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  1. Reviewing the 2022 Hornby catalogue, shows the Midland Pullman HST and MK3s to be the new tooling!
  2. Absolutely, I has hoping for these too! I would guess the global semi conductor shortage has put paid to TTS for another 12 months....
  3. No, its was market value. Rapido under priced, it should have been more expensive to maximise yield - as the second runs is......
  4. Wow, it's great you have access to all the financials and business development meetings. Especially the investment ROI KPIs, margins, sales volumes, marketing costs, fixed costs, CapEx and write downs. Oh and Forex variables.......
  5. Please be VERY careful with ANY emails purporting to be from Royal Mail or couriers. I systematically ignore ALL emails - I ONLY track items on their own courier App for delivery. There is an even bigger phishing risk with SMS - absolutely DO NOT respond to any. The way I look at is, my liability is ONLY once the item has been delivered. The suppliers logistics are not my responsibility. Responding to any emails/SMS will confirm your details and could lead to scamming attempts.
  6. Mines just arrived, haven’t tested it yet, but all perfect visually.
  7. miles73128

    New hst

    This is a really good clue. "It would be stupid coupled to otherwise cam-coupling vehicles if it retains the stupid bar arrangement." Not much point putting a cam coupling on the power cars to bogie mounted MK3s........ I think (hope) a new cam coupler MK3 slam door range is on the way! Going to be interesting to market all the current announced (2021) range, e.g. Blue Pullmans, if a new 2022 cam range is announced in Jan - unless they are migrated to the new design? _
  8. Ha! I have exactly the same issue!
  9. Now showing "out of stock" (sold out)? Maybe more coming with the 5/7 packs
  10. I wonder…. New edition of Hornby The Collector, page 49 an article about catalogues by SK. “but here is a tip, if you look carefully you might even spot clues as to what may appear in future years” 7 illustrated with 2018 at the top. LN with……
  11. Agreed! I’ve yet to run them, so I’m guessing but, the pivot poles are deep, so cant see how they could uncouple. Much prefer individual coach power than a line bus. Couplings on VEP/CEP/TC etc are all very fiddely and fragile. So the APT solution is way more robust and easy to reform/split.
  12. I’ve bought a NDM coach so my 7 car set will have two power cars for 14. That should do it!
  13. I think you’ll find there’s a high probability they (coach packs/power car) will have all sold out before the sets arrive. So I agree it’s not ideal. I’m going to take delivery and trust all will be ok.
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