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  1. Sounds good, certainly going to be a mega project. It might be worth adding a screenshot of the plan rather than the files themselves?
  2. How have I missed this before, simply in awe of the skills on show. Andrew
  3. Seems rail has has lost out to a mega 35km pipeline to teeside here.
  4. Neat work with the mini panels, I plan to do something similar with STM30's for loconet.
  5. Man (and woman) flu has cursed this house

    1. Boris


      THE PLAGUE!!!!!






  6. I panic bought a Dapol xc HST yesterday as stocks are getting low.. at least that's how I am justifying it to myself.
  7. Just went down like a sack of spuds on some ice.. the first thing I did was look to see if anybody saw me :)

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    2. 69843


      9.0, 9.0, 9.0, 8.9, 9.0

    3. NGT6 1315

      NGT6 1315

      Would it be mean if I were to call for an encore, then? ;-) Seriously, hope you didn't hurt yourself.

    4. Grafarman


      Is it on Youtube yet?!

  8. A couple of weeks ago I made myself a burger but thought the lettuce was a bit tough to chew, turns out I had bought a white cabbage. I also have done a number 2 in the ladies loo in the KLM lounge at schipol, in fairness I was tired after a long flight!
  9. I do like the look of this system and I think this is the way forward, the big dcc manufacturers throttles now all look horribly dated and the z21 station removes the need for a computer in between (although the command station is essentially a computer running a service for the throttle app). It's a shame they didn't integrate some wifi client hardware in to the station itself as I would imagine most people already have a router which is not next to their railway, you can probably set the tp link router in to bridge mode anyway and join your existing wifi network.
  10. The amazing detail in new RTR makes the OO look like O and the N look like OO
  11. If after trying different batteries and if it's out of warranty then you might as well open the handset up and see if its anything obvious like a wire off from the batteries.
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