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  1. Over the past few years Hornby have created a niche for brake vans being it NEW or RETOOLS. So i would expect 2020 range to include another . Brake van wish list anyone ?
  2. D1051

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Like it .Same with Prototype HST...DREAM ON.
  3. D1051

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Another run of 38-625/626 FGA FREIGHTLINER wagons with new running numbers or container variant would be nice.
  4. I too went in the lounge to talk Peak as did my fellow peak restorer ‘Phaton’ as he’s known on here. OK unfortunately the handrails that serve the cab are incorrect (better representation used on the model of the 44,which were prototypical longer than those on a 45/46).There FLAT stainless steel bar & secured to the body via screws with spacers between body & handrail ,the same arrangement on class 24 .Ironically reproduced on the Bachmann 24 model ! We also mentioned the 44 instruction plates that run along body at sole bar level .They did seem keen to want to reproduce these.An authentic set is found on our 45 .Another ‘rival’ company were not interested in them when they came measuring our ‘center split ‘ headcode end .So my humble suggestion is drop the round wire option handrails that serve cab doors
  5. Certianly did .Was in Barnwood yard .Went northbound one summer evening BEHIND 45049 .I Copped the peak !
  6. Sorry Ryan no.I will say next year .The rep said they will be latter half of 2020.
  7. Thanks mate.Very surprised it wasn't mentioned yesterday.Looked very good close up along with a few other models like the 117 3 car DMU which was to high to photograph.Had a chat with one of the Bachmann staff about the 44 ident plates on a 45 i made for 45149.To there credit they were very approachable & knowledgeable .
  8. Hattons have posted some better pictures on there Facebook page. Hopefully there website might update with the same pictures for those NON Facebbok subscribers
  9. Surprised it’s not exclusive via Steam ala D1000 ... That said a welcome choice
  10. Yes seen said post , shame it contained better pictures of other manufacturers products.Im sure Andy York will be taking better pictures as per the norm
  11. Let’s see what “Warley” show brings
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