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  1. Really interesting question, fraid I can’t answer as my tack is all gentle curves flexi track but the motor is a monster. It’s like a bull and fast! Defo in the Heljan “pull your house down” league.
  2. I probably am ! Agree the metal Duchess and Triang Rocket are the stand outs. Had to have Smokey Joe as well-just for fun. But the box/presentation of Evening Star is really something. Rovex set is my final, that looks very promising. I can just remember, as a small boy, my Grandfather explaining about 9F when I was about 5, so even at £150, I had to have this one! Nostalgia eh?
  3. Crosti and the new release 9F all have NEM pockets. Front and back.
  4. I'll raise you.......................... https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/Hornby-loco-r3821-br-92220-evening-star-centenary-year-limited-edition-1971/
  5. Interesting, the New R3941 Black 9F has the DDC socket in the tender (with tender pickups) and it's sound ready! So I guess Evening Star will be the same. Original Triang-Hornby body, new(er) chassis - though not the same as the Crosti, with the old tender body on the new RR tender chassis! No more empty Ringfield housing!
  6. Really looking forward to mine! Complements my 2012 40th anniversary edition and I’ve got the black 1 to 1 arriving tomorrow. Love the Centennial packaging! I get great pleasure from, erm, disgusting. LoL.
  7. The BR S green version doesn’t have a red stripe? Is that correct?
  8. They are missing a trick here! Lots of TTS Chips are sold out, I’m sure they would sell a lot more with better supply and a wider range.
  9. Useless tension lock couplings. I’ve changed all mine to the Hunt couplings magnetic bar. Transformational!
  10. Hi I have a Hornby (ex Lima) class 67 that I want to remove the body, to install TTS. Whilst I’ve got the instructions-the body unclips from the chassis- theres nowhere to insert any levers or fingers! The body side is flush with the chassis sole bar. Has anybody practical experience of removing a Limby body without damaging the paintwork? Thanks in advance.
  11. miles73128

    The Engine Shed

    With new bogies it would give the Heljan a run for its money! It’s quite exceptional for its time.
  12. Mines ready, but Hornby website having a tantrum and not letting me pay! Aaarrghhg
  13. I’m sure my BP is electrically 3+3. Motor and two trailers. There is a non-conductive coupling in the middle. The motors are not through connected. (It’s in an inaccessible display case, can anybody else confirm)?
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