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  1. Falmouth fish - open possibly 16t minerals but definitely stank! Lostwithiel powdered milk - van VBA or similar usually just one MOD St Austell - flat or well wagon for a vehicle usually just one - Truro may have had more van traffic
  2. These ran in the 80's Coal to St Austell/Ponsandane. Fish from Falmouth Seaweed from Nanpean Fuel to St Blazey Powdered milk from Lostwithiel MOD to St Austell/(Truro?) Was Fitzgerald lighting just in the 80s first time round with BR or early 90's? I know EWS revived it mid 90's. Did any traffic from Hayle, Roskear, Drump Lane exist into the 80's? Didn't know about scrap from St Erth except the EWS trial in the 90's
  3. Rail access wise Riverside is much easier - straight in then some yard shunting. Teigngrace required run rounds at Newton Abbot - Heathfield - Newton Abbot. It's good to see Riverside seeing a little more use now it's been tidied up - just a shame nothing has developed down at Tavi Jn yet.
  4. I recently noticed a stabled class 70 had it's engine running whilst appearing to be un manned. It also displayed miniature red lights on each side. Was it the main engine or is there an auxiliary for maintaining systems/frost prevention etc. It was very quiet. Can they be remote started by mobile telemetry etc. I may be wrong and there could have been crew nearby but it didn't look like anyone was around.
  5. As well as commercial aggregate traffic ARCs Whatley Quarry also supplied ballast for the Southern Region. Looks like some wouldn't have gone amiss in the station at the time!
  6. Presumably one rake is usually to/from/or at Fowey while the other is being loaded at Rocks or Parkandillack? The third is stored at St Blazey. Do they rotate wagons into and out of store or are the stored ones all non serviceable?
  7. Is the leaning pier at the station end being fixed or compensated for by extra "packing"?
  8. I suppose one consolation is that the West Depot is open again and available for other traffic. Avonmouth would have seemed the better option all round though.
  9. Do you know if the wine warehouse now in this area considered reusing the rail connection rather than re opening the Bristol Freightliner Terminal for this traffic?
  10. Thanks for some excellent photos/info. Do you know what traffic is handled in this area today? I know the coal is a big part of it.
  11. I have often wondered if a park and ride station at Trerulefoot would work. This could be in place of Menheniot which seems very poorly used. It would be even more viable when the service goes half hourly. Also it is situated at a major road junction which seems to be roughly the start of regular traffic queues each morning.
  12. Can that be done with the existing signalling or does it require the new system to be up and running in some form?
  13. PPE regulations weren't so tight in those days. One chap's got orange trousers which weren't compulsory then but no HV vest which was. The others got nothing PPE wise but is wearing a red shirt which was banned at that time.
  14. I wonder if this has applied to the subsequent transfers. Are there people working for UPS with such benefits?
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