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  1. Note rear sandboxes on bogie (battery box end)
  2. There were roof variations i can assure you i did look. From my experience with restoring a class 45. I know the boiler room roof section you refer too & its subsequent mods for ETH fitted locos .
  3. Indeed not easy but as you say progress ! Excellent
  4. Hats off to Hornby taking on one off prototype locos like 71000 & the LNER Hush Hush loco. Which i'm sure will sell well. & picking up the APT after recent "events" when i thought shame that's the end of any prospect of that. It shows me Hornby listen. So to my point as a 58 year old modeler there is one "successful" prototype that served BR constructed in 1972 its 50th anniversary is 2020. looming large on my & a few others "wishlist" the HST prototype .One of the most eye catching trains of its day . sorry to hijack the thread BUT its a compliment/wish post.
  5. Seen today TMC ltd edition pre production. Model Rail Scotland
  6. D1051

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Good point regarding the 20,s . I personally hope for a "twin" for my 20141 in weathered form . Takes me back to my "Midland runabout" days 1974/5 with endless lines of 20s sat on Burton & Derby depots on a sunday in there unkept garb with crude renumbering .
  7. is this the "review" sample supplied to SDJR7F88 for the railway modelling magazine he now works for ?
  8. if you mean the the cab hand rails ? Then Bachmann have reproduced them correctly .They are flat stainless steel bar on the prototype not round steel bar. There similar to those used on Peaks.
  9. If they end up pulling out of the 91.......how about the 89 ?
  10. Hopefully next year we might see a prototype HST, 252001 set, after all it was a successful passenger carrying prototype it served the eastern and western regions of British Rail in revenue earning traffic and with Hornby's HST range, I'm sure the tooling can be adapted to produce such a model, both power cars and trailers.
  11. The following has just been posted on Facebook by Hornby: In 1920 Frank Hornby introduced a clockwork train into the market. Little did he know the business would still be going 100 years later! This year Hornby reaches a huge milestone, but how will we celebrate? All will be revealed on Monday at 9.00 a.m. (UK time) on the Hornby website. Keep a lookout for our Signal Box Range Launch Special too. Good things are coming!
  12. Hopefully another one or two of the 70s spotting days titles ?
  13. The “MOD” variation purchased today . Thanks Robert Webb for info . Which prompted my purchase.
  14. D1051

    Dapol Class 21/29

    Makes keeping the box worthwhile (collectible). Still rather a "cock up" with the packing than the model.
  15. Over the past few years Hornby have created a niche for brake vans being it NEW or RETOOLS. So i would expect 2020 range to include another . Brake van wish list anyone ?
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