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  1. I cut a slot 1/8" wide into the top of my wagon lettering/lining holder (design from John Hayes The 4mm Coal Wagon) and I just rotate the horizontal wheel (on its axle) with my finger while holding the Bob Moore pen in position.
  2. I've been given permission to show this picture from the collection of Owen Russell. D49 368 "The Puckeridge", probably in the 1930s, but where is it? The signal box has been identified as an NER Central Division type, the leading vehicle behind the loco is a postal carriage and the train appears to have run wrong line towards the photographer. None of these have helped locate it up to now. Any ideas welcome.
  3. Having behaved since whenever I last posted, it's gone all but unusable again this afternoon - I can't use any form of search or filter without getting a 524, but navigating via the menu is fine and almost instant.
  4. Wasn't that at least part of the driver behind RCH standard components?
  5. Does no-one else look out for the Mallard sign shortly before waving to Sir?
  6. Thanks, Andy. Perversely, it's behaved itself today.
  7. I know these things can be a swine to track down, so I didn't want to go overboard about it, just flag it up. It may be coincidental or the same issue, but when I saw the notification that you'd quoted me and clicked on that, I had an hourglass for roughly 40 seconds before it displayed.
  8. Just an observation that this has started happening again since about Thursday and the site's been next to unusable all weekend. Using the new stream Andy set up and having marked all the site read, but that didn't help.
  9. This has been an intermittent problem for a while for some of us - see my thread on the timeout error. It seems to be to do with multiple search filters, but it comes and goes.
  10. Is there a bell code for 'I'd give that 5 minutes if I were you...?'
  11. I don't think Clive needs any encouragement. I just beat him to it.
  12. Oh, I love a good nit pick.... "Gresley was born in Edinburgh during his mother's visit there to see a gynaecologist..."
  13. Has anyone else been to Gainsborough? The bells there aren't distracting - in fact they just fade out after a while as you get used to them.
  14. I'd persist with the D & S kits, James, they're an acquired knack. I find I can knock off the simpler ones in an evening these days if I put my mind to it. They also repay the investment, IMO.
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