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  1. Great thanks all working got so close but too close to see what i was missing Once again your life savers
  2. This is what i tried same as above but with extra maybe not what was required? DCC_Fully_Working_with_5_addresses.ino
  3. Yes i have 8 tracks on the transfer table (transverser() and two leading to it & the sketch hashome (200) pluas three (201-202-203) i tried adding 204 which worked but then 203 did not so what needs adding /changing to get five addresses instead of four please
  4. Please I have this working driving my transfer table But i have 8 tracks fed by two tracks each end (in line) when i tried to add 204 it worked but i lost 203 the file is /was by Rigid Collosion but he seems not around these days DCC_Fully_Working_with_Parking_Sensor.ino
  5. OK so i have loaded Alex Shepards sketch and my transverser moves when i put 200 -209 and thrown/straight with my dcc handset (he had it for turntable so small moves) I set the transverser using the serail monitor and have home in the centre each track is about 9600 steps apart This is where i need help putting that in his sketch
  6. sorry seem to be out of stock in uk EU shops have them
  7. https://www.dcctrainautomation.co.uk/zimo-mx622-miniature-decoder-14-x-9-x-25mm-08-amp-wires-only.html not cheapest but good
  8. I have got it all together and can run table back & fore manually So now need help putting a sketch together and tweaking As needed to line up with tracks etc List of hardware Arduino Model Railway DCC Interface (www.dccinterface.com) Arduino mega 57hs56 Nema 23 stepper motor TB67S driver with 109AFTG chip 1604 ball screw (4mm per rev) IR transmitters’ & IR sensor’s for limit stops and home 2mtr x 0.4mtr transfer table with 8 tracks at 48mm crs Two tracks leading in one end Two in line the other So train could run straight though Have run dcc interface with dcc monitor Have run stepper demo Have run Ir sensors So main thing is to incorporate all together Setting up nine stops if my tracks are right Or 16 if they need tweaking of spacing’s Trevora
  9. sprog would be less hassle and could be cheaper than replacing the zimos
  10. why not keep both bits of great kit But use MXULF to program , can update zimo decoders for latest inproments (eg braking) Or sprog not so much money but no updates to zimo firmware
  11. Ordered zimo decoder with sound loaded 20 hours later here in devon great service
  12. https://wiki.3rail.nl/index.php?title=Märklin_Drum_Collector_Motor_(DCM) would convert motor to dc
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