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  1. Well with one eBay vendor currently asking just shy of £900 for one of these, a second batch has got to be good news for the rest of us. - Richard.
  2. I wouldn't worry. The leg room and shoulder room is good. I mentioned my height and the height of my partner simply to give some numbers. The seating is better than anything which calls at my local station (usually a 321 or 360) and indeed those high-density Anglia Mk3s. - Richard.
  3. We didn't really "notice" much of the train on the outward journey because we spent the time in animated conversation with a representative of Stadler. He seemed pleased we liked the train so much, and invited us to tell Greater Anglia. I would say, leg and shoulder room is good. The seating is good, certainly better than the first class on a 360. The seats line up with the windows. The sliding doors at the ends of the power pack were open, but the noise levels from the (two) engines were subdued. Sound levels would be quieter still if the doors were closed. The steps below the doo
  4. We went to Sudbury last Tuesday, this was the 11:01 departure from Marks Tey. My first trip on a train this year, and I managed only one trip last year! I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. I know the Sudbury branch is limited to 50mph, but I thought the ride was superb. The seating seemed very good too - it seems to suit people of different sizes, at least from 5'2" to 5'11". Some photos from the trip, on 27 April 2021. - Richard.
  5. I am going to have to be really careful with the landscaping. It needs to look bleak, unpleasant, probably poisoned. The mini roundabout and the road with the Magnorail can look freshly built, as though some kind of road improvement scheme has happened recently. I'm planning to put a hoarding with gates on the stub of road behind the roundabout. To hint at some kind of development or redevelopment going on behind. But the rest needs to look pretty grim and bare. The general arrangement is rather compressed and if I overdo anything the layout could end up looking twee. I
  6. Two weeks on I have now "made" some structures for the background of the layout. An old-style loading platform behind the PW siding, this being used as the customer car park for the classic vehicle restorers. I think the platform finishes off this corner of the layout quite well, and the Transit minibus takes the edge off the end of the road. Also, the platform takes up less space than a buffer stop: The end of a modern warehouse, this is Pikestuff and some Wills 4mm concrete blocks: The warehouse comes apart to reveal the display for my 'scenics
  7. Digging around online: (1) She carried the name Manchester Murcurio until 1980, when she returned to Spain and was renamed Folita. (2) She was renamed 'Anna X' in 1982, then 'Isamar' in 1991. Photographed at the Port of Goole in 2013, so evidence of operations in Britain, and status marked as "dead". (3) Doing a search on IMO 7117046 I've found the 'Phoenix II', "a General Cargo Ship registered and sailing under the flag of Cyprus". (4) Trying to search for "Phoenix II" is hopeless because there are many other vessels with the same name, but stay
  8. Many months ago, I changed the title of this post to include the words “roads and fences” because I thought if I could define these then the structures and landscaping would follow automatically. This has not worked out at all, and instead I have found myself struggling to decide what buildings to include so I can work out the roads and fences around them. The only road defined is the Magnorail section, and even this isn’t glued down yet. Building the Wills tin chapel has helped a lot. It gives me a nice contrast with the chemical plant, and is taking me towards an “old-style/run-d
  9. The subject of chassis for the Mainline J72 has been discussed on the "main British H0 forum thread" (starting about here) so I have added the kits by Comet Models and High Level Kits to the original post above. I am afraid I have had to split the table into two parts. This is not ideal, but it lets me take screen grabs from the spreadsheet at 100% to post here. So there is now a table of RTR chassis, and a separate table of kit chassis. See: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/150691-useful-chassis-for-british-h0-loco-and-railcar-projects/
  10. Ian, I noticed Faller do a 90mm turntable and immediately thought of your early locos: https://www.topslotsntrains.com/topslotsntrains/final.asp?ref=Faller-120276-OO/HO-Scale-Model-Kit-SMALL-WAGON-TURNTABLE-II---WITH-MOTOR&id=15112&manufacturer='Faller Kits' Might be useful for a future layout, and it is motorised too. - Richard.
  11. For those wondering how to buy Magnorail in the UK. I've just received an order of Magnorail parts from https://www.magnorailoz.com.au/ The Australian dollar is weak against the £ Sterling at the moment, and this was cheaper than buying from mainland Europe, including the air freight. For me, there is also a clear advantage in dealing with a company able to speak English, and above all able to understand my house does not have a number, merely a name. Anyway, delivery took 16 calendar days, with Easter in the middle, and everything arrived in good condition.
  12. I reckon, a small but carefully-chosen range of bodies designed to fit onto the original Dapol/Hornby Terrier would prove popular. These models are easy to buy and if you are really keen you can fit better wheels or a better motor. I have never needed to try this, but I have read of people grinding away the top corners of a Horny motor to get a bit of extra space. The only obvious investment for the body designer would be a couple of chassis, one to modify and one to keep as original. And possibly a bench grinder. - Richard.
  13. According to my own notes, and I promise I compiled these by measuring models and not taking stuff off the Web (plus some inputs from other folk here), the Hornby Terriers have a wheelbase of 24 + 24 mm and 16 mm wheels. Equating to 2.09m and 1.39m. Which are pretty darned close to 6'10" and 4'6". - Richard.
  14. Ever since I started the Magnorail project last October I have been pondering the design of the "workshop" where the car will hide between outings. Every design I came up with looked like "oh look, he's made a sort of a shed building to hide the car in". Well, a couple of weeks ago I bought the April "Railway Modeller" and inside is a layout with a narrow-gauge engine shed built from the Wills kit for a Victorian chapel. This gave me a bit of a light bulb moment, a kit was duly ordered up, and after a couple of hours of model-making I have this: With a mirror behi
  15. To honest, eBay has done me well. I've sold items in auctions, many model railway bits and pieces, and seen them bid up to far more than I would have asked if I ever had a table at a show. The system has also let me reach buyers far away, who have paid quite princely sums for eBay postage; and I've picked up some real bargains. The system is very good for actually finding obscure things too. - Richard.
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