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  1. More power to your elbow with this etch design. I'm still putting off taking the plunge... there are too many hobbies within this hobby of ours! Not modelling related, but I had the pleasure of firing one of the Backworth RSH saddletanks similar to the one in your photo - No. 47 - when it visited Embsay 5 or 6 years ago. (Maybe your next etch design could be for one of these?) Alas we don't have a rake of coal trucks, but I did manage a rare outing on a goods train with it:
  2. Many tasks in 2mm are fiddly by definition. Whether or not something is too fiddly is a question only you can answer. Others have demonstrated that transfers and bow pens are both viable - as are Rotring-type tubular pens. I haven't lined a 2mm coach myself yet, but have drawn inspiration from this thread.
  3. With glue? (Loctite for the crank pins and Araldite for the balance weights)
  4. I'll see them weep bitter tears when they subsequently fit a return crank for some yummy outside valve gear. Then I'll offer to lend them my T-Shirt...
  5. Could they be a PECO point motor shaft extender? I'm going back decades, but seem to remember something with a PL-10 point motor - like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143774500829
  6. The Masterclass LMS 17'6" chassis went together nicely. I don't think these are available at the moment - maybe now that the Chivers kits are becoming available again, they will be reintroduced? I have one more tucked away to go with a Chivers LMS tube wagon... one day! In the photo below, you can see the difference between the springs I cut off the etches as being too skinny for the type of wagon and their cast replacement. These were superglued in place after all soldering was completed. To the underside of the wagon I have added tubes for Elect
  7. Yesterday, on a whim, I raided my gloat box to find the Chivers D.2069 body kit I mentioned in the previous post. The mouldings are really fine, but as with nearly all plastic kits, the thickness of the sides is way over-scale. Also, being made to 1:148 scale, it is too long and too wide. There are three potential approaches to a kit like this - 1) don't use it; 2) build it as intended and don't worry about the discrepancies; 3) spend ages trying to adapt it. Anyone who knows me will be in no doubt as to which approach I will take, as off I go on another modelling ta
  8. It has been a while since I did anything wagon-wise, but that changed when some etched wagon kits appeared in my Christmas stocking. Jumping straight to the front of the (rather long) queue were a pair of LMS Diagram 2083 Plate wagons (welded construction) from the Stephen Harris stable, looking suitably tasty. As one would expect from Stephen, these kits are bristling with cleverly thought out ways of representing lots of fine detail. There is a fair amount of work involved, but the bits fit together perfectly, and they are a joy to behold both as a flat etch and
  9. I'm not surprised the fireman doesn't fit in the cab - he must be quite big-headed from all the compliments on his efficient firing technique... there looks to be plenty of coal left in the tender after such a long trip
  10. The real 6' 1 1/2 " me fits nicely in the cab of the real Beatrice, with all my excess weight (thanks, Tim!). It is Great Western engines where you really have to breathe in to fit through the cab doorway...
  11. While I'm in the neighbourhood, so to speak, I'll take the opportunity to bring you up to speed with progress on a loco that has appeared on this thread before. It is more than 3 years since I visited Little Bytham, when Tony took some lovely photos of a few of my locos (see this post). One of those locos was an ex-LNWR 0-6-2 Coal Tank, built from etches shot down to 2mm from the London Road Models kit. Rather like the Hunslet 16" (see above) there was a lot of fiddling about required. These "shot-down" etches are closer to scratch-aids in many ways than kits in the traditional sense
  12. I wish my not as neat was as neat as your not as neat! The whole thing is coming along splendidly.
  13. Good evening, I hope you don't mind me posting something a little off-piste here. I know the frequenters of this thread like seeing things that people have been making, so I thought I'd share a few pictures of a 2mm finescale locomotive I started during the first lockdown, and have just completed (apart from painting) - which is good going for me. The loco in question is a little industrial Hunslet 16" 0-6-0 saddletank. It is going to be a "modern image" model of "Beatrice" as preserved in working order at Embsay railway where I volunteer as a fireman (hence the anomalies such
  14. Good idea. I was thinking it would be quite nice if we could arrange for Modelu to attend a 2mm event to do some scanning - once that sort if thing is allowed again.
  15. I have been busy making the boiler backhead. Because the shape of the firebox is waisted at the bottom, I was able to cheat a bit when making the basic shape. I started by turning a profiled disc in the lathe, then filed off a segment at the bottom and area in the centre to clear the parts of the mechanism which protrude into the cab. For the regulator, which has a curve in it, I used a piece of .3mm nickel silver wire, bent to shape, then the central section was squashed flat in a vice. The backhead-mounted injectors are 0.45mm coppe
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