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  1. I think the ones I used were Bill Bedford, but 51L do an etch as well. Soldered to a lace pin which then serves to attach to the steering column.
  2. Morning Steve, Juts in case you've not run out of enthusiasm for that one - it helps the appearance greatly if you paint the seat grey (64 is about right) and replace the steering wheel with an etched brake wheel (a tip I picked up from Adam). They make an interesting load and the kids love them at shows.
  3. This was a Christmas project - the Hulburd Feed Water Heater applied to a Bachmann K3 I had sitting around. The rest of the loco requires attention, but I'm pleased with the way this went together, despite my inability to follow the instructions. I've added some extra pipework which was apparent in a couple of photos.
  4. Tony, There's a Skype call set up for Friday evening for which this is ideal material - leave it with me and I'll see whether we can expand on what Darryl and others have already said. I believe etches for those very handsome NER diagrams may be in the offing. As an aside, Dr Ian C Allen recalls doing 80 mph in one of those 6 wheelers in the early 1930s and that it was a memorable experience. Journeys were much more of an adventure then.
  5. The Roxey ones are a fair bit larger - i used those before I discovered the Ambis ones. These are Roxey.
  6. Couldn't say - I use small etched ones from Ambis, generally, but there are several different makes available. There are a couple of posts on my thread about how I do them.
  7. They aren't - most of the pictures in LMS Wagons show them roped, so that's what I did. I'll try to get some pictures done this week.
  8. It's also been mentioned on my WB thread in the past; here's one built using the Parkside PA16 chassis.
  9. I've just finished two, Mick. I haven't put pictures up yet. I put one on a Cambrian one-plank D1986 and the other on a Dave Geen LNWR one plank. There isn't a kit for an LMS conflat as far as I know and the UNIT models containers are too wide for any open wagons. I suspect they're a bit big. Both the two I've done sit on the top of the side planks which is not by any means realistic.
  10. It's been done once or twice with Photoshop as well.
  11. What are the roof boards made of? If they're rigid enough to be taken off and then reapplied, I'd try a small amount of tacky wax.
  12. Andy, is the marshalling of the RF/RSP deliberate? I thought that where possible they were placed such that kitchen and pantry were adjacent, which makes sense on several levels.
  13. But you have four tracks leaving the scenic area at both ends......
  14. If you select the 'share' option from the ellipsis top right you'll get a link which will take you directly to a specific post.
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