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  1. Time I brought this more up to date: F6 now painted and pretty much ready for weathering once the glazing's gone in. It's been a it of work getting the running as I'd want it: on test, it kept stalling for no apparent reason. What I eventually decided was the issue was that there was no vertical movement in the rear axles and they were lifting the drivers off when the trackwork undulated slightly. That's now been rectified and we're as ready as we can be for Ely - which will be the moment of truth as that's the layout it has to run on. I resurrected this ABS hopper which has been on the corner of the workbench since, somewhat embarrassingly, 2013. It was missing parts of the brakes, especially the levers, when I reassembled it from a second hand job lot which had come my way. I've had my eye out for the appropriate ABS parts ever since, but Mark Tatlow has now made what i needed available as a nickel-silver etch. I picked one up at S4N a couple of weekends ago. The etch is designed for the Slaters kit and as yet there are no instructions, so I can't comment on how well it works with that kit. It's certainly done what I wanted here, as a representation of the brake gear and the very prominent levers. I now need to wait for the filler to set in the huge handrail holes someone had made and then put proper ones in.
  2. I was going to ask whether she was there to keep you both in order. Clearly her presence was missed.
  3. I’m digging out a tree stump first thing, then at my mother’s for lunch.
  4. Locked, loaded and primed for action. I see it’s just us on the door when we’re on duty.... is that a sign of confidence, or have they moved us to where we can do least damage?
  5. That’s because you’re a clean-living, well brought up boy, Tom.
  6. Yes they did, up to 61’6” overall but the number of compartments varied from 2 to 6.
  7. For anyone who has or is considering the G-Train B3 kit - or has a B3 from another source - I've heard from Brian at 247 Developments that they now have a complete set of nameplates available for these locomotives.
  8. I've just heard from Brian at 247 Developments that they now have a complete set of B3 nameplates in stock and will have them at York Show.
  9. A great many LMS RCH 7 planks had two commode handles on the end door - I can't recall whether Geoff covers that, but I'm almost sure it's in the LMS Wagons volume which covers them. Just another detail you might consider.
  10. Don't you use fabric dye with teddy bear fur? Ask Roy Jackson when you're over here if you're calling on him - there's acres of it on Retford.
  11. I think they're both probably overscale, but the smaller one is better. I make mine from very fine copper wire wrapped round a .75mm drill. It depends whether you're going to use them to tie down a load, of course - they'll need to be big enough for you to pass thread or whatever through.
  12. What I've done when I needed text which wasn't on the sheet but was in that style was to scan the letters I needed on a black background then use a graphics program (GIMP in my case) to resize and align them into the text I wanted. John Peck at Precision Labels then does an excellent bespoke printing service in white.
  13. Philou, get yourself a copy of this (but from an independent bookseller, obviously). Geoff covers the Airfix kit as well as a large number of others. This is an Airfix (actually Dapol) example built by my son following Geoff's modifications.
  14. Visit to S4N at the weekend and I have one of Mark's etches at home... a report will follow on my workbench. I was also speaking to Andrew Hartshorne, who passed on the following. The two new GC wagons are being cast prior to a first test build. For those who like their carriages by Thompson, sides or full kits for D 332 FK with round corners are now in stock. Etched frames as used to repair the square cornered windows are due soon as are the corrected D 329 etches with the vents on the corridor side windows in the right places.
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