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  1. Not tried but can you / how to break consist on the fly that would work just did not know what damage the motor acting as dynamo would do
  2. Sorry if this is long winded but two questions in one I am thinking of motorising a gwr slip coach I would like it to run pulled by the train Until it nears the station then power from its motor to run (coasting) Into the platform If I use geared motor/power train it will not freewheel So could I belt drive straight from motor to axel And would the motor then feed power back into the decoder Like back EMF but all the time its part of the train Trevora
  3. Zimo MX63820.5x15.5x4mm 1.2A continuous / 2.5A peak Stay-Alive via LifeLink/SACC16 if model provides connections 6 Functions 21pin MTC direct plug-in version£20 ECONOMY £20.00 MX638D21pin why not use this works with anything for a couple of quid more
  4. No if decoder has no + & - pads change it Youchoos web site has how to's with sound but can do same less speaker Trevora
  5. You can get these DT0605RW 20pc Pre-soldered litz wired leads Bi-color RED/WHITE SMD Led 0605 DUAL about 1 to 2 mm square
  6. Look here to see about sensors https://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/34392
  7. you can use any voltage tranformer / power supply and you should / must reduce current by adding resistors max current lest than 20ma per led look here http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz to work out size required
  8. If / when the joiners become loose you lose the feed
  9. http://ledcalc.com/ will allow you to work it out
  10. you have insulated rail joiners (fishplates) between each section of track (zones) trevora
  11. Youchoos has them at £20.00 if you emailed him now there is a chance he would get it to you been helpful to me trevora
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