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  1. Found this randomly on the Hornby website. Not clickable though. 2X Cl47, MK2 and 4X MK3?
  2. Completely interchangeable. I’ve several RB running on BR1s and have 16 MK1s on commonwealth, that had BR1s. (I’ve bought various H MK1 in B+G with commonwealths for the bogies) Most, but not all, of the B+G were on commonwealth.
  3. Just had payment taken for Aberdeen Commonwealth ! Must have arrived at Hornby!
  4. I gave up and ordered from Hornby.
  5. Have a look at the ashpan on the rebuilt MN vs the original MN. I know which I prefer! Fixed with flangless looks WAY better!
  6. TTS 0%? Wow I've fitted 74 to my fleet now, only one dead at time of install. I can’t comment on running life though.
  7. Mine arrived also today. A very impressive debut. Yes, front bogie guide irons transposed (almost invisible) and the handrail issue on the front. But overall, I’m very impressed-very high level of finish and the sound is great. Looking toward to the Fell and Leader now!
  8. *waits patently for my sound version..... Hope it’s coming next week?
  9. Now £499 RRP. Gulp.
  10. If I remember. Go through the check out process. When it’s the payment box, step 4 or 5, it gives you the split payment option. Check this snd it takes you to the split payment provider.
  11. Yep. Me also. No problems. Grey crest for me!
  12. I wouldn’t suggest deactivating the auto aligner (CCM). These CCM actually work really well, but you need to use a fixed bar to get the benefits. I was so impressed I’ve now changed about 1300 tension locks on my stock. It’s a massive improvement. For me, the Hunt magnetic are great.{I’m not interested in remote uncoupling}.
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