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  1. I just used either a couple of buildings or sloped the backscene back behind the 'proscenium arch' on Fried Egg Bridge. seemed to work for me....... Disgusting of Market Harborough
  2. My take on parcels- a couple of platforms on the LBSCR side of Victoria. Still unfinished (Surprise surprise!)
  3. On the subject of passenger trains, why not try 'bitza' trains. Run your loco of choice into the platform with the carriage of choice, allow time for your passengers to disembark then propel it back into the run round loop (i.e. the fiddle yard), plonk the loco onto the other end of the train and propel the carriage back into the platform, the secret is not to show its a single coach train by always leaving part of it under the bridge......... Just a thought Disgusting of Market Harborough
  4. Funny, I was just wondering about the spate of Scottish termini that popped up on here, and how they were coming along just this week! This one has worked out very well indeed! Very nice. Disgusting of Market Harborough
  5. Certainly have! In episode 5 of series 1 of Minder (The Bounty Hunter featuring Derek Jacobi as the wrong un) near the end of the episode Terry has cause to jump off of a bridge on the West Way onto a lorry load of cardboard boxes (don't ask). In the background trundling its merry way down the West London Extension line is a mixed freight and, in amongst the presflos, tubes and such, are 2 PVVs. Interestingly it looks like the presflos are carrying Rugby Cement logos. The official Minder website (on which there is a still of said train with the 2PVVs clearly visible) states the episode was fil
  6. Brilliant Steve. Looks like Arun Quay would have done in the 80's!! Cheers mate! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  7. Steve Just had another look through this one, cos I need my mojo kick-starting too Steve! any chance of seeing a pic or two of the full layout? maybe with some 'Speedlink' stock on it? Don't want too much do I!!!! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  8. Good man Al! Look forward to seeing the results! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  9. Good work Chris! Keep us abreast of this AND the O gauge project! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  10. So when are we going to see a pic of you playing with this on a train a la Barbers Bridge then Al? Disgusting of Market Harborough
  11. Did you get any further with this one Chris, or have you returned to the US....... Disgusting of Market Harborough
  12. Only just came across this one. Might I chuck in a few from around this neck of the woods........ Kettering to Loddington. Built to fetch Iron ore down from the Loddington area, the Loddington section closed in the early 1960s but the final section from Kettering to the old Cransley furnaces closed around 1980, Cransley furnaces closed in the early 60s too and was taken over by Cohens, whence it became the iconic scrapyard of the 70s........ Another line from Kettering was the former route to Cambridge. The final section, to Twywell, also remained open until about 1980. The traffic w
  13. Got any further with this Terry? Disgusting of Market Harborough
  14. Young Clive Mortimore has just drawn my attention to all this wonderful gubbinry vis a vis the W&E Drewreys. All looks jolly splendid apart from the radiator grilles looking a tad diminutive for the W&E pair (D2201 and D2202). Any chance of producing these at some point? Its either hope you do, or buy the whole body and substitute the front with a radiator grille from an Airfix/Dapol kit And Clive wants his body of D2201 back too!! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  15. Thanks for the replies chaps. Smashing photos Brian, I assume that the pictures were taken during a break in shunting operations as there is no brake van on the end seemingly! I've got the video you mention and I believe Llandeilo was where they filmed the shunting operations....... your comments on the reason for switching motive power also makes sense to a certain degree, though I bet there was no great rush to bounce up the Central Wales line in an 03 amongst the driving fraternity! Also bearing in mind it was a MWFO working, it would make sense, although if anyone could date this sea-
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