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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold out this week!
  2. miles73128

    2021 hopes

    Hhhhmmmmm metal 9F.... there’s a thought....
  3. Fitted mine with lights! A bit of a fiddle as there was lots of light bleed. Now corrected
  4. I have spare BR1 Hornby bogies (the new type) if you wanna swap for your commonwealths
  5. Indeed. I bought mine from Hornby also. Just that you have missed the point. Never mind.
  6. Difficult to think it’s a rip off, people have a choice to buy or not. Profiteering however is a very emotive subject. One persons view of over priced is another persons view of rarity. However, I do agree that supply seems to be lower than required. But as Islesy says, more on the way, which obvs would change the pricing opportunity back to a lower amount. Without knowing the run size/orders and unfulfilled demand we are all guessing somewhat.
  7. What it is, is irrelevant. It’s a supply and demand pricing power issue. All companies have to maximise sales and maximise return. Neither underselling nor overpricing. It’s about levering the brand power/demand vs supply ratio.
  8. I think the real point here is the crazy RRP set by Hornby in the first place. Talk about not understand your market and demand. It was clearly miss priced in the first place. Should have been at least £24.99 and prob £29.99, lots of revenue lost to both retailers and Hornby.
  9. Hi Yes, I’ve had 12 coaches and goods train of 18 (mix of limpets and seacows/urchins. And a dual powered Brighton Belle. So far I’ve not had a single separation. Regards
  10. I’ve installed over 400 on my stock. Not had any issues. Transformational. For me the biggest benefit is that it forms a rigid bar, so CCMs work properly and with a HST push, you don’t get couplings overriding and derailments.
  11. Like WOW! Can’t wait! IMPRESSIVE.
  12. Really interesting question, fraid I can’t answer as my tack is all gentle curves flexi track but the motor is a monster. It’s like a bull and fast! Defo in the Heljan “pull your house down” league.
  13. I probably am ! Agree the metal Duchess and Triang Rocket are the stand outs. Had to have Smokey Joe as well-just for fun. But the box/presentation of Evening Star is really something. Rovex set is my final, that looks very promising. I can just remember, as a small boy, my Grandfather explaining about 9F when I was about 5, so even at £150, I had to have this one! Nostalgia eh?
  14. Crosti and the new release 9F all have NEM pockets. Front and back.
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