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  1. https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/video-Heljan-product-update ENJOY
  2. https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/video-Heljan-product-update At 2.25 information on 86 in oo
  3. https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/video-Heljan-product-update @18.43 .Information on oo 45 model
  4. Excellent news. Hopefully a similar marketing strategy to "Accuscale" with multiple running numbers & 3 packs available from the launch .
  5. Heljan have posted pictures of Painted samples on there Facebook page, of D7661 In BR Blue with SYWP. D7667 BR Blue FYE. 25093 BR Blue.D7672 two tone green FYE as Tamworth Castle. D7647 Two Tone Green SYP. ETHEL3 IC Livery. 25252 BR Blue.25912 Tamworth Castle BR Blue Yellow cabs .
  6. Can our resident experts confirm . If the circled valve to L/H side should be Brown not ORANGE. & the circled “conduit” run should be ORANGE not White . Not sure about vertical pipe coming out of what I assume is the water tank BLUE not Orange ?
  7. All this excitement i've forgotten the release running order on Locos .92 55 37 ?
  8. At a "Guess" .The later versions have window "frames" . But not as built ones .
  9. Shame this is now the norm . Thinking of another retailer in Liverpool.
  10. Slightly off subject Ben but talking of spares .Any chances of gears for the oo railbuses as well .
  11. To me the biggest surprise was the Heljan Hymeck. Nice to see the Clay wagons coming into the range . The Invicta CCT commission did eventually as well. There are a few other "retailer exclusives" that will hopefully come into the range .
  12. Just purchased the bundle .Sad too see the "loads" are sold out. Any ideas when they will become available again ?
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