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  1. I started with the mixed sheet, AR88001 from Historex. Apply them like waterslide decals - I've not had the issue Scott mentioned above. They can drop off readily after they dry, so I either prime them very quickly or apply a drop of MekPak which melts the backing and sticks them on.
  2. What problem did you have with the Archer rivets? I find them very good.
  3. Not quite. 27004 is my weapon of choice, Metalcote black. It can be polished when dry so you get that slightly shiny effect through the dirt. I mix with 33, 64 (light grey) and 62 (Leather). 112 Tarmac is also a possibility although the formulation seems to have changed since it became available again and it's not so blue. Revell 67 (I think) is better. None of this is my idea - it's all in Martyn Welch's The Art of Weathering, a book which I cannot recommend highly enough.
  4. I hope you'll follow the official starting and stopping procedures (this appeared on Facebook this week):
  5. From the 'does not compute' expression and tone of voice when they said it, I think they do. Conversely, they have as a point of reference my soon-to-be-80 year old mother who Facetimes and Instagrams with my niece all the time (although she has the incentive of a brand new great grandson, just up the road from Jesse). They also now know what a 'Luddite' is.
  6. My children looked at that and asked whether Tony took it with a selfie stick. Best laugh I've had today.
  7. I'd forgotten about that waitress having one leg shorter than the other.
  8. I suspect it may come as news to Gilbert that it's going to Southampton..... Grantham is going. Just saying.
  9. I think I've seen pictures of it in that platform facing both ways. It ran a number of tours after the 1938 press stunt, so the pictures could have been taken on any of those occasions.
  10. If it's the photo I'm thinking of, it's taken in the platform nearest the windows, platform 6. The gable ends, if I recall correctly, were on a roof which fell down/was demolished either during or not long after the war.
  11. Some more from demonstrations corner: Atlantic 3279 (Resin casting) LNER4479 (Layout planning) The irreplaceable Mr. (and Mrs.) Wright Slackers' corner. Photos courtesy Mrs. Wealleans.
  12. This isn't the thread for it, but on the layout's own thread you'll see that we picked up an intermittent and (so far) untraceable electrical fault in the fiddle yard on Sunday which seriously hampered things from time to time. Saturday, in fact, we ran pretty well at Spalding.
  13. W M Collectables. No idea whether he has a website.
  14. .... and my Mrs. with her crochet demo just behind you. What more could the public want?
  15. It's the NuCast one back up the page. I'm still deciding what to do about the tender front. I haven't thought as far as any valve gear. The London Road kit is probably the next loco to tackle, while the details and variants are fresh in my mind.
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