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  1. Youchoos has them at £20.00 if you emailed him now there is a chance he would get it to you been helpful to me trevora
  2. ZTC says Extended Lenz X-Bus protocol is used Trevora
  3. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Tran-CT-ELEKTRONIK-Handregler-HR3-mit-grafikfahigem-LCD-E11291/223473601895?hash=item3408108d67:g:yrEAAOSw2fRcHLy6 there are more on ebay.DE trevora
  4. Or TAMS Function decoder FD-R Basic 2 Article No .: 42-0116x Small function decoder with 3 outputs, eg for switching the light change and the interior lighting of control cars RailCom transmitter for retrofitting older digital vehicles without feedback via RailCom 2 outputs with max. 300 mA, 1 output with max. 100mA Formats: DCC, Motorola, RailCom Trevora
  5. Uhlenbrock 68320 RailCom Transmitter Every vehicle that is to be used in automatic operation or is to report its address is fitted with a RailCom® transmitter. The transmitter is installed in addition to the locomotive decoder that is installed in the locomotive and is simply connected with power pickups of the locomotive. It can be programmed with all short or long addresses just like a DCC decoder. Additionally it is possible to connect a LISSY mini‐transmitter module. The RailCom signal can be utilised by a variety of systems including the Uhlenbrock MarCo receivers as well as Roco Z21, Lenz and ESU About a £10.00 @A&H maybe other places too trevora
  6. I do not think it will hurt it but those outputs will not work see posts about dapols class 68's esu have logic level outputs (as dose the mx644c) and the board you list has transitors to boast the signal to drive leds
  7. are you using a MX644 C or D that would be ok with the C you need ESU51967 for the D trevora
  8. trevora

    Lenz BM1

    On ZIMO decoders at least you can set left / right or both rails to suit what you need trevora
  9. Only one side on daytime the other night time trevora
  10. The Blue is NOT used white and yellow one side track the other (red or black not both) trevora
  11. when banking would it have the rear red only or white head light as well AS when it dropped back from the train it would need headlight? Then on the run back down the hill would it stop and swap lights Or like shunters show red and white at each end trevora
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2mm-FLASHING-RED-TOWER-DIFFUSED-LEDs-x-10/151651613918?epid=938603595&hash=item234f23fcde:g:xf4AAOSwpDdVLqB~ Have used this man in uk trevora
  13. For what ?. different locos different decoders what scale? steam / diesel ? sound? trevora
  14. trevora

    59/2 Sound

    talk to kevin at coastal trevora
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