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  1. No, under distance selling you must also be refunded the purchase price and the postage price. You don't have to be refunded the return postage costs though, unless the item is faulty or not as described.
  2. No they were just heading for storage, there is no booked traffic for Heathfield.
  3. You can call, your call will go through to Camborne but they can see what stock is in Guildford and even have it put back for you ready to collect. If they don't have it they can arrange to send it up on the daily delivery and let you know what day it will be available from. (not in the present situation though of course)
  4. Totally untrue. The card issuer does NOT guarantee you your money. If the card turns out to be stolen and it was used in a contactless transaction, the card issuer will charge it back to the retailer, and in addition hit them with a £25 chargeback fee. Rest assured, the only people who never lose out are the card issuers... The chargeback fee is in fact a nice little earner for the card issuers. Even if you prove the transaction is legitimate and the cardholder drops the dispute, you do not get refunded the £25. The fees for accepting cards can often be a percentage, but also a fixed per item transaction fee. Suddenly it does not look quite so attractive for a retailer to take a contactless (or any) card for a small amount.
  5. Almost the same thing was said when IC125s were introduced, although over the years the number of places you could see this did reduce somewhat.
  6. 802 012 passes Lostwithiel with 1A82 0915 Penzance to London Paddington on 15th January 2020 complete with seagulls!
  7. An unidentified Class 802 departs Liskeard with 1A82 0900 Penzance to London Paddington on 15th August 2019
  8. Very much still working with semaphores in Cornwall. 800 319 departs St Erth with 1A92 1415 Penzance to London Paddington on 23rd December 2019
  9. Brilliant! If only someone had thought of building a new railway into London. We could call it, er, HS2...
  10. For information, here is the GW formations for today GW07 43154 48121 48120 48119 49107 43093 5C02 06.15 Laira to Plymouth 2C02 06.41 Plymouth to Truro 2P05 08.30 Truro to Plymouth 2C19 10.17 Plymouth to Truro 2P12 11.54 Truro to Plymouth 2C27 14.17 Plymouth to Truro 2P20 15.54 Truro to Plymouth 2E22 17.51 Plymouth to Exeter S.D 2M73 21.51 Exeter S.D to Bristol TM 5M73 00.18 Bristol TM to St Philips Marsh GW02 43098 48106 48105 48104 49102 43155 5C05 05.02 St Philips Marsh to Bristol TM 2C05 05.24 Bristol TM to Plymouth 2U12 08.47 Plymouth to Cardiff 2C77 13.00 Cardiff to Plymouth 2U32 18.45 Plymouth to Cardiff 5U32 22.24 Cardiff to St Philips Marsh GW05 43153 48115 48114 48113 49105 43094 5C07 06.14 St Philips Marsh to Bristol TM 2C07 06.44 Bristol TM to Plymouth 5C07 09.36 Plymouth to Laira 5Z28 20.48 Laira to Plymouth 2E28 21.32 Plymouth to Exeter S.D 5E28 22.56 Exeter S.D to Exeter New Yard GW08 43198 48124 48129 48122 49108 43042 5U02 04.31 Exeter New Yard to Taunton 2U02 05.15 Taunton to Cardiff 2C67 08.00 Cardiff to Plymouth 2U20 12.49 Plymouth to Cardiff 2C85 17.00 Cardiff to Taunton 2U30 19.07 Taunton to Cardiff 2C95 22.00 Cardiff to Bristol TM 5C95 23.13 Bristol TM to St Philips Marsh GW04 43186 48112 48111 48110 49104 43040 5C65 05.38 St Philips Marsh to Gloucester 2C65 07.00 Gloucester to Taunton 2U10 09.18 Taunton to Cardiff 2C75 12.00 Cardiff to Taunton 2U22 15.15 Taunton to Cardiff 2C87 18.00 Cardiff to Plymouth 5C87 22.45 Plymouth to Laira GW09 43094 48127 48135 48125 49109 43192 5C06 08.00 Laira to Plymouth 2C06 08.47 Plymouth to Truro 2P09 10.29 Truro to Plymouth 2C23 12.19 Plymouth to Truro 2P16 13.54 Truro to Plymouth 5P16 15.22 Plymouth to Laira
  11. To carry the large amount of parcels, mail, luggage and other items
  12. Only in one direction though. It would be far more interesting and exciting if they had somehow come up with a reverse slip coach that attached itself to the express!
  13. Has anyone else received this email? Dear Sir/Madam, It is with deep regret that we have to return your full payment as we cannot complete the IQA flask wagon due to some technical issues. If we fix the issues then we will have it up for sale again. We hope that you re-order. Kind Regards Michael Revell Research Manager KR Models
  14. Indeed, travelling from Camborne to Plymouth last Saturday we were five late leaving but on time by Truro.
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