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  1. To me the biggest surprise was the Heljan Hymeck. Nice to see the Clay wagons coming into the range . The Invicta CCT commission did eventually as well. There are a few other "retailer exclusives" that will hopefully come into the range .
  2. Just purchased the bundle .Sad too see the "loads" are sold out. Any ideas when they will become available again ?
  3. D1051

    Heljan Class 35 Hymek

    As seen on my Layout definitely a brilliant model
  4. Some more pictures c/o Kernow models website http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/169/PWM-Diesel
  5. We all hope so.& yes i will buy them .But after seeing a 117 take 5yrs from announcement to shop shelf's. I will be retired in that time .
  6. Ben's post from May6 2019 shows angled brace in rad area perfectly with an improved mesh.So fingers crossed when the model arrives all will be ok. I posted comparison pictures of a pair of 24s by different manufactures of the same radiator cover . & it all kicked off so i had to remove post. Personally id prefer the Bachmann approach as in moulded . It took another manufacture 2 attempts to crack it . we live better with small errors .the rain strip issue on door for instance .Yes they fell off. Peaks had them & they fell off. There rivited which are weak .So they corrode . I will buy a 25 as its a big leap from the old Bachmann model.
  7. Radiator cover 45 degree strengthening bar missing .But visible on boiler room air intake cover . They have made corrections to cab window frames & tail lights over "bolt/rivet " issues .To there credit So maybe there take note & tweak issues raised. https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=326 Link shows picture of Radiator cover issue & details of forthcoming models
  8. For those with "Facebook" the Heljan page have posted 5 pictures .Number 2 end .Number 1 end . Each of each side etc.
  9. Possibly & who tooled said loco you mention ?
  10. I thought it was the Hall . & Hornby went for the Grange instead Author of Question
  11. Hello ,


              i notice your reference to strip on cab door of our 45. When the loco arrived at the GWR there were no strips. & we weren't going  to bother.But i decided to overhaul our non working locks in the cab doors we had 6 & i got 4 going again .So the reason our 45 has them is to protect the locks.So that's why ours has them. 

    1. 45125


      Several 45s had an angled piece of aluminium just above the door locks, on the several door we have only one showed no evidence of having the strip. we managed to get all the locks we had working, must just needed  just a good clean as lack of use just made them get full of crap.

    2. D1051


      the spring steel in the locks had corroded on ours .We went to MRC  & made a template of strip...Evidence of strips were on all 4 doors of ours .


  12. D1051

    Heljan Class 35 Hymek

    Plate on bottom of bogie . Location clip behind wheel set in each corner. be careful .
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