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    I have redrawn the plan to include "Shelf Marshes" (this has its own layout topic) and the latest mock-up of "Wellwood". If I can bring the whole of this scheme up to the scenic standard of Fairport then it should be quite a satisfying little railway. In many ways, the whole scheme is now two layouts with their fiddle yards connected end-to-end each side of the chest of drawers. Operationally, this is rather good. I can run whole the railway on my own, or bring in a second operator(*). - Richard. (*) Right now, I am in a Covid Tier 2 area and home visitors a
  2. "Shelf Island" is my model railway layout, and it represents the railways of the eponymous location. The layout is in the mould of a typical British narrow gauge project but built as a standard gauge line. And in 1:87 scale. The layout has a fiddle yard (which rather resembles a motive power depot), but the long-term plan is to create a model of a self-contained railway system where trains move imaginary freight and passengers between different locations. So far, I have built the railway infrastructure for four locations (and also the fiddle yard), and gathered together a somewhat
  3. The NHS would do a better job than me. I have reached a personal limit in the hobby - I don't have the fine motor skills to put these together and make them work. Never mind - I bought the Magnorail kit to run a model car not cyclists. To everyone reading this: I'm not trying to put anyone off. Magnorail is a marvellous system and, like all kits, can work wonders in the right hands. The cyclists are a small part of what it can do; and you can buy cyclists "ready to run" too. - Richard.
  4. I have tackled both cyclists, neither with any great success: My first one (left in photo) pedals some of the time but the legs tend to go backwards at the knee and "lock up". My second one (on the right) never pedals and the legs keep falling off at the hips, but this build looks like it is closer to the instructions. I wonder if anyone can suggest which arrangement of the upper legs is correct? - Richard.
  5. I have set my heart on including a length of Magnorail in the layout, this will let cars from the Classic Vehicle Restorers go out on little test drives. I am building a prototype away from the layout. To this end, I have bought myself a palm router - £35 from Aldi. To get the Magnorail roadway down to the height of the railway at one end, where a connecting road goes onto a level crossing. Now - I laid all of the track flat on the baseboard (no underlay) because most of the ground surface will be up to the sleepers, but there is a "main line" or rather a "through route" through th
  6. Not really. The landscape is supposed to be a mixture of reclaimed land and marshes. I do however have room for a mini digger, shuttling backwards and forwards between a hole in the ground and a pile of earth. Needs a bit of thinking through but I like the idea. - Richard.
  7. Surely, the J70 chassis is useful as an example of how to build a slender mechanism. - Richard.
  8. I have assembled my first cyclist. The Magnorail rather lost its appeal for the duration. She pedals along ok when the motor is running flat out, and stops pedalling when I reduce the speed. A bit uncanny really. - Richard.
  9. I have a Rapido J70 tram. This model was designed specifically for 00 gauge (1:76 scale) and there is little or no provision for conversion to EM or P4. However, the designers managed to include outside cylinders about 29 mm across. They are of course quite slender, in the form of the cylinders on a steam tram. - Richard.
  10. I cannot help thinking, an installation of Magnorail has a great deal of appeal over the narrow gauge feeder we used to include in our standard-gauge layouts. With a 30 mm minimum radius (on the 180 degree return loop), even a micro layout can have a bit of working roadway. Fun to build and something to hold the attention of a viewer between the trains. I suppose, my next challenge is to devise an application for the 400 mm or so of channel and chain and the spare return loop I have left over. Perhaps something to shuttle backwards and forwards, operated by a servo with a long actu
  11. I bought the "bicycle" starter set even though I wanted to run a model car - the bike set seemed like better value for money and it comes with the medium speed motor. So I have had to make my own vehicle slider: This is for a 1:87 scale Mini. I took a piece of 1/4 in. wide brass and whacked in two detents 18 mm apart. 18 mm to match the Q and R links. I took a length of 1 mm square brass rod, put it in the mini drill and turned one end down to make it round. Folded to an L shape and soldered this to the brass. Then added two round magnets using the magnets in the chain to ali
  12. I have built a prototype in barely an afternoon. It is a very simple scheme but I have got to think, the Magnorail is a marvellous system: The idea is to test this track thoroughly and then use the paper template to rebuild it on the layout. Question. It would be good to get the magnets arranged with "north" facing upwards to match up with the Magnorail standard and let me use a RTR bicycle or someone else's model. My kit arrived with its twelve magnets all stuck together in a block. To try to find the "north face" I have floated them in water on a slip of card:
  13. I had a second go with the "Ballast Magic" using less water. More of the ballast has stayed stuck but the result is not at all robust. To my mind it is good way to tack the loose ballast in place, but it needs flooding with dilute PVA the next day to hold it solid. - Richard.
  14. I like the way Timebond is controllable and doesn't creep under a tiebar when you lay a turnout. Also you get an almost instant bond, so you can add track to what you have just laid quite quickly. I would try the "Barry Norman method" for plain track if I was using track as supplied by the manufacturer, but I think it would be hard work and too difficult if I was gapping the sleepers. For "Shelf Marshes" I imagine much of the ballast and the ground surface nearby being a homogeneous grime. Only the "main line" through the layout and the tram spur being ballasted to anyt
  15. Steve, do you possibly have a link to this ballasting method? All of my searches for Barry Norman are returning the late film critic. - Richard.
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