01536 522533 FAX 01536 312210 Murray
  5. Another one from the Downpatrick & County Down Railway. This is a GM 141 B Class BO-BO No 146
  6. Orenstein and Koppel Industrial Tank Locomotive No. 1 at the Downpatrick & County Down Railway
  7. Approaching Jordanstown station on the Belfast - Larne line, GREAT SOUTHERN RAILWAYS K2 CLASS 2-6-0 No. 461
  8. Hi Pugsley, Try this link . . . I was looking at pics of the new grey livery earlier. http://chrisplayfair.smugmug.com/Travel/2013-Photos/Ap13/28739913_VVj3Vm#!i=2452466494&k=5HvvfS8 Murray
  9. Doug and Shaun, thanks for making this available - enjoyed putting it together. Murray
  10. You'll find some more info here http://www.ccght.org/2013/castlerock-railfest-here-comes-the-train Murray
  11. I just happened to be watching a video on youtube this evening and noticed 'yer man' leaning out of a signal box window - surveying the scene around him. Video was of Spalding Model Railway Club's Exhibition 2012. He appears about 7:12 just as the Hymek runs towards the box and comes to rest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Xs6C3MHitgE He looks quite natural in that position, but he could of course just be waiting for the next 'boom-tish' dance number to come on the radio . . . . . . . . .
  12. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/60126-Bachmann-class-08-shunter-body-removal/ Michael, I hope this gives you the info you need - I found it helpful. Murray.
  13. I built the white stone cottage a few months back - makes up into a really nicely finished building. Also used the supplied details to enhance the interior, although the likelihood of anyone seeing it on my layout is remote - but it was enjoyable to do. Also purchashed the LED lighting kit - fits very neatly into prepared area within the cottage. I came across the Barleycorn reference here on the Card Modelling Forum (someone mentioned them in passing when replying to a topic) Murray
  14. I have to echo Patrick's comments - spent a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours wandering through the Rail Gallery in Cultra today and without doubt the highlight for me was this layout. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I knew the area quite well in the sixties. In conversation with Ken today, I was at pains to assure him that my recollections of the area were not in any way meant as criticism - on the contrary, it is so recognisable the layout started a rush of memories for me and my brother (also there today) - so much so that we're still talking about it. Also fell into conversation w
  15. Colm, Looking forward to seeing this layout at Cultra - it's an area I knew well in the early sixties. Hardly recognisable now with so many houses completely surrounding it. Isn't it bad when you reach the stage when you can regularly say "I remember this place when it was all fields!" Murray
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