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  1. Had the pleasure of being opposite this today at Nottingham. Nice layout, superb buildings, not so sure about some of the freight stock but I guess Rule 1 applies!! Rodders
  2. Have you tried Minehead again Rob. I seem to remember Peafore yard being there in the past....... Disgusting of Market Harborough
  3. On the subject of Dapol 16 tonners- I found that on some of the ones I attempted to build that the baseplate had warped, probably due to the age of the mould. Simple answer- bang a Red Panda chassis under it and voila a vac-fitted 16 tonner! Use the old Airfix moulding for the unfitted stuff as the Span Yard man implied! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  4. Any further progress Alan? I know you said that updates would be a bit 'feast or famine', but I'm really enjoying your layout progress! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  5. Steve I believe the bottom one is Dowlais Cae Harris, The one above is Welshpool (Welshpool and Llanfair), the one above THAT I believe is Hele & Bradnich, the one above that is definitely Snape Maltings (I should know that one!) and the top one I haven't a clue!! HTH Disgusting of Market Harborough
  6. Sad News. Always enjoyed a chat with John about football and trains when we met up. RIP mate. DT
  7. You and me both Andi Sadly missed......10 years seems like 10 minutes. Disgusting of Market Harborough
  8. Exactly. But it eradicates the need for another board by putting the fiddle yard at the back rather than at one end...... Disgusting of Market Harborough
  9. Can I lob a spanner in the works Ralf. How about something like this, based on the Piano line, which featured in the Railway Modeller in the early 60s. The line running off the middle of the loop line goes into your fiddle yard. My daughter built something similar, called Stockerston, when she was ten!! We had a lot of fun with it although we only used 03 shunters on it, it did a few exhibitions too!! Just a thought Disgusting of Market Harborough
  10. Just picked up on this one Alan, its a bit wonderful is this!! Noticed about 10 posts back that you have 3 wagons on the layout. A method I've used, with a reasonable degree of success, is to propel 2 wagons in and then swap them with any 2 wagons on the layout. There are 6 different combinations, so a throw of a dice would dictate which of the 6 'moves' is made. If you have 2 wagons in one siding and you have to get the one nearest the buffers you can get into a right b*gg*rs muddle trying to sort things out! Just a thought! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  11. Don't tell me.......... unlike 11102/D2202, its not vacuum-fitted........ Disgusting of Market Harborough
  12. It did Microdiesel at Kettering in 2004.... Disgusting of Market Harborough
  13. Less chat, more photos Terry!! All sounds very good! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  14. Chesterfield, as Steve rightly states, I use a sector plate which joins the the 2 loop lines together off scene Disgusting of Market Harborough
  15. Ooh you tease Ada!!! About time this popped up on here! Disgusting of Market Harborough
  16. Having enjoyed Portmahomack, I'm looking forward to seeing this one progress Disgusting of Market Harborough
  17. What Master Jones is trying to say Paul, is that by joining the EMGS you can then purchase RTR EM gauge points made by PECO therefore making the build no different to doing it in OO! The length of the point may be an issue but, if you're that keen on EM, you could easily build your own after all! Just a thought! Disusting of Market Harborough PS The factory scene looks good and the Middy idea sounds interesting too!
  18. Ian Can you stick me down for a couple please.......in for a penny etc etc etc Disgusting of Market Harborough
  19. Anything further to report on this one....its a location with a lot of potential. Disgusting of Market Harborough
  20. I just used either a couple of buildings or sloped the backscene back behind the 'proscenium arch' on Fried Egg Bridge. seemed to work for me....... Disgusting of Market Harborough
  21. My take on parcels- a couple of platforms on the LBSCR side of Victoria. Still unfinished (Surprise surprise!)
  22. On the subject of passenger trains, why not try 'bitza' trains. Run your loco of choice into the platform with the carriage of choice, allow time for your passengers to disembark then propel it back into the run round loop (i.e. the fiddle yard), plonk the loco onto the other end of the train and propel the carriage back into the platform, the secret is not to show its a single coach train by always leaving part of it under the bridge......... Just a thought Disgusting of Market Harborough
  23. Funny, I was just wondering about the spate of Scottish termini that popped up on here, and how they were coming along just this week! This one has worked out very well indeed! Very nice. Disgusting of Market Harborough
  24. Certainly have! In episode 5 of series 1 of Minder (The Bounty Hunter featuring Derek Jacobi as the wrong un) near the end of the episode Terry has cause to jump off of a bridge on the West Way onto a lorry load of cardboard boxes (don't ask). In the background trundling its merry way down the West London Extension line is a mixed freight and, in amongst the presflos, tubes and such, are 2 PVVs. Interestingly it looks like the presflos are carrying Rugby Cement logos. The official Minder website (on which there is a still of said train with the 2PVVs clearly visible) states the episode was filmed April/May 1979...... Just thought I'd mention it. Disgusting of Market Harborough
  25. Brilliant Steve. Looks like Arun Quay would have done in the 80's!! Cheers mate! Disgusting of Market Harborough
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